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Lofty Withers

If I see far, it is because I am lofted on the withers of horses.


Luster Dawn must save Equestria from an epidemic of exploding heads.
Cowritten with Just Lightning for Quills and Sofas Speedwriting contest #16: Chaos Edition.

What people are saying:
"God that was amazing"β€”Moonshot
"Wait what."β€”TheLegendaryBillCipher
"I can't tell if that was one, or two people writing it. Probably because I was laughing at the sheer absurdity of it all."β€”ScopingLandscape

Cover art cc-by-sa-3.0. Vectors from: boneswolbach (library), alexeigribanov (Luster Dawn), and jhayarr23 (Autumn Blaze)

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Love is a broken corpse upon the rocks as the tide rushes in.
Thanks to pre-readers Moonshot and The Red Parade. Remaining problems are my fault, not theirs.

This story was written for the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting contest Before Oblivion.

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It's not romance until someone dies.
This story was written for Writeoff event #121.

Thanks to the following for pre-reading and suggestions: Coffeeminion, Thisisalongname, Baal Bunny, alarajrogers, and Nailah.

This story has been entered into the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting contest Expanding Universes as a prompt. Some unlucky soul will have the opportunity to write a prequel or sequel to this story.

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Fluttershy asks for an apology, but it’s not really what she wants.

Content Warning: Suggestive Dialogue, Sexual References, StarTrix, RariTwiShy
This story is part of the First and Only Raritwi Bomb. A week's worth of stories and art all centered around Rarity and Twilight. If you liked it, the previous story posted is A Lady Fit for Royalty, and you can find a master list of all the bomb fics on the Raritwi Bomb master blog post.

Thanks to Short Mane, Shoe Leather, and BlackWidower for helping me hash out this idea a bit on Discord, and to ChudoJogurt and Nonchalant for pre-reading.

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Lyra keeps finging.Β  Whatever that is. Bonbon just wants sleep.Β  Love shouldn't be this hard.


Thanks to my pre-readers Lingo and Fillyfoolish, to Sockpuppet for feedback on titles and descriptions, and to JackRipper for asking me what my jumbled slang meant. The strangest things inspire me.

Content Warning: serious discussion about mental health.

Art by Mundschenk85 cc-by-nc-3.0.

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Sunset Shimmer regretted swiping right.

She'd thought it was a sarcastic picture from an entomologist or something.Β  Nope. Actual spider.


Background and flowers from Jeatz-Axl, licensed under cc-by-3.0.

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Fo:E-Β΅Fic is an anthology of very-short stories set in the world of Fallout: Equestria. Each story in this anthology is a hundred words or less, and the stories in each chapter begin with the same words.

Microfiction is a type of flash fiction, alongside the dribble, drabble, or twitterature. The various names are used for different lengths or by different people.

Fo:E Logo from StarshineCelestalis

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