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(Cover art by CrimsonRose97)

Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle have different flavors of inner struggle. Sunset with her tendency to act on her anger, and Twilight with her fear of losing control of her powers. Neither of them have had the life experience to properly deal with these things, leading to both of them having been consumed by their Inner Demons once before. Now that they're back on track, neither of them want it to happen again.

Their friendship is will keep them going.

This story takes place in the same universe as Sun Never Sets, though it doesn't require knowledge of said story to understand. This is just a short story that gives a small bit of background on the versions of Sunset and SciTwi introduced in that universe. That being said, I guess this can still be enjoyed as a cute little friendship story if you go in blind.

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Ultimate, undeniable, freaking cuties! Loved it.


Why, thank you~
It's a bit out my usual style, so I'm glad I delivered. :D


That was nice.

And then Twilight has to be a colossal bitch and ruin everything.

And then Sunny developed an addiction

Short and sweet indeed! Very slice of life, but a nice, understated moment between these two. Love the idea of the two of them supporting each other with their own demons, and just sitting on top of the school roof and relaxing. It really would make for a nice tradition.

I've always felt that there's a lot of emotional depth to be explored with the Sunset/Sci-Twi friendship- even if you just stick with the canon versions of them, and I think the primer for that is their shared experience with their demons. If I ever finish writing the story this one branched from, I might like to come back to more short stories of this kind with these two.

nice work

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