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Some trust in chariots and some in horses.


'Tis I, FIllyfoolish, the friendly local foolish filly. Ye have reached my home of sapphic adventures! Mwahaha! There might be the occasional other horse story mixed in to the bunch, but really, you're here for the shipping, aren't you?

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did you like it?

I'm almost done drafting your Jewish SciSet fic.

Wanna read it when it's finished?

Some ideas for our collab fic:

1) There is a concept in Judaism referring to being coerced by an unseen force. Some more modern Orthodox rabbis use this to explain same-sex attractions. They are being "coerced" by their biology, making them not liable for their actions.

2) The main reason Sapphism is inferred to be taboo in Judaism is an a fortiori (kal v'chomer) inference from Lev: 18:22. The original Hebrew prohibition is regarding two males cohabitating, and even this is held into question. Most modern Hebrew linguists see the prohibition regarding pederasty (grooming young boys), which could make more sense, since the previous verse discusses child sacrifices to pagan gods. As to why Sapphism is taboo, the reason Chazal (Jewish sages) give, is that it is not befitting behavior for a "daughter of Israel".

If, Sunset were to convert to Judaism, even for the purpose of just becoming ethnically Jewish, perhaps the "daughters of Israel" can be together in discretion, while respecting the customs of their forebears?

This is a modern take, and it would probably get me excommunicated. Then again, I am an autistic (closeted irl) bisexual Jew, so what do I know ;)

did you read my comments on Seeking?

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