The Good Comes With The Bad

by twience

First published

Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer are both talented, beautiful, smart, flirty, AND they're married! These two could win couple of the year! However what comes with the good comes with the bad... and whats romance without a little fight?

Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer are both talented, beautiful, smart, and flirty woman. AND they're married! These two could seriously win couple of the year! Everybody knows it, everybody see's it, and everybody wants it. However what comes with the good always comes with the bad... and what's romance without a fight?

What happens when the two lovely weds have a situation they CAN'T work through?
What happens when they have their first ever so BIG fight? Is there ANY hope for their relationship?

~Includes another character that will be introduced in the story. (don't want to ruin the surprise!)~

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-A/N- This is a bonus story that goes along with Loving Doubs and We've Come a Long Way. I hope you enjoy it!

~AU Series, No Magic, No Equestria, Only Humans!~

Confession... (Part 1)

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The Good Comes With The Bad
By, serenityx

The girl stretched and yawned as she got up off the comfy bed. Putting on her fuzzy slippers she looked over at her wife who was still sleeping calmly under the sheets.

Twilight sighed. Sunset's always never been a morning person. Instead she stays up late either reading or watching some kind of action movie on the TV.

Twilight squinted when she headed out the room. Why does Sunset like so much lighting and big windows? Twilight thought. She walked towards the kitchen and started to make some breakfast. First cracking some eggs and mixing in a few veggies for some omelettes. Sunset is actually better at cooking than Twilight but Twilight insisted on getting up so she could make some breakfast for her and her wife. No bacon or anything... Sunset is a vegetarian.

Hopefully she likes this... She said to herself again.

Twilight started toasting some toast and then heard footsteps and screeches on the floor across the hall.

"Who's there? Sunset?" Twilight called out.

When no reply came she grabbed the fork off the counter pointing it at where the sounds were coming from.

Wow... great weapon Twilight. Why didn't I grab a knife? She rolled her eyes

She saw a shadow getting closer to her presence. Twilight's knees were now shaking. She thought about reaching for her phone but it was all the way on the kitchen table.

She heard a yawn. That's good, it must be Sunset. Though to make sure... she called out again.


The figure came into view. "Hey Twi. Good mor-" Sunset stopped speaking and her eyes went wide when she saw that Twilight had a horrified look on her face pointing at her with a fork.

Twilight dropped the fork and breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh, Sunset. Thank goodness." She said wiping her forehead.

She walked over "Uh is there something you want to talk about? Were you trying to murder me with a fork?" Sunset asked picking the fork off the ground. She put the fork in the sink and put her hand on her wife's shoulder.

"Sorry Sunset, It's my anxiety getting to me. Your usually not up for about another 30 minutes." Twilight replied

Sunset chuckled "If a fork covered in food is the first thing you grab if there's an intruder in the house then you might need some self-defense classes babe."

Twilight huffed in response.

Sunset smiled "But about me being up so early, I smelled something delicious and had to come check it out."

"Well I know you’re usually the 'cook' but I wanted to do this for you." Twilight smiled back.

Sunset walked over to Twilight and gave her a quick kiss on her forehead. "Aw your so cute. Thanks Twilight, I honestly wasn't expecting this."

"Your welcome..." Twilight blushed

Sunset took her seat at the table and turned on the TV. The news was on. Not one of Sunset's favorite channels but she knew it was appropriate to watch it at this time of day.

About 5 minutes later...

"Breakfast is served!" Twilight said placing one of the plates in front of her wife.

Shimmer took her fork and dived into the good smelling omelette and took a bite. "Twilight! This is really good!"

Twilight took her seat "I learned from the best." she winked

It was quite nice outside for a spring day, and Sunset loved it.

"If I don't deliver these now, i'll never get around to it." Sunset said to herself walking down the street.

Sunset looked down at the pile of letters in her hand. "This is so unnecessary. "

Sunset thought about Twilight and her protocols and what she thought was polite and impolite

"Well- I suppose not..."

As she walked to the post office Sunset counted the envelopes to make sure she didn't drop any but just before she could finish she fell to the ground.


"Ow..." Sunset said as she rubbed her head

"Oh my gosh I'm so sor-" somebody stopped. A man's voice in fact.

Sunset looked up and her mouth sprang wide open. She realized and quickly closed it. Embarrassing...

"No way. This is total deja vu."

