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The Good Comes With The Bad - twience

Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer are both talented, beautiful, smart, flirty, AND they're married! These two could win couple of the year! However what comes with the good comes with the bad... and whats romance without a little fight?

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United We Will Be (Part 2)

The Good Comes With The Bad
By, serenityx

*sniff sniff*

"Hey..." Flash said putting his hand on Sunset's shoulder

Wiping tear she looked up at Flash. She usually tries not cry in front of people because she thinks it causes weakness. However she couldn't help it and her lip started to tremble.

"Sunset. Oh dear Sunset I'm so sorry." Flash bent down

"Why are you apologizing?"

"I caused some major drama between you and your wife. I didn't mean to." Flash spoke

"All you did was tell the truth Flash. Please, this isn't your fault." Sunset said eyes red

"It is. I hate seeing you like this..."

Sunset cried more "Then go."

Flash didn't know what to do. Was he suppose to leave Sunset here crying? Where was she going to go? She definitely couldn't go back home, Twilight would probably shut the door in her face.

"Why would I do that?"

"Because! This is not your job Flash! Your not suppose to care about me. Just go home and leave me alone!" Sunset yelled

"I'm- I'm not going to do that. I'm going to make this right." He said

He picked Sunset up off the ground and wiped her tears. Sunset turned away.

Sighing Flash grabbed her arm and started pulling her to the Coffee' shop a few stores over.

"Why did you bring me here?" She asked

"You need some fluids. You've been crying a storm."

Sunset raised her eyebrow "Well, your right about something."

"Take a seat. I'll order for you."

Sunset nodded and took a seat at one of the high tables.

I was too hard on Twilight. Why did I say those harsh things.

Flash came back with one iced coffee' and a strawberry water for Sunset.

Sunset smiled and took the cup to take a sip. After she tried it she starting drinking some more. Guess she was thirsty.

Flash laughed "Hm maybe I should of ordered two of those."

Sunset hit him playfully "Shut up."

Flash still sort of laughing spoke again "Feeling better?"

"Yeah a little. The waterworks died down." She answered

"I'm glad." He said sipping his coffee'

Sunset tapped the side of her cup. What does this mean for her and Twilight? Are they breaking up? Sunset didn't like the thought of that, she didn't want to divorce Twilight. She loves her...

Maybe I should go and talk to her. She looked at the clock Maybe after she cools down. I really hurt her.

"Hey Sunny." Flash said


"Again, I'm sorry. I don't want you and Twilight to loose everything you have together because of me. I wan't you to be happy." He said

Sunset smiled brightly "That means a lot to me. Thank you Flash."

"I'll admit I'm a little jealous... but nothing I can't handle. I hope someday I find somebody that makes me happy just as much Twilight makes you happy."

Sunset put her hand on Flash's shoulder. "You make me a happy too Flash. Your my friend and i'll always treasure you. I'll always be here if you need me alright?"

Flash looked at her and grinned "Thanks Sunset. Same here."

They both left the Cafe' and Sunset had another drink in her hand. She made a note to self to come to this place again.

"Today was crazy." Sunset blurts out.

"You can say that again."

"So... I uh, I better go see Twilight." She said

"Of course." Flash nodded

"Make sure to give me that call." Sunset reminded him

"I won't I promise."

Awkwardly they stared at each other... like last time Sunset went up to him and embraced him in a hug.

"God... you don't know how long I've wanted to hug and hold you like this." Sunset spoke still in the hug

"Me either."

"I"m happy I got to see you. Even if it wasn't on the best of terms." She said

"After graduation I asked and asked around where you went. I never... got to say goodbye." Flash sighed

They released their hug and stared at each other once more.



"I-I can't... you know that." She said looking down

He lifted her chin back up "I know."

"But..." She started

Sunset held out her hand and smiled "Goodbye Flash."

Flash smiled back and shook her hand "Goodbye Sunset."

Meanwhile... Twilight was sitting alone in the house on their bed, still crying...

"I don't get it... what does Flash have that I don't."

"I-I should have told Sunset about him back in High school... I'm so stupid." She sniffed

"Why did I say those harsh things?"

