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Celestia decided to cave in to her younger sister's curiosity for Star Swirl's old magical technology. Now, she's temporarily stuck with Luna and Discord in energized space-time bubbles above Canterlot, forced to watch the most bizarre (and to a select few apparently, the most romantic) film ever made:

The history of Equestria, in reverse.

I wrote this to celebrate both my birthday and Valentines' Day today, and it's probably one of my most outlandish stories to date. Contains a tiny bit of Luna x Discord (Because why not?) Happy Hearts and Hooves Day!

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Reads like a yummy slice of life that makes good use of playing off Discord, Celestia and Luna's personalities as they watched time go backwards. The dialogue is snappy. The story moves swiftly. It actually went so fast that I didn't expect all of time-viewing to be over in the first chapter. But it was wrapped up in a way that had me pleased.

“Is it true that one fellow Gleaming Armor had to toss his own wife to help defeat King Doom Gloom?

This line right here had me in stitches as I couldn't decide if Discord was making fun off Shining Armor and Sombra or was making a reference to something else. Either way I thought it was silly and tongue in cheek. It's a nice story and I'm looking forward to what happens next.

5629286 Thanks for the feedback. :twilightsmile:

Oh...woops, this story was actually supposed to be marked as complete, somehow that slipped past me.

I wasn't sure. What if you were going to go further more in time? Anyways, your story deserves more views than this. I was wondering if I could move it into a couple of groups to get some more eyeballs on it?

5629307 I'd much appreciate that, thanks.

I think these are good for a start.

Sunday is really slow, I've noticed. I kept on expecting to get in group-adding war with someone and got nervous when I saw the story rise to the top of the feed. But this also means, you're ten times likely to get read! Yeah... So I think I'll leave like this and happy belated birthday and valentines day to you!

5629386 You rock, you know that?

This was awesome! I've never seen this concept before and it was really nicely done. It would have been nice to see more of the missing thousand years, but the trip down memory lane was a fun one. Great job. :)

Very rare to see a Luna x Discord pairing.
Would very much like to see a sequel expanding upon this. :pinkiehappy:

5630744 Very rare indeed. I may perhaps revisit this...

Found one minor typo:

Time’s rate of reversal was accelerating and decelerating apparently at random, and had currently just returned to real-time speed as the trio surveyed what has happening below.

*what was happening

That was fun! A short, sweet story to pass some time.

5634336 Thanks for pointing that out, fixing it now.

>>Izanagi Though it might seem stupid (and it probably is), but why did you change your user picture? Did you not like it or what?

5777232 People change their user pictures/avatars on here all the time. Typically, my profile pictures seldom last longer than a month before changing to something new, unless I really like it.


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love it! is there going to be a sequal?

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