"Sunset? Sunset Shimmer?" The blue haired guy said as he lent his hand to pick her up

She coughed "Uh hey. Flash right?" Sunset recalled and grabbed his hand

"Yeah. Haven't seen you in a long time." Flash said awkwardly with his hand behind his head

Sunset fiddled with her fingers "Mhm, looong time." she dragged

"How are you?" He asked

She looked back up at him "G-good." Sunset stuttered

"We should of kept in touch." Flash told her

"We barely spoke in High school Flash. How would we keep in touch if we were never in touch to begin with?"

"Oh r-right." He reminded himself

"So, what are you doing out here?" Flash asked

The woman thought for a second. Then panic came to Sunset's mind when she realized she dropped the letters. She quickly turned around searching for them.

She bent over "Nooo..." She said when she picked up one. "They're all dirty."

Sunset scrambled and picked up the rest of her lost letters.

Great She mumbled

"Oh i'm so sorry Sunset! I didn't see you walking by." Flash apologized "Here, I'll buy you some new envelopes for those."

"Seriously Flash? You don't have to do that. I should have been looking where I was-" Flash interrupted her before she could finish.

"I insist. Besides, isn't that the polite thing a gentleman does?"

Sunset smiled awkwardly "Okay," She hesitated "Thank you. I'll pay you back the next time I see ya."

"Please don't. It's fine, I can pay for a few envelopes." Flash said "What are those anyway?"

"Thank you letters." She looked down at them

"Thank you letters?" Flash said as he walked with Sunset the way to the post office.

Sunset sighed "Twilight insisted it was polite. I guess I see her point but we gave our thanks and goodbyes when the guests left."

"Huh?" Flash said

"She would of came herself but she was having a rough morning so I left her at home." She continued

A confused look game across Flash Sentry's face as he stared at her.

"What?" Sunset asked

She scratched her arm and realized "Ohhh, yeah um me and Twi tied the not." She blushed

"...Oh! Congratualtions."

Did he mean that? To her Flash looked a little disappointed.


Of course they got married. It's not like I ever had a chance with her." He told to himself

"Thanks." Sunset replied

Flash opened and held the door open to let Sunset through. He paid for some new envelopes like he promised and helped Sunset take the thank you cards out of the dirty ones into the new ones. Before you know it Sunset was already plopping them into the mail box to send them on their way.

"Thank you again, for you did and said today." Sunset smiled happily

"No problem. I enjoyed seeing you again." Flash smiled back

The awkward glances towards each other and smiling was too much. There was now dead silent between them standing in the middle of the post office.

"What's your number? I'll call you sometime." Flash spoke first

Sunset snickered "THE Flash Sentry wants to know MY phone number?"

Flash rolled his eyes "Don't tease Sunny. I'm not like that anymore."

The girl nodded as she took Flash's phone. "Sure, call. We could go on a double date or something."

Flash looked as she typed her number in his contacts. "Most likely not. I don't have a girlfriend."

She gave Flash his phone back and cocked her eyebrow.

Sunset bursted out laughing. Not surprised Flash looked disturbed...

"Please! Of course you have a girlfriend. Who wouldn't want to date you?"

"I haven't found anybody that I have a interest in." Flash said

"Don't you have a interest in like almost every girl?"

Flash shrugged.

"But- but, like almost all the girls had a crush on you back in High school." Sunset said surprised

Flash was intrigued "Really? Or are you just referring to you?"

Sunset turned away not wanting to look into his eyes "maybe maybe not."

No freaking way! Flash did the happy dance inside his head

Sunset Shimmer liked me back in High school! My biggest crush of all time actually liked me too? Flash told himself

But... she didn't seem interested in me at all. If only I had the guts to ask her out if things hadn't gotten in the way, things could have been much different now.

Flash felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Hey. You zoned out for a minute." Sunset said

"Oh what? Sorry." Flash said with his cheeks red now.

"You know, that's all we ever seem to say to each other. Let's-" She paused "Stop doing that."

"Fine by me."

Ding Sunset's phone got a notification. She pulled at her phone and read the following text message.

Where are you? Twilight had sent her.

Huh... Sunset looked at the time

Her eyes when big Crap! I've been out for like an hour.

"Sunset? You okay?" Flash asked

"I uh gotta go. I lost track of time."

"Sure no prob. I'll uh give you that call." He said

To Flash's surprise, Sunset went up to him and gave him a quick hug. His cheeks went red again...

Sunset flushed deep red and then she quickly released her arms.

"Bye!" She said and started walking in the opposite direction.

