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Love to write about Sunset Shimmer and her journey through the human world and more.


Sunset Shimmer build herself up after the event at the Fall Formal. She has friends by her side, or at least she thinks she does. Still stubborn and wanting to be independent, the people around her try to show her that she needs friends. With hazardous powers that could endanger the ones that mean most to her, will she be able to put others before herself?
Cover Art: kazss
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Thanks again kazss!

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Loving this story! Can’t wait for what comes next!:pinkiehappy: Also Dash you idiot, think with your brain please! :facehoof:

I'll try my best to put out chapters as fast as possible, and make sure they are grammatically correct :twilightsmile:

I uhm want to ask could i draw the cover for you?
Its not that the current one is bad!... i just... REALY bothers me... im ok at drawing (i drew my profile pic) and your story is very good, so it seems like a fun challenge!
(Also what is the blue text in the back? I don't understand it.)(wait its your name never mind)

Go for it! I drew this one when I was a little bored, I'd love to see what you can do though :pinkiehappy:

Cool! Ill be working on it for the mean time (just wanted your approval before just DOING it!:twilightsheepish:

It looks awesome! :pinkiehappy: So I have your permission to use it correct?

Yep! I don't mind, and i made it specifically for that!(it has the same elements as yours mirroring it to some degree)(ALso, it would kinda be an honor since, well i dont write much ANd dont have many followers on ANything(the weird capitals are intentional))

Thanks again Kazss! I'll credit you by inserting your profile page in the description, if there is more you would like me to link PM me :pinkiehappy:

Cool! (I uhm dont know what to put here sooooo-UNICORN 🦄)

Even when she’s down, Sunset is not one to be messed with

Right behind Luna sunset is probably the most scary to see angry in my opinion. Really good story by the way

I really like this story so far. Didn't think Sunset would get powers like that. Bet Trixie wish she choose gilda instead. Lol

I think it would have been smarter if Trixie would have done so as well :rainbowlaugh: But Trixie is Great and Powerful! :trixieshiftright:

the img link dont work

err legally celestia CANT just let sunset stay in a place like that

over all this story is good

thoe wht is it a cross over with

Celestia doesn't want Sunset to get into any more trouble then she already is in. If any government service finds out she isn't really from Earth, something bad could happen.


This one may work, I'm not sure what's wrong, let me know.

The crossover tag was a mistake on my part, however, there will probably be a crossover story in the future.

fair enough

that one works

Amazing chapter!!! I loved the way you made it seem like Sunset was going to get away with her heist. I especially loved your writing reaction with nurse red heart as well as the others.

Thanks for the support Moonrise! Much appreciated mate :pinkiehappy:

This sounds like it will be a very interesting story I'm going to place this story into my favorites and read it after work tomorrow. :twilightsmile:

Awesome chapter Sollys. Worth the wait. What's the crossover going to be?

The Walking Dead, but that's all the information I'll be giving out, can't wait to release it!

Thanks, new chapter soon.

Well, glad I came by and gave this a look. Liking this so far, though Sunset's pyrokinesis is worrisome. Looking forward to seeing where you take this.

Thanks, hope to have a chapter out soon!

Well Sunset is quite...STEAMED!


I'll go to the corner now!

Good story.

But it wasn't her, it couldn't have been. It was her demon self. The red-skinned demon had a menacing smile on its face. It's class rapped into two fists, and it's hair moving like fire. A crown resting on her head, the jewel was star shaped in the middle, and a shade of dark black.

"You can be me, you can be powerful."It said hovering off the ground a few feet.

"I-i never want to be you again!" Sunset yelled at the figure.

"I'll always be with you, I'll always be you."

"And I will find a way to get rid of you."Sunset shot back.

"Not if I can get rid of you first!" The demon yelled, forming a flaming ball of fire in her hands. "If you don't learn to trust and open up to people, I will return. And this time, I will win." The demon gave a large maniacal laugh, her fangs showing as the fire ball grew larger. Sunset could only watch in terror as the flaming ball came rushing towards her. Eyes wide, and tears running down her face, a scream formed in her throat. All she saw next was bright light, and pain.

This is perhaps one of my favorite tropes in MLP fanfics: Sunset's demon form coming back and tauntin. It represents the idea that Sunset could easily slip back into her awful self. I wish it were canon.

I like the idea of Sunset retaining her fire powers after being blasted with the Rainbows.

It adds an element of temptation to her redemption story: will she use her powers for evil again? Will she be consumed by her petty anger once more?

Me too, just like how Twilight's demon came to haunt her again in 'The Legends of Everfree'

We'll just have to wait and see.

Dammit Dash why do you always have to be so stubborn

Legally? pleased there's nothing legal about her. technically wize she doesn't even exist so by technicalities standard the legality of it pretty much goes out the window

I'm thinking on continuing soon. Stay tuned!


I'm not sure, I kind of didn't have a plan for this story. I was a newbie writer. I may continue it after Hero From Tartarus.

.....Damn. Honestly I think this is better so far, Definitely more interesting


Hmm, see now you are going to make me considerate more...

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