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This story is a sequel to Nonplatonic?

In the frigid winter, Twilight has a heartwarming confession for Sunset. Something about a gift...?

I love y'all..

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this was so lovely to read! The way you write so poetically is honestly breathtaking

Can’t wait for more!☺️

This was a wonderful way to end my evening. Twiggles working out her feelings in the most adorkable, Twilight way possible. Thank you.

That was really nice to read, can't go wrong with pure sunlight ! I hope you'll be making more adventure of the new couple !


Thank you! And we shall see!

Something tells me this might only be part 2 of a trilogy ... :)

Hugs are the best gifts. :)

I love your style of writing. It's detailed, emotional, and poetic without feeling like I have to skim or drag myself through it.

Thank you! And yes they so areeeeee :heart:

Light and fluffy and I like it a lot but I dunno.. Feels like the romance part is really lacking..... Because if there's one thing I am sure of... If one does not act on one's feelings.. One will lose any chance to resolve those feelings and they must give away to new feelings sooner or later...Let's just say I should've acted on my feelings a time or two in my lifetime... And I'm also pretty sure almost everyone they know would be OK with it... There's always going to be that one naysayer even when it's a boy/girl [[ Reasons vary but most are wishing they had romance in their lives ]] but who cares about them?? As long as the ones closest to you do not disapprove then one will be fine.... ;3....

Well, it takes two to tango... How could Twilight act on her feelings for Sunset, if Sunset may not reciprocate those feelings? She couldn't just on the spot kiss Sunset -- consent is important, doubly so given how much Twilight clearly cares for Sunset's feelings. And if she asked Sunset for the kiss ... what happens if she says no? Or not right now? Or I don't know?

I don't get it. It was friendzone or not ?

Guess we'll have to find out! "Setting up for a sequel already?" "Always, dear reader."

I don’t think I ever just said, ‘Hi Dad, I’m gay’, and it’s not like they’ve ever said, ‘Hi gay, I’m Dad.’

I can totally see Twilight and Night Light having this exchange.

I’ve learned romantic attraction is easy.
Yet love is hard.

That hits deep. Love, after all, requires reciprocation, and that brings all kinds of risks and uncontrollable factors into the proceedings.

Brilliant work portraying Twilight's struggle against herself. Looking forward to any sequels that may or may not be forthcoming.

For some reason, I can't get the image of Rarity and someone else sitting in a set of bushes with binoculars and a listening device shivering their asses off as they eavesdrop. Not sure who Rarity's partner in crime would be, though I think MLP Starlight would be good since she'd root for Sunset and EQG Rarity would root for Twilight.

Thank you. And yes, indeed ... "unrequited love" usually means "unrequited romantic attraction" in the media .... but genuinely, unrequited love? Aye.

As raritwi trash I would be in favour of this yes. Starlight would be a good candidate, yes. Princess Twilight might veto the activity for herself. Not to mention, of course, Rarity herself :raritydespair: :raritycry: Thank you for reading!

Does this story end with a romantic couple though? Following off of Nonplatonic! I think they're more or less in the same place. Sunset knows what's up, but while they love each other for sure, I don't think Sunny's giving off relationship vibes here. As Twilight says, they have all the time in the world to go that route if they choose to.

As I see it, Twilight already acted on her feelings. Ball's in Sunset's court. Now, I'm all for more adventures between these two, and if they date that's totally great, but I'm here for two dorks who deeply care for each other.

To Fillyfoolish: Another great story! Poetic, and I'm going to take the use of the word "nonchalant" as a personal shoutout :P
Excited for whatever comes of this, and whatever comes from your account! Congrats on the featurebox, too.

I see and do understand your point but here's a couple of questions that has no easy answer for most people ..... Which heartbreak sounds better? The pain of rejection by the one you love which can last for years but can be healed over time or Just as many years [[ If not longer ]]] of never knowing if your life could've been better with that one you love?? For me that is easy to answer.. It's the heartbreak of learning they are not into you.. Because you see I've done both and they both SUPER SUCK!!! But's far better to know you need to move on with your life than it is to be stuck with no answer at all...

But lucky for Sci-Twi and Sunset.. In fiction there is such a thing as a happy ever after.. It's something I wish we had for I also sadly learned that in real life.... There's no such thing... I think that's why fictional love stories got their start.. We always want that happy ever after.... But I now see I should've put a little more thought into my other comment. Because it is your story and it's perfectly fine the way it is.. It's just that.. Well How should I put this??? AH!! Got it!! It's just that Sci-Twi seems to me the kind of person who really likes answers to her questions.. I mean just look at that song she sang about there being more out there.....LOL!!!!

Pretty much, yeah, though I feel like it's implied pretty heavily by the end that Sunset does have feelings for Twilight... and it's not like Sunset would let such a catch like Twilight get away -- sorry i'll take my sunlight shipping elsewhere :twilightsmile:

I'm going to take the use of the word "nonchalant" as a personal shoutout

Pff, of course you would say that. I'll have you know that even if that choice of words was more than a nonchalant decision, it's only because it fit with the story titles. But there's no wrong way to fantasize :raritywink:

You do kinda get that impression, yes. You're absolutely right, Twi's a catch. I'll also take up your advice and take my fantasies elsewhere.

Dang it. You seem to be indicating hard that there will be more of this. And that is something I definitely don't want to miss. And going through your stories I found out you've done other stories I loved. 'sigh.' fine.

(Yes that does mean you get a follow:pinkiehappy:)

Fair enough I suppose but time waits for no one and all the time in the world can become too little too late but that's ok.. Sometimes I enjoy a long trip from point A to point B. It makes them feel more real.. So long way around it is!! XD....

Sometimes the present isn't an option, so all you have is to quit ... or hope and wait and enjoy the ride.

I can agree with that!!!🙂

This was good. Less ambiguous ending than the previous part.

Thank you. ...but still ambiguous so you can blame a certain someone for that ;-)

“Bisexual? I mean….” Sunset grew a little rosy-frost herself, red and white and cute all over. She shut her eyes. “Yes. Yes, I am bisexual.”

Bisexual, bilingual, bi-dimensional, bipedal... Is there some way that Sunset isn't bi?

Loved the acceptance in Twi's family and literary references, too.

Sunset is bi in all ways, except for the ways she's pan ;)

Pan-tastic! And thank you for writing all these excellent stories. I look forward to the threequel. 👀

I do think I remember reading about that!

Not really a threequel in the traditional sense .... I do plan this to be a three main story arc, but the next story I'm writing isn't strictly in the main arc.

It's Nonlinear.

I see what you did there. Though, if the first had a question mark, and the second an exclamation point... you've failed to include the poor interrobang when you had the chance.

Agonizingly suspenseful. Love it.

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