"See ya." She heard Flash say quietly

What was I thinking talking to Flash all that time!? Sunset asked herself speed walking her way home "I'm so stupid. He must think i'm leading him on!

Sunset had speed walk home like her life depended on it. She took her set of house keys and unlocked the door.

"Twilight! Sweetie i'm back!" She called out closing the door behind her

Twilight jot up "Sunset you had me worried! You never texted back."

"I was sure I did... guess I did forget." Sunset thought

Twilight hugged her wife in comfort and Sunset hugged her back. There was nothing better than this.

"Are you alright? Your cheeks are kind of flushed." Twilight asked

Sunset felt her cheeks, they felt warm. "Oh I was rushing to get home. I didn't want to worry you too much, We both know how you can get." She winked

They released their hug and Twilight re-positioned her glasses.

"Why were you gone so long?"

Sunset's eyes went wide.

There's no harm in lying she thought.

Though Sunset knew a lie was never better than the truth. Her and Twi never ever keep secrets, and she wasn't breaking that just so she could by pass telling her wife about the little talk her and Flash had.

Sunset made her way over to the couch and threw her jacket over the edge. Twilight followed her and got comfortable.

"You see, I was distracted walking to the post office counting to make sure I didn't drop any of the letters." She started

"Then out of nowhere Flash bumped into me making me drop all the letters and getting them dirty."

Her wife thought "Wait, the Flash Sentry? you know..." Twilight asked

"That's the one." Sunset sighed and agreed

Concerned she asked "What happened to the letters?"

"Flash offered to buy me some new envelopes to I guess say sorry for knocking me over."

"I didn't want him to do that , It didn't make sense after these years to just run into each other and have him pay for me you know?"

"Yeah wow... that was super kind of him." Twilight said.

To her dismay, Twilight knew about Flash liking Sunset back in High school. However she never told Sunset about it because she as well liked Sunset back then. She knew if she told Sunset about Flash's crush on her that she would run off to Flash and they would most likely get together.

By the time senior prom came, Sunset ignoring her other crush on Flash, asked Twilight to be her date.

Twilight was beyond excited but relieved! Her High school crush was hers AND they were going to prom together!

At the dance Flash finally grew up enough courage to ask Sunset to dance and confess his feelings even though he was scared as hell. Before he could... he saw Sunset and Twilight holding hands, laughing, and smiling all happy and romantically dancing on the dance floor. What he didn't realize is Twilight saw that Flash kept seeking glances at her and her date. She felt guilty for not telling Sunset about Flash's crush on her and her conscience told her to just tell Sunset. She couldn't... she would of lost Sunset forever...

"I know right. He's trying his best to be a gentleman now."

Twilight laughed "Really?"

"Yes!" Sunset laughed along "I think it's nice"

Sunset continued: "So, we spent the next 20 minutes putting the 'thank you cards' into the new lopes and um we talked for a bit and I left."

That's it? You saw your High school crush and that's all that happened? Twilight thought

"And that was all that happened?" Sparkle asked

"What kind of wife do you think I am Twi?" Sunset reassured her

Twilight's straight face went into a slight frown. Sunset knew what she was doing.


"We hugged but that's it." Sunset said

Twilight nodded and smiled again "Great, because no one is taking you away from me."

"They wouldn't get the chance to." Sunset smirked "If they tried anything on me I'd kick him or her where the sun don't shine."

They both giggled "Babe, your too much." Twilight said

"Mm you like it though." Sunset said stopping her laughter

Sunset and Twilight leaned in and closed the space between them with a kiss. This felt like one of their passionate kisses, It lasted a little more than 10 seconds and it felt calming but fun. When they released they both smiled at each other like it was their first ever kiss.

"You hungry?" Sunset asked

Smirking Twilight answered "For food or for you?"

Sunset blinked and then blushed knowing what her wife just said

"Good one Twilight... very smart"

Sunset giggled "You got me."

Twilight sprang off the couch "Ha ha! I played you Sunset Shimmer!"

"For once." Sunset said pointing her finger "Enjoy it while you can. You know I'm usually the one who makes those types of jokes."

Twilight out of breath from from her victory said "I feel like I can conquer the world." looking at Sunset

Sunset said put her hand to her heart smiling "You've already conquered mine babe."

