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Lofty Withers

If I see far, it is because I am lofted on the withers of horses.

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Springtime Loam

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Thank you for the bookshelf add.

Well thank you for writing.

Thank you for reading 'The First Time Ever". I hope you enjoyed it!


I see. You haven't caused any angst, I was just very surprised at the notion that someone could have perceived the story that way and wondered how that is possible. So I decided to ask in order to find out what dialogues were perceived like that, with the goal to hopefully clear confusion on my own.
The new bookshelf description is a good idea, now it avoids such implications.

I appreciate that you took the time to meditate upon my bookshelf description. We should all spend more time meditating. However, you're reading too much into my words. To help clear up any confusion, I've updated the bookshelf description. Before you ask—no, I didn't mispell haver. The differing Scottish and British meanings of that word would cause even more confusion.

Apologies for any angst I have caused. I hope we can move forward in joy from this misunderstanding. Cheers.


After looking up the individual words and their meaning, it sounds like the bookshelf is intended for stories of which you think they lack conversations or dialogues between characters, or, that the quality of the conversations is lacking.
In that case, I want to know what makes you feel like that. It's a rather dialogue-heavy fic with many conflicts between characters and a lot of situations that get discussed by them, so I am wondering how you could come to that conclusion.

A lot less than you might think.

I've seen your bookshelf titles and descriptions and sat here a good amount of time thinking about them. What does "Conversationally famished minutiae" mean?

That bookshelf name never sat quite right with me. I've generated a new name for it. This newer name seems more appropriate.

Thanks for adding my story to your bookshelf. Not sure what fruit flies have to do with anything xD but thank you all the same!

Exactly! You get it.

Fruit-eating cloth made from recycled woven or felted material???

I've updated the bookshelf title. I hope the change provides clarity for you.

What does “Diagram Warranted” mean?

Author Interviewer

I've updated the titles and descriptions for you, and added another category to make it clear.

Author Interviewer

Your bookshelves are remarkably opaque. @_@

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