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Sunset Shimmer, after all this time, finally decides to ask Twilight Sparkle on a date. Yes, the Sunset, has a crush on the same Twilight she rescued at the Friendship Games. The question is... how is she going to do it? It also doesn't help that a bunch of things get in the way of her perfect plan!

Does Twilight like Sunset back? Can Sunset man-up and get her date?

-Occurs currently in the Equestria Girls Timeline right after: The Rollercoaster Of Friendship

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Note: This is NOT connected to my other stories :)

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It was a really god story to start the day with, hope to see more like this.

Thank you sm! Also, I’m sure of it :)

SciTwi + Sunset = The adorkable couple. 💞

This is really adorable!

So adorable, great job :)

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