Twilight blinked "dammit..." she whispered

Sunset laughed "Aw did I hurt your feelings?" getting off the couch

"Yeah! You ruined my victory with backstabbing my sentence with another flirty comment." Twilight said crossing her arms

"But it was the perfect set up." Sunset exclaimed

"Whatever, It was sweet anyway." Twilight said

"Told you i'm good."

"Tell you what, It's lunch time so I'll take you to that little Cafe' you like for some grub. My treat." Sunset told her

"I love it when you say 'my treat'. Okay i'm in." Twilight said grabbing her jacket

Sunset and Twilight pulled up at the Sunlight Cafe'. One of their favorite places to eat.

"Table for two please." Twilight told the waiter

"Sure thing ma'am." The waiter said giving them two menus and gesturing over to the booth in the corner next to the window.

Sunset gleamed "Yes! The window seat!"

"You just love your windows." Twilight said sitting down at the booth

"It makes places seem more open and bright so it's Just up my ally." Sunset replied

A few minutes later the waiter came back with their drinks and then some more time later with their food. Sunset went for a cheese and broccoli quesadilla of course and Twilight went for a slice of steak and some green beans.

"So hows it been at work?" Sunset brought up close to the end of their meal

"Good, we've gotten close to a solution to the recent super computer. A few more adjustments and we'll see what the glitch was and then we'll go back to our normal research and theories. Scientifically that is..." Twilight said

"Great, I'm glad that's working out." Sunset spoke

"How's yours been? Work? It's weird we never talk to each other about it." Twilight asked

Sunset nodded "Really nice. No deaths or anything recently- at least not that I heard of. Just some checkups here and there and some concerns about certain things. It's been calm here around town."

"I'm glad. It's tough making sure everybody's all healthy."

"Especially you." Twilight said finishing her beans

"Pfft, I'm not that bad." Sunset said

"It's disastrous when your sick Sunset! You think your going to die when your temperature is only at 99.5F."

She drank her coke "The heat and cold switches are too eccentric! I like feeling at normal temperature, its where i'm comfortable." Sunset shrugged

"You go through like three boxes of tissues in two days." Twilight reminded her

"It's not like it's unnecessary." Sunset said finishing her food

Twilight put her fork down finished. "We'll your lucky you have me Sunset."

"I always do." Sunset smiled

Twilight smiled back at her.

"Check please!" They both said

The two women paid for their lunch and started to leave the cafe'.

"After you." Sunset said holding the door

"Why thank you." Twilight giggled walking out. "Ow!" she screeched now on the ground.

"Twilight are you okay?" Sunset asked helping her up.

She turned to the figure "Watch where your goin-" Sunset stopped.

"Not again I'm so sorry!" Flash said

"Flash? What are you doing here?" Sunset asked

"Getting some take-out. What are you doing here?" Flash responded

"Leaving after lunch." Sunset said putting her hand on her hip

"Again I'm sorry I didn't mean to bump into your... significant other..." Flash said

"Yeah uh huh, I'm sure you didn't" Sunset said raising her eyebrow

"What are you getting at?" Flash asked crossing his arms raising his eyebrow too

Sunset said nothing, she just continued to stare at guy in front of her. Flash did the same not loosing eye contact with Sunset. It's different from when they first ran into each other. Now it looks like they want to tear each others guts out. It's like Sunset went all protective over her wife.

"Why are they acting like this? I thought they were friends. Twilight thought rubbing her back where she fell.

Twilight coughed purposely and broke the silence.

Sunset blinked and took her arms off her hip "Oh man. Flash, I don't know what came over me."

"It all good. Did you go somewhere just now?" Flash said

"I don't know... it felt as if I was-"

"Back in High school?" He finished her sentence

"Y-yeah sorry."

"There we go again. Saying sorry to each other." Flash laughed

Sunset laughed along

She spoke again "You should uh apologize to Twi though."

Flash looked over at Twilight and smiled. Fake or not?

"Sorry Twilight. Nice to see you." He said holding out his hand

Twilight shook it "Y-you too Flash." She paused before speaking again "I'm uh sorry."

"For what?" He asked.

Sunset turned and faced Twilight. Twilight realized what she just brought up and knew it was a mistake.

"Oh! Nothing, forget I said anything." Twilight exclaimed

Sunset looked concerned but shook it off as a minor thought.

"Hey babe I'll meet you in the car." She said

"Sure i'll be right there." Sunset said to Twilight already speed walking to the parking lot.

Flash looked back over to Sunset "So... you two seem happy together."

