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A magic catastrophe leaves Rarity frazzled. That's the only reason she's acting odd around Twilight. Right?


I blame Cake Eater.

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This story started off cute. In theory, I don't have a problem with the story ending with unrequited love, but I think Rarity continuing to flirt with Twilight despite knowing she isn't interested and won't be interested, with her getting visibly uncomfortable, makes her look pretty bad. Other than that aspect, I enjoyed it.

Yeah, I get where you're coming from; thank you for the feedback. There is a definite "what now?" question; I'd love to explore both character's perspectives, though this one-shot isn't the right place for a more nuanced analysis. On that note, one reason this fic is 3rd person rather than 1st is to avoid "endorsing" one of the characters' perspectives, letting readers draw their own conclusions.

In the near future, I do plan to write something more substantive exploring the theme more realistically (rather than here where to some extent it's played for laughs).

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