Her eyes widen "No! I told her we shouldn't have got married! She hates me... she really hates me..."

Twilight slide farther under the covers in the dark room with only some of the light coming through the curtains.

"Babe... I need you."

She started crying again and burred her head into her arms.

For a few seconds, there was nothing but the sound of Twilights sniffles escolating around the room. Until...

"...I'm not going anywhere"

She heard a voice say. She looked back up, but nobody was there.

Twilight wiped her eyes "Sunset is that you?"

"I'm here." Twilight heard again

It was coming from outside the door. On the outside of the closed door Sunset was sitting there talking to Twilight.

"I decided not to come in, I agree we both need some time. Am I correct?" Sunset said

Twilight's voice cracked "Y-yeah."

"I'm sorry..."

Twilight was confused.

"No, I'm sorry. I should of told you about Flash Sunset. I regret it, I regret it so much." She answered

"I don't."

"What? But..." Twilight said shocked

"I wouldn't have the life I made with you Twilight. You mean so much to me, I wouldn't change anything."

"What about Flash?" Twilight asked sniffing

"We uh talked it over. We're friends and we just want each other to be happy. He's okay and i'm... okay."

"Really?" Twilight said

"I'm still upset about the whole thing, I need some time. However he understands our relationship. I understand why you did what you did and I forgive you."

"Thank goodness." Twilight breathed "I thought we were going to break up. After I said what I said..." Twilight rubbed her eyes

"I heard what you said. You didn't mean that did you?"

"No! No of course not."

"Good." Sunset smiled on the other side of the door

Twilight still on the bed continued to cry.

"Don't cry my love. I'm right here."

Sunset continued to hear her wife's sniffles.

"Hey" she called out

"Huh?" Twilight asked

"I love you." Sunset said. More positive than ever.

Twilight smiled "I love you too."

After a minute of silence between them Twilight heard Sunset get up off the ground outside the door.

"I'll be in the living room okay? You take the bed." Sunset said

"T-thanks Sunset."

There was no more words, just silence.

Both of the women slept in that morning. It was just about 10:00am when Twilight woke up, Sunset still sleeping on the couch.

Hesitating Twilight put on her robe and exited the room. She wanted to see Sunset.

She walked to the living room and saw Sunset sleeping peacefully on the couch still her jeans but only in her bra. She blushed.

A blanket was now at the edge of her legs. Twilight smiled, Sunset was exhausted. She slept on the couch for her so they could have some space which she agreed was needed. Twilight couldn't have asked for a better person to spend the rest of her life with.

Twilight knowing what time it was decided to wake her up. She sat on her knees and took Sunset's hand in hers. She leaned over and gave Sunset a sweet kiss on her forehead.

Sunset's twitched now waking up. She smiled still with her eyes closed knowing Twilight was there.

"I had enough time. I wanted to see you." Twilight said

Sunset rolled to her side and opened her eyes slowly facing Twilight.

"I missed you." She said

"Same here." Twi replied

Sunset got up and sat straight up on the couch. "What time is it?"

"A little passed ten."

"Mm we slept late." She said rubbing her eyes

"We had a long day yesterday." Twilight said getting up sitting beside her hands still connected

Sunset nodded "You okay?"

"Definitely. We said all there was to be said."

"Is there anything I can do for you?" Sunset asked

"No... I think i'm okay."

"Alright. I'm going to get dressed if that's good with you?"

"Wait." Twilight said

Twilight pulled Sunset into a deep kiss. Shocked Sunset moaned with pleasure and slid right into it. They pressed their bodies against each other and pulled each others messy hair.

They broke and smiled at each other.

"What was that for?" Sunset asked

"Just because I love you." Twilight answered

This time Sunset kissed Twilight taking her by surprise. Then she grabbed her hand and kissed the top of it.

"And that, was because I love you." Sunset grinned

Twilight blushed as Sunset got up to change.

About 3 hours later Sunset and Twilight were just finishing their lunch, but Twilight was deep in thought. She felt like something was forgotten. She thought back to Flash and Sunset. Even though she knew Sunset loved her deeply and wouldn't change anything she still knew that she felt something for him. Twilight saw the way they looked at each other yesterday. Not sad but happy Twilight looked at Sunset.