"Yeah I guess we are." Sunset smiled
Twilight felt relived when she got to the car. Seeing Flash brought up those past memories about him her and Sunset and she did not want re-live that.

Twilight opened her purse for the car keys but she couldn't find them. "Shoot! Sunset has the car keys!"

She walked back to retrieve the keys from Sunset but stopped when she remembered she's with Flash. She carefully went behind a tree and starting stalking their conversation.

"What am I doing? Sunset doesn't lie to me. If she says there's nothing going on between them I believe her..." Twilight told herself

She thought about it again.



"Sunset-" Flash started

"Yes?" Sunset said

"I want to be honest with you."

"Okay...go on." Sunset said worried

"I don't know if you noticed but um... back in High school-"

"Are you sure your comfortable with telling me this?" Sunset asked

"Yeah. I am. It's honestly pointless but I need to get this out." Flash nodded

Sunset nodded in agreement.

"Back in High school I had, the biggest crush on you." He said nervously

Sunset had to prevent herself with opening her mouth to look like a total zombie. Sunset remembered back to High school, her biggest crush before Twilight; Flash Sentry. She admired his toughness and his braveness. She liked everything about him.

"No nooo!" Twilight screamed to herself. "It's over, I'm dead."

Flash gulped and waiting for Sunset to say something. "Maybe this was a bad idea..." he thought

"Flash I-" Breaking out of her trance

"I know we barely spoke to each other but even though we were different I liked you. Your smart, fun, and pretty. I knew though because of my reputation you would never go out with me." He sighed

"Would you shut up already." Sunset said

Flash was taking aback with Sunset's sudden comment.

"I liked you too." Sunset said.

She tried her hardest to hold back a blush but she couldn't and red spread across her cheeks. "I thought you didn't care or even thought about me. Let alone like me! I thought you would never ask me out."

Flash stood there in shock.

Then Sunset had to state the obvious.

"Then I met Twilight and she took my heart away. She's the nicest women I ever met and wouldn't undo the life we have together." Sunset continued

"Few!" Twilight said to herself still behind the tree.

"I understand." He started "We'll actually had the confidence to ask you out this one time Sunset."

Sunset was surprised. Why didn't he?

"It never happened because I think Twilight found about my crush on you and I was scared to even try anymore. I believed she told you about me and you laughed at it like a joke." Flash sad frowning

"She knew- she told me what?" Sunset's red cheeks faded

"Shoot! I gotta get out there!" Twilight ran out from behind the tree to get to Sunset before Flash could say anymore.

But it was too late...

"I thought she got to you first and told you about my crush before I could even tell you myself. Then at prom I was going to ask you to dance and get the girl of my dreams, but I saw you dancing with Twilight on the dance floor." Flash said

"I was certain she told you about me for friendly concern but it was actually about jealousy. She liked you and she wanted to make sure I didn't get to you." He finished

Sunset didn't know what to do or say anymore. She clenched her fists and thought. Was she upset? Was she angry at Twilight? There friendship back then was based on a lie. On a game of 'She's Mine'. She couldn't believe it.

"I-I" Sunset got out

"Sunset..." Twilight said

Sunset looked over and saw her wife standing there like she was about to crawl up into a little ball of guilt.

"Twilight- is this true?" Sunset asked

"Wait I didn't want to cause drama between you two-" Flash was interrupted by Sunset's hand in his face showing him to stop talking.

"You, stop. Twilight, speak."

"Sunset I swear! I knew Flash liked you okay but I wasn't competing with him for you! I wouldn't have done that." Twilight cried

"No... yo- you used me! You knew I liked Flash! You never told me!" Sunset yelled

"I thought I trusted you to tell me about that stuff." Sunset said now crying

Flash didn't know what to say, he just stood there and watched.

Twilight didn't like it when Sunset raised her voice like this. She was angry and she hated when she was angry.

"You knew I was starting to like you at the time so you used that to your advantage! You gave Flash no hope what so ever!" Sunset continued

"This was a long time ago! I liked you Sunset! I just wanted..." Twilight said

"Yeah? Wanted what?"


"You wanted me for yourself! We promised. We promised Twi before we got married no secrets anymore." Sunset exclaimed

"I didn't think it was important to tell you! We moved on and left the past behind us. What was the point of telling you if it wouldn't have made a difference."

Sunset shook her head in disbelief.

Twilight gasped "What are you saying! Do you still have feelings for Flash?"

Flash looked over at Sunset. He was starting to sweat, two girls are fighting about him in the middle of town. He had to wave strangers away from staring and calling the police.

