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Abandon reason, all ye who join this group.

This group is for stories crafted from the craziness which permeates the dark recesses of the mind, and feeds upon rational thought like a swarm of piranhas to a carcass.

You will not find sense here. Only insanity. If Cthulhu had his own personal heaven, this would be a small glimpse of its vast acres of madness.

How stories are organized : Stories are organized by genre. Add them to any and all folders which that story's selected genre tags correspond to.

Who can add stories : Anyone and everyone who's a group member.

What kind of stories may be added : Only stories which are either batshit insane, completely nonsensical, and/or contain massive amounts of OOC-ness are welcome to this group.

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Take me on home to the Asylum!

A group for madness..... I think I'm gonna like this


Pssst! Hey!

Toenail Polish! DON'T FOGET!!!
I was never here.....
>rolls away<

Madgod approves this group. GLORY BE THE FISHSTICK! :pinkiecrazy:

370948 Well, let me know when you do if you aren't sure whether it'll fit here.

Anything too sane will quickly become mincemeat within these walls. :pinkiecrazy:

370942 A link to what? I haven't written it yet :pinkiecrazy:

370940 Give me a link and I'll see for myself. :pinkiecrazy:

370915 Well, that's the thing, I'm not sure if it fits in the "completely batshit insane" category. Would borderline nonsensicalness be acceptable?

370900 As long as it entails any one or all of the listed criteria.

Does the Douglas Adams brand of insanity count?

Comment posted by Ember Q Discordia deleted Jul 31st, 2014
Comment posted by Razalon The Lizardman deleted Jul 27th, 2014


368143 ...Most. :trollestia:

Can I have my own folder? :fluttercry:

368142 That depends, do all of them fit this group's requirements? :pinkiecrazy:

Should I just add all my fics here or should I wait. :ajbemused:


And you didn't tell me?! And here I thought our relationship had grown from "You are again?" to "Stop following me"! Shame :raritycry:

Finally a place to dump my more ludicrous fics. I can be quite insane.

It was only a matter of time before I would find this. :duck:

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