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Smiling, carefree parasprites now roam the gilded corridors of Canterlot Castle, and not a single pony can be found. Celestia and Luna have temporarily abandoned and quarantined the premises, staying elsewhere while they argue over the best method to go about removing the adorable trash that has infested their home. Unfortunately, parasprites are not the only intrusive thing that have now taken up a presence in the castle during the sisters' brief absence.

Inexplicably teleported in from the sheer amount of valuable possessions being left unguarded, the Norsemen have arrived.

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Ekki slæmt vinur minn :rainbowkiss:

Because Vikings.

A persuasive, and well reasoned argument.

You'd think that the Vikings would be a little weirded out by UNICORNS on stained windows. Unicorns are, after all, man eating monsters and lovers of fair maidens and virgins in the Norse mythology :rainbowwild:


As a Minnesotan, I love you.

5030772 You just made my day :rainbowlaugh:

5030806 Not as much as you made mine with this story. :twilightsmile:

May the powers of Valhalla and the Everlasting Beards guide you.

5030838 You as well, my friend.


After the initial misunderstandings are worked out and the fear of angry goddesses are put into them, I imagine 'tia and Luna could get along with them. Or get along with the skald, at least. DRINK HIM UNDER THE TABLE, LULU!

Funny thing is, vikings were actually opposed to stealing. They considered it dishonorable.

One story tells about a band of vikings who were sailing around the Baltic sea looking for places to plunder, when they started running out of food. They scouted out a farm near the shore and their leader suggested they sneak in at night, take some of the sheep and make off before the farmers woke up. But then one of his men argued that doing so would be stealing and that they were proud vikings, not cowardly thieves. After thinking about it, the chief agreed and amended the plan: They'd sneak in, kill the farmers and then make off with the provisions. That made it a viking raid, which was totally honorable.

Historical sources also indicate that the vikings were unusually vain for their time, kept themselves clean and groomed, loved colorful clothes, tattoos and jewelry, treated their thralls fairly well, and were paradoxically very hospitable and open to other cultures whenever they weren't out raiding the hell out of them. They were a pretty eccentric culture, over-all.

5031379 Eccentric indeed. Such a shame so many immediately think of the stereotypical Norse warrior like what is portrayed here in this nonsense story whenever the term "Viking" is uttered, instead of the actual historical individuals themselves.

Because Vikings indeed !:twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:

Cover art that has to do with elder scrolls.. No elder scrolls.

And still I wait for the day I'll see a Lost Vikings crossover...


5031379 comes from not having the romans run through and conqueror everthing i suppose

Aww, I thought this would contain Robbaz, king of Sweden....

I am disappoint, still a good story idea though.



I'm a fan of Knut the Great and St. Olaf, personally.

And Sir Nils Olav, of course.

Well that was pleasantly silly. But is there a reason why some of the vikings' dialogue was in English and some was in Norse (or whatever that language is)?

5033004 Because Loki. :rainbowkiss:

In all seriousness though, it was (somewhat decently translated) Icelandic. Gradually or rapidly switching from native language dialogue to English dialogue for an English-speaking audience is a common stylistic approach that's widespread across novels, movies, TV shows, etc.

One good example is the switch from Russian to English in Tom Clancy's The Hunt for Red October.

Really? Huh. I've never seen it before (at least, not that I can recall), but I'll take your word for it.

5033288 Oh. I thought that the English dialogue was that, since they've been raiding English settlements, they could've picked up some Anglo-Saxon dialect; which led to me pulling out an English/Old English dictionary.

If there was one thing the Vikings liked to do more than killing, it was wrecking stuff and stealing everything that wasn't tied down... and sometimes even stuff that was.

Just glad they didn't kill anyone. (Sigh of relief face)

They didn't celebrate Leif Erikson day! Shame on those ponies!

This was quite an entertaining little romp. I liked it very much. :twilightsmile:


Because Viking...
And then the fire nation attacked...
Klingon off the starboard bow!
...to defeat the evil of the decepticons.:pinkiecrazy:


Because Viking...

The reason why people read this.


Viking appear out of nowhere in a fairyland castel? It just as random as these statements.
Just replace Vikings with Klingons, or Roman Soldiers, or Sontarans, or Spartans, or Pirates......

5031379 Ofcourse, then it's loot won in "honorable" combat. :trollestia:

I'd make a comment about the "plot convenience lightning", but sometimes, stories aren't meant to be questioned. You just have to enjoy them for what they are, and this is a funny little nugget.

Eric the Bearded is best pony

lol because Vikings indeed:pinkiehappy:

5032607 huh... Huh Walruss... What are you doing to lydia :3

this story just made it to my favourite pile

I came, I pillaged, and I put everything to the torch of 'FAVE'.
Great work!:moustache:

Because Vikings!

When the paint came into play.

Erik should have tagged something.

I think I'm seeing double :applejackconfused:

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