"You have been using me just like I used you!" Twilight yelled

"Don't make this about something that it isn't!" She replied

"You didn't answer my question..." Now Twilight was partially crying.

"...I DON'T KNOW! I'm confused!" Sunset broke down


"Well if you were this confused maybe we shouldn't have got married AT ALL!"

"Twilight... Sunset..."

"Ugh! Your so difficult!"

"I'm difficult!?" Twilight pointed at herself

"GUYS!" Flash screamed

"What!?" They two women said looking back at Flash

"Look, I know you two are obviously upset at one another but what about me? Have you two even considered what I think about this?"

"I'm just confusing you even more aren't I Flash?" Sunset said

"Leave Flash out of this. This is about you and me." Twilight said

"Is it!? It seems to me that this is ALL about Flash." Sunset spoke


"I didn't mean to hurt you Sunset! I was scared that if Flash asked you out you would leave me behind forever!"

"It wasn't your decision to make Twilight. Believe when I say I liked you, but I also had strong feelings for Flash and you knew that! You made me forget about Flash and hell- I fell in love with you! However you broke Flash's heart and the same time you broke part of mine and I didn't even realize it." Sunset said eyes red

Twilight was pissed and felt like crap but also heartbroken "How could she say something like that?" They've been through so much together and now it was like her wife was throwing that all away!

Sunset fell to her knee's and continued to cry but harder this time.

"Just GO Twilight! I-I don't want to see you right now...please I need some time." Sunset cried

Twilight looked over at Flash who stood their like a sad lost puppy. She didn't want to leave Sunset by herself but apparently that wasn't a problem.

"Fine... give me the keys." Twilight held out her hand

Sunset hesitated. She dug into her pocket and gave Twilight the only set of car keys...

United We Will Be (Part 2)

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The Good Comes With The Bad
By, serenityx

*sniff sniff*

"Hey..." Flash said putting his hand on Sunset's shoulder

Wiping tear she looked up at Flash. She usually tries not cry in front of people because she thinks it causes weakness. However she couldn't help it and her lip started to tremble.

"Sunset. Oh dear Sunset I'm so sorry." Flash bent down

"Why are you apologizing?"

"I caused some major drama between you and your wife. I didn't mean to." Flash spoke

"All you did was tell the truth Flash. Please, this isn't your fault." Sunset said eyes red

"It is. I hate seeing you like this..."

Sunset cried more "Then go."

Flash didn't know what to do. Was he suppose to leave Sunset here crying? Where was she going to go? She definitely couldn't go back home, Twilight would probably shut the door in her face.

"Why would I do that?"

"Because! This is not your job Flash! Your not suppose to care about me. Just go home and leave me alone!" Sunset yelled

"I'm- I'm not going to do that. I'm going to make this right." He said

He picked Sunset up off the ground and wiped her tears. Sunset turned away.

Sighing Flash grabbed her arm and started pulling her to the Coffee' shop a few stores over.

"Why did you bring me here?" She asked

"You need some fluids. You've been crying a storm."

Sunset raised her eyebrow "Well, your right about something."

"Take a seat. I'll order for you."

Sunset nodded and took a seat at one of the high tables.

I was too hard on Twilight. Why did I say those harsh things.

Flash came back with one iced coffee' and a strawberry water for Sunset.

Sunset smiled and took the cup to take a sip. After she tried it she starting drinking some more. Guess she was thirsty.

Flash laughed "Hm maybe I should of ordered two of those."

Sunset hit him playfully "Shut up."

Flash still sort of laughing spoke again "Feeling better?"

"Yeah a little. The waterworks died down." She answered

"I'm glad." He said sipping his coffee'

Sunset tapped the side of her cup. What does this mean for her and Twilight? Are they breaking up? Sunset didn't like the thought of that, she didn't want to divorce Twilight. She loves her...

Maybe I should go and talk to her. She looked at the clock Maybe after she cools down. I really hurt her.

"Hey Sunny." Flash said


"Again, I'm sorry. I don't want you and Twilight to loose everything you have together because of me. I wan't you to be happy." He said

Sunset smiled brightly "That means a lot to me. Thank you Flash."

"I'll admit I'm a little jealous... but nothing I can't handle. I hope someday I find somebody that makes me happy just as much Twilight makes you happy."

Sunset put her hand on Flash's shoulder. "You make me a happy too Flash. Your my friend and i'll always treasure you. I'll always be here if you need me alright?"

