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This story is a sequel to We've Come a Long Way

Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer are both talented, beautiful, smart, and flirty woman. AND they're married! These two could seriously win couple of the year! Everybody knows it, everybody see's it, and everybody wants it. However what comes with the good always comes with the bad... and what's romance without a fight?

What happens when the two lovely weds have a situation they CAN'T work through?
What happens when they have their first ever so BIG fight? Is there ANY hope for their relationship?

~Includes another character that will be introduced in the story. (don't want to ruin the surprise!)~

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-A/N- This is a bonus story that goes along with Loving Doubs and We've Come a Long Way. I hope you enjoy it!

~AU Series, No Magic, No Equestria, Only Humans!~

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NOPE, Finishing a ship never ENDS And i'm still alive due to me being a Rarepair shipper

It was tagged as incomplete last I checked

"Well I know your usually the 'cook' but I wanted to do this for you." Twilight smiled back.

It needs to say you’re

Urgh. It had to be Flash. Honestly Ive liked all the stories so far but you lost me a little with this one. Considering the fact Sunset and Twilight are married a stupid high school crush doesn't seem like something they would argue about, They are happy together so the past should not matter, Twilight is not wrong for not telling Sunset about Flash, Why should she tell her when she had bigger things on her mind at the time.

Twilight knew what she had to do "Because I want you to kiss him."

Wait what......... That.... why would she say that. The rest of the stories in this timeline are good but this one just feels super out of place and the resolution makes no sense.

This was a nice little series of stories, with an interesting twist at the end. :)

Sunset hesitated. She dug into her pocket and gave Twilight the only set of car keys...

The only set :), so glad that I caught it.

Flash , the CEO of breaking happy relationships

"É desastroso quando você está doente Sunset! Você acha que vai morrer quando sua temperatura está apenas em 99,5F."

MT bom kkkkk, maluco eu quero ser tu.

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