"Twilight? Everything okay?" Sunset asked

"No." Twilight answered

"What? What's wrong." She looked worried

"There is something you can do for me Sunset. Think of it as a sorry present from long ago." Twilight said

Sunset was confused "What do you mean?"



"I want you to call Flash."

"What! Why?" Sunset said surprised

Twilight knew what she had to do "Because I want you to kiss him."

Sunset blinked. Did she hear her correctly?

"W-what? Your not serious?" She asked

"I am. I'm- I'm giving you permission to kiss him. No more than a minute! And no inappropriate touching!" Twilight said

"Why are you doing this?" Sunset cocked her eyebrow

Twilight smiled "Sunset I know you. Your the most loyal person I know. Though that doesn't mean your feelings aren't there. Come on! He was your High school crush! Plus you spent all that time with him yesterday. Of course you want to kiss him."

Sunset coughed "I'm n-not going to do that."

"You asked me if there was anything I wanted you to do for me and this is it." Twilight said certain "It wouldn't be fair it I didn't let you."

"Are you sure?"


Sunset nicely dressed in an outfit Twilight picked out waited outside the Cafe' her and Flash went to yesterday. He should be here any minute now.

"Sunset!" Flash called out walking to her

"Flash!" Sunset said going up to him

Flash coughed "You look pretty today. Like usual."

"Thanks." She replied hands behind her back

"Hows Twilight?"

"Good. Really good. We're okay." She said

"That's great! Though I'm surprised... why did you call so soon to meet up?"

Sunset smiled at him.

"Seriously? What's going on?"

Sunset not thinking twice grabbed Flash's face and pulled him into a kiss. Concerned but not caring about anything else, Flash pulled Sunset in and deepens their kiss, though trying not to get to carried away. Sunset and Flash standing in the middle of the sidewalk technically making out not worrying about people staring at them were getting their big ending. The one Twilight insisted was necessary.

Sunset moaned slightly and Flash's hands were on her shoulders. They released their kiss and gasped for air. Sunset went down from her tippy toes and stared at him.

"Wow... I was not expected that." He said blushing

"I wanted- I needed to do that." Sunset said also blushing

"Your uh a good kisser."

Sunset giggled "Your not so bad yourself."

Flash smiled big.

"Your doing that little happy dance inside your head right now aren't you?" Sunset said

"You have nooo idea." Flash laughed

"I'm glad we got that over with. I don't think I could of seen you again with out kissing you." Sunset admitted

"Wait, what about T-"

"She's the one who practically begged me to call you and do this. She insisted It's what she wanted me to do." Sunset rolled her eyes interrupting Flash

"She's so considerate." Flash said

She nodded "Best wife I could ever have."

Flash rubbed the back of his head "So you want to inside or?"

"Eh I would like to but I should head back."

"Yeah yeah go. We'll still hang out another time." Flash exclaimed

"You bet." Sunset said waving

Sunset opened the door to their house seeing Twilight sitting there waiting for her.

"So... how was it?" Twilight said excited

"Good." Sunset answered closing the door

Twilight's hands dropped to the sides of her body and she stared at Sunset annoyed.

Sunset shook her head and went up and took her hands. "Fun, cute, amazing!" She said

Twilight hugged her tight.

"Is that what you wanted to hear?"


Sunset laughed with Twilight in her arms.

"Your officially back to being mine though right?"

"Always Twilight." She answered


The End!

Author's Note:

OMG! I love love love love this story. I spent a week on this! I looked it over a lot but let me know if you see any typo's. I think this is the end of this 'SunLight' series. I had a lot of fun writing them. Please like and comment suggestions, likes, dislikes, and helpful tips. Bye for now :)

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NOPE, Finishing a ship never ENDS And i'm still alive due to me being a Rarepair shipper

It was tagged as incomplete last I checked

It’s the end :)

Twilight knew what she had to do "Because I want you to kiss him."

Wait what......... That.... why would she say that. The rest of the stories in this timeline are good but this one just feels super out of place and the resolution makes no sense.

This was a nice little series of stories, with an interesting twist at the end. :)

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