Flash looked at her and grinned "Thanks Sunset. Same here."

They both left the Cafe' and Sunset had another drink in her hand. She made a note to self to come to this place again.

"Today was crazy." Sunset blurts out.

"You can say that again."

"So... I uh, I better go see Twilight." She said

"Of course." Flash nodded

"Make sure to give me that call." Sunset reminded him

"I won't I promise."

Awkwardly they stared at each other... like last time Sunset went up to him and embraced him in a hug.

"God... you don't know how long I've wanted to hug and hold you like this." Sunset spoke still in the hug

"Me either."

"I"m happy I got to see you. Even if it wasn't on the best of terms." She said

"After graduation I asked and asked around where you went. I never... got to say goodbye." Flash sighed

They released their hug and stared at each other once more.



"I-I can't... you know that." She said looking down

He lifted her chin back up "I know."

"But..." She started

Sunset held out her hand and smiled "Goodbye Flash."

Flash smiled back and shook her hand "Goodbye Sunset."

Meanwhile... Twilight was sitting alone in the house on their bed, still crying...

"I don't get it... what does Flash have that I don't."

"I-I should have told Sunset about him back in High school... I'm so stupid." She sniffed

"Why did I say those harsh things?"

Her eyes widen "No! I told her we shouldn't have got married! She hates me... she really hates me..."

Twilight slide farther under the covers in the dark room with only some of the light coming through the curtains.

"Babe... I need you."

She started crying again and burred her head into her arms.

For a few seconds, there was nothing but the sound of Twilights sniffles escolating around the room. Until...

"...I'm not going anywhere"

She heard a voice say. She looked back up, but nobody was there.

Twilight wiped her eyes "Sunset is that you?"

"I'm here." Twilight heard again

It was coming from outside the door. On the outside of the closed door Sunset was sitting there talking to Twilight.

"I decided not to come in, I agree we both need some time. Am I correct?" Sunset said

Twilight's voice cracked "Y-yeah."

"I'm sorry..."

Twilight was confused.

"No, I'm sorry. I should of told you about Flash Sunset. I regret it, I regret it so much." She answered

"I don't."

"What? But..." Twilight said shocked

"I wouldn't have the life I made with you Twilight. You mean so much to me, I wouldn't change anything."

"What about Flash?" Twilight asked sniffing

"We uh talked it over. We're friends and we just want each other to be happy. He's okay and i'm... okay."

"Really?" Twilight said

"I'm still upset about the whole thing, I need some time. However he understands our relationship. I understand why you did what you did and I forgive you."

"Thank goodness." Twilight breathed "I thought we were going to break up. After I said what I said..." Twilight rubbed her eyes

"I heard what you said. You didn't mean that did you?"

"No! No of course not."

"Good." Sunset smiled on the other side of the door

Twilight still on the bed continued to cry.

"Don't cry my love. I'm right here."

Sunset continued to hear her wife's sniffles.

"Hey" she called out

"Huh?" Twilight asked

"I love you." Sunset said. More positive than ever.

Twilight smiled "I love you too."

After a minute of silence between them Twilight heard Sunset get up off the ground outside the door.

"I'll be in the living room okay? You take the bed." Sunset said

"T-thanks Sunset."

There was no more words, just silence.

Both of the women slept in that morning. It was just about 10:00am when Twilight woke up, Sunset still sleeping on the couch.

Hesitating Twilight put on her robe and exited the room. She wanted to see Sunset.

She walked to the living room and saw Sunset sleeping peacefully on the couch still her jeans but only in her bra. She blushed.

A blanket was now at the edge of her legs. Twilight smiled, Sunset was exhausted. She slept on the couch for her so they could have some space which she agreed was needed. Twilight couldn't have asked for a better person to spend the rest of her life with.

Twilight knowing what time it was decided to wake her up. She sat on her knees and took Sunset's hand in hers. She leaned over and gave Sunset a sweet kiss on her forehead.

Sunset's twitched now waking up. She smiled still with her eyes closed knowing Twilight was there.

"I had enough time. I wanted to see you." Twilight said

Sunset rolled to her side and opened her eyes slowly facing Twilight.

"I missed you." She said

"Same here." Twi replied

Sunset got up and sat straight up on the couch. "What time is it?"

"A little passed ten."

"Mm we slept late." She said rubbing her eyes

"We had a long day yesterday." Twilight said getting up sitting beside her hands still connected

Sunset nodded "You okay?"

