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Sunset Shimmer, after all this time, finally decides to ask Twilight Sparkle on a date. Yes, the Sunset, has a crush on the same Twilight she rescued at the Friendship Games. The question is... how is she going to do it? It also doesn't help that a bunch of things get in the way of her perfect plan!

Does Twilight like Sunset back? Can Sunset man-up and get her date?

-Occurs currently in the Equestria Girls Timeline right after: The Rollercoaster Of Friendship

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Note: This is NOT connected to my other stories :)

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It was a really god story to start the day with, hope to see more like this.

Thank you sm! Also, I’m sure of it :)

SciTwi + Sunset = The adorkable couple. 💞

This is really adorable!

So adorable, great job :)

"Anywho, you two are more boring than watching paint dry!" Pinkie shivered. "I gotta fly, Mrs. Cake needs help at Sugarcube Corner and I'm already 2 minutes and fifty three seconds late!" with that, Pinkie Pie was out the door.


Is she.....

"Because, It would be very unprofessional of me if I didn't get a real answer. Tell me, were you doing anything that might cause harm in anyway? Anything illegal?"

You still don't trust her!!!?

This is way better than friendship. Sunset thought

Love is formed from friendship

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