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"Late night, come home. Work sucks! I know!"


Spike decides he wants some spending money, so he gets a job as an assistant to the local DJ, Vinyl Scratch.

What starts off as a part-time 'errand boy' job, quickly evolves into a close friendship, and may become something more in time. Apparently, they have more in common than they ever would have thought.

Super special thanks to Avox for being my editor.
Super speical thanks to themouthofmush and Starlight Shadow for Proofreading. You guys rock!

Cover by: wafflenaw

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Something I forgot to mention in my PM:

Colt-182, CelestiaShallBurn, A Neigh To Remember, Of Mice & Mares…

Blink-182, don't know that one, A Night To Remember, Of Mice & Men. :moustache:

4007202 I am proud of you! You missed "heavenshallburn" and "Everyone Dies In Utah"

4007264 Dangit. Then again, you're a metalhead, and I'm not. But that's why I wuv you :heart:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOT5bGB58Ks Right-click and open in new tab to find my tastes in music.

4007274 i love it! do you listen to Avicii? He's more commercial, but has great trance/techno music. Very relaxing

4007325 I've heard Wake Me Up. Dat instrumental section...so smexxi :rainbowkiss:

4007334 go listen to "Levels" real quick. it's beautiful

4007363 *music starts* Woah crap

*gets more into it* This is nice. I like this.

*gets even more into it* Brb headbanging.

Pretty cool story so far.


I use a Plantronics, is that good enough?

This is looking good so far :pinkiehappy: Can't wait to see the next chapter ^^

Well crack me silly this ship a good one!

4007545 thanks! this story is gonna be fun to write

4007379 I use Korg and Casio, but. couldn't think of a way to ponify those brands :twilightsheepish:

4007562 I think this is the only Vinyl X Spike ship I have seen on here. I bet it will be fun to write this.

You like you beat me to the punch. I'm also working on a SpikeXVinyl fic. Anyway you're off to a good start. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

4007665 Spike x Vinyl ships are super rare. i'm excited to see what your story is about! :pinkiehappy:

4007579 Uh, I use a Plantronics headset. I don't play any instruments, other than an electric violin occasionally.

4007791 ooh, ive heard the violin is one of the hardest instruments to play. that's awesome :rainbowdetermined2: I just use my keyboard and synthesizer to make mediocre dubstep :twilightblush:

lol i love this, its pretty interesting, any estimates on when the next chapter will come out? or do you not have a schedule and just write whenever? :P

Something about newspaper articles and fanfiction being the end of intelligent literature as we know it.

Bravo, sir. Bravo.

Picked all your refs, as predicted. Props to Starlight for getting three of them, though.
Excellent start, Dustin. Couple minor glitches but mostly very sound. Even Vinyl and Octavia are completely in character :trollestia:

4007866 for the most part, i just write whenever inspiration hits, but this story has been so much fun to plan out and stuff I'll probably update it every week or so

4007872 I could write Vinyl as a freakin construction worker in cloudsdale and she'd be in character :trollestia:

Holy fuck, I want moar. Also, congrats on da feature, Bloody~ :rainbowkiss:

Nice job on the feature, dude. I envy you.

It was all Spike could do to not faint on site.

I mean, I guess it could technically work, but maybe you meant sight? If I were you, I'd keep this.

Anyways, this fic will be so good, I can just tell it. Twi's wrong, fanfics aren't the end of intelligent literature. Also, congrats on the feature!

It looks like you're off to a great start and congrats on the feature!

This is a pretty good start! I'm a huge fan of weird shipping, and this one really caught my eye. Your writing has no mistakes that I can see; the prose and style could stand to be spiced up, but you're doing pretty good! Congrats on the feature, and I'll be tracking this. :pinkiehappy:

This is a very promising start. The writing flows pretty good, and the characters seem fine to me. And I like that Vinyl and Spike are already getting along good as it is.

Favorited, and I can't wait to see the rest of the story.

I'm normally all for Octavia X Vinyl, but you have piqued my interest . . . so have a fave and a thumbs up! :moustache:

This... I like this... do continue. :moustache:

:pinkiegasp:I was waiting for this! Dis gon b gud!:pinkiehappy:

It's interesting to see Vinyl paired with someone who isn't Octavia, so I will be watching this story with vigilance. I just shaved IRL to give this mustache.:moustache:

4008747 I accept your moustache of approval :moustache::rainbowlaugh: thanks for checking out my story

4008788 I was hoping you would. thanks for reading :twilightsmile:

sweet at first I was like :rainbowhuh: but then I was like:raritystarry:

You wouldn’t sell one of your books from Celestia, would you?”

Twilight’s stomach jumped at the mere thought of parting with one of her mentor’s gifts. “Point taken.”


Awesome! I'm been waiting for the story for a long time now and the chance to read it! :pinkiehappy:



You earn the muffin of approval of your outstanding work



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4008883 :heart:thanks so much! I shall take this muffin and eat it with strawberry jelly :scootangel:

Vinyl Scratch and Spike shippin' huh?
It's differrent, and I like it. :rainbowkiss:
I'll give it a read :moustache:


I know I'm really gonna like this

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