"Definitely. We said all there was to be said."

"Is there anything I can do for you?" Sunset asked

"No... I think i'm okay."

"Alright. I'm going to get dressed if that's good with you?"

"Wait." Twilight said

Twilight pulled Sunset into a deep kiss. Shocked Sunset moaned with pleasure and slid right into it. They pressed their bodies against each other and pulled each others messy hair.

They broke and smiled at each other.

"What was that for?" Sunset asked

"Just because I love you." Twilight answered

This time Sunset kissed Twilight taking her by surprise. Then she grabbed her hand and kissed the top of it.

"And that, was because I love you." Sunset grinned

Twilight blushed as Sunset got up to change.

About 3 hours later Sunset and Twilight were just finishing their lunch, but Twilight was deep in thought. She felt like something was forgotten. She thought back to Flash and Sunset. Even though she knew Sunset loved her deeply and wouldn't change anything she still knew that she felt something for him. Twilight saw the way they looked at each other yesterday. Not sad but happy Twilight looked at Sunset.

"Twilight? Everything okay?" Sunset asked

"No." Twilight answered

"What? What's wrong." She looked worried

"There is something you can do for me Sunset. Think of it as a sorry present from long ago." Twilight said

Sunset was confused "What do you mean?"



"I want you to call Flash."

"What! Why?" Sunset said surprised

Twilight knew what she had to do "Because I want you to kiss him."

Sunset blinked. Did she hear her correctly?

"W-what? Your not serious?" She asked

"I am. I'm- I'm giving you permission to kiss him. No more than a minute! And no inappropriate touching!" Twilight said

"Why are you doing this?" Sunset cocked her eyebrow

Twilight smiled "Sunset I know you. Your the most loyal person I know. Though that doesn't mean your feelings aren't there. Come on! He was your High school crush! Plus you spent all that time with him yesterday. Of course you want to kiss him."

Sunset coughed "I'm n-not going to do that."

"You asked me if there was anything I wanted you to do for me and this is it." Twilight said certain "It wouldn't be fair it I didn't let you."

"Are you sure?"


Sunset nicely dressed in an outfit Twilight picked out waited outside the Cafe' her and Flash went to yesterday. He should be here any minute now.

"Sunset!" Flash called out walking to her

"Flash!" Sunset said going up to him

Flash coughed "You look pretty today. Like usual."

"Thanks." She replied hands behind her back

"Hows Twilight?"

"Good. Really good. We're okay." She said

"That's great! Though I'm surprised... why did you call so soon to meet up?"

Sunset smiled at him.

"Seriously? What's going on?"

Sunset not thinking twice grabbed Flash's face and pulled him into a kiss. Concerned but not caring about anything else, Flash pulled Sunset in and deepens their kiss, though trying not to get to carried away. Sunset and Flash standing in the middle of the sidewalk technically making out not worrying about people staring at them were getting their big ending. The one Twilight insisted was necessary.

Sunset moaned slightly and Flash's hands were on her shoulders. They released their kiss and gasped for air. Sunset went down from her tippy toes and stared at him.

"Wow... I was not expected that." He said blushing

"I wanted- I needed to do that." Sunset said also blushing

"Your uh a good kisser."

Sunset giggled "Your not so bad yourself."

Flash smiled big.

"Your doing that little happy dance inside your head right now aren't you?" Sunset said

"You have nooo idea." Flash laughed

"I'm glad we got that over with. I don't think I could of seen you again with out kissing you." Sunset admitted

"Wait, what about T-"

"She's the one who practically begged me to call you and do this. She insisted It's what she wanted me to do." Sunset rolled her eyes interrupting Flash

"She's so considerate." Flash said

She nodded "Best wife I could ever have."

Flash rubbed the back of his head "So you want to inside or?"

"Eh I would like to but I should head back."

"Yeah yeah go. We'll still hang out another time." Flash exclaimed

"You bet." Sunset said waving

Sunset opened the door to their house seeing Twilight sitting there waiting for her.

"So... how was it?" Twilight said excited

"Good." Sunset answered closing the door

Twilight's hands dropped to the sides of her body and she stared at Sunset annoyed.

Sunset shook her head and went up and took her hands. "Fun, cute, amazing!" She said

Twilight hugged her tight.

"Is that what you wanted to hear?"


Sunset laughed with Twilight in her arms.

"Your officially back to being mine though right?"

"Always Twilight." She answered


The End!