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Twilight Sparkle has transfered school and gained a new group of friends. But she also has come in contact with magic from another world and lost herself to the temptations of power.

Sunset Shimmer knows of tempations and magic and does everything she can for the girl who quickly became her closest friend and maybe even a little more.

When a vicious nightmare feeds on Twilight's insecurities and fears, what will Sunset Shimmer do to stop it?

This story takes place after Friendship Games but before Legend of Everfree and contains shameless Sunlight (Sunset- Human Twilight)-shipping. You have been warned :pinkiegasp:

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This story takes place after Friendship Games but before Legend of Everfree and contains shameless Sunlight-shipping. You have been warned :pinkiegasp:

Although I prefer to call it Sci-Set or SciTwiShimmer this ship not to confuse Sci-Twi with the pony counterpart there is only one thing that I have to say in all this: I embrace this shameless SunLight (however, we specify that I speak of sci-twi / sunset shimmer) with all of myself! Apart that the couple Sci-Twi / Sunset Shimmer is my favorite pairing in absolute, along with the PieNata, I congratulate you for the beautiful story! Immediately among the favorites!

No matter how you call the paring, thank you so much for your kind words, I'm glad you liked it :twilightsmile:

Pretty good, overall. Few spelling and grammatical errors and things got kind of confusing towards the end with all the different Sunsets and Twilights talking across each other, but overall a solid idea fairly well executed. Kudos.

Is this a Sci-Twi x Sunset? :3

It is. No purple pony princess involved in this story, I'm afraid:twilightsmile:

You're welcome :raritywink:
Thanks for the fav!

This was such a beautiful and edge-on-my-seat story. I got scared for a bit at one point, but it just shows Sunset's love is strong for Twilight. The ending by the way was so darn adorable.

Thank you so very much! :raritystarry:
I'm glad you enjoyed it!

That was an interesting story. I enjoyed it.

You did an excellent job with this ship, and this fic! Kudos to you!:moustache:

8 months and you have 60 likes and 0 dislikes. I'd say the story was done well enough for your first time.

Thank you! :twilightblush:
It's nice to see that so many people enjoy reading this.

I read this a couple nights ago and have been meaning to comment, but I wanted to find the right words first. Sorry if this is a little long, but there's a lot I want to say.

First of all, this is nothing short of brilliant. I don't use that word lightly. This has easily been my favorite ship since Legend of Everfree, and you just beautifully illustrated the reason why. I've had a theory since I first saw that movie that Midnight Sparkle is a metaphor for essentially PTSD / some trauma-based mental illness, but you took that a step further here.

The real stroke of genius, to me, came at the part where Midnight Sparkle herself is shown to ultimately be as terrified as the real Twilight. I'd always viewed her (MS) as the "enemy" who needed to be defeated. But in all reality, how do disorders like PTSD work? They remember times in our past when we got hurt; then they see signs/cues in our present that remind our brain of that past incident and "protect" us by panicking, shutting down, and/or doing whatever it takes to avoid those things. Why? Out of fear of getting hurt again. That subconscious part of our brain doesn't understand that while that reaction may have been beneficial in the short term, it's usually harmful and maladaptive in the long term... But ultimately, the function it's trying to serve is not destruction but protection from what it views as a terrifying threat. Just like Midnight Sparkle tries to "protect" Twilight from the vulnerability of trusting in others, believing she deserves happiness, and allowing herself to be loved.

There are types of therapy out there that involve "befriending" that part of the brain - acknowledging that it's trying to protect us, yet asking for its permission to basically temporarily bypass that protection, convincing it on a deep level that you're safe and won't be hurt by opening up. Yet somehow I never made the connection between that and Midnight Sparkle - probably because it's so easy for me to forget that she's genuinely a part of Twilight and always will be. To me, the goal was always to destroy her - but you can't do that without destroying Twilight herself. How genuinely, brilliantly beautiful to have Sunset be the one to realize that, and unconditionally love and accept all of Twilight - making even the Midnight Sparkle part of herself feel safe enough to accept that love.

And that's not to even mention what you did with Sunset's own inner demon. It makes perfect sense though - she's more or less befriended it, or at least learned to ignore it when necessary. She's had more time to learn to negotiate with hers than Twilight has, and it shows. To the point where it's become a part of her like any other, coming into alignment with her actual conscious goals as well. That lines up with another part of my theory from Legend of Everfree relating to the "Embrace the Magic" song - essentially, "Magic" is what makes you different/unique in that world, which in some cases is exemplified by things like trauma and mental illness - but if you learn to tame it, it can do incredible things for you, almost like real-life superpowers. Sunset has already learned to embrace hers quite well, despite having some of the hardest "magic" to overcome and tame. It makes such perfect sense that she would do the exact same for Twilight. It was such a beautiful touch for Sunset to insist that her own "demon" stay with her - because she loves and accepts all of herself as well, and knows that her "magic" is part of what gave her the strength and boldness to reach out and save Twilight in the first place.

This story helped me see why Legend of Everfree struck such a deep and personal chord with me to begin with. I'm more similar to Sci-Twi than I'd usually care to admit (despite the username) in ways that are...very relevant to this story. I've been fighting my own inner demons for a while now. But this really opened up my eyes. Those demons are a part of me as well. If I'm trying to destroy a part of myself, whether I like it or not, I'm fighting a losing battle. Maybe I need to pull a Sunset and try harder to befriend and get to know that part of me instead. After all, misguided as it may be, it's only trying to protect me. (Be a lot easier if I had a Sunset in my life, but hey, sometimes you've gotta make your own waves.)

Anyways, thank you for a beautiful, touching, and memorable story, and sorry for the wall of text :P

Wow... just wow. I'm blushing so hard right now that I might pass out and I probably have a goofy grin plastered all over my face :twilightsheepish:
Thank you so much for your comment and I am so glad you could get so much out of my writing!

I wrote up this story in a storm one night, but then I left it in the depths of my hard drive for almost two years, because it didn't feel good enough, because I felt my writing and my ideas were just not good enough.
Hearing so much praise from you (and everybody else who left likes over the almost two years the story is up now), it really makes me want to go on! Thanks you so very much for that!

And I hope you'll get to meet your Sunset for yourself very soon! :raritywink:

This is beautifully written. Its a really gripping story without being over the top. Really really well done.
I hope you write more Sunlight fics someday. :heart:

I... I don't know how to explain how much I loved this shipfic.

This was beautiful! One of the best sciset fanfics I ever read!

And I'm actually crying a little now because of how beautiful this was! Good job!

Glad you enjoyed it so much :twilightsmile:
And... sorry it made you cry?

Loved this. A lot.

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