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Sunset reflects on the horrible acts she has committed. She does not expect to be forgiven, but some people are willing to give her a chance. However, not many people are forgiving. She will learn through trial and error o what friendship really is and she will also learn that she is no longer alone in this world.

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Oh Sunset :fluttercry: I’m liking this so far. I wonder what you have planned next.

Wow! I hope Sunset Shimmer will be all right.😟

Pretty good start. I'm looking forward to reading more.

Starlight? The human starlight hasn't even appeared in the show. Also hope sunset will be alright

Great chapter. Here are a couple of nitpicks:

"Mrs. Dash why are you banging on my door..."

Should be Ms. Dash

'“I agree,” Fluttershy said with convection.'

Should be conviction. Convection is the mechanism that governs heat transfer across fluids.

Overall I really like where this story is going.

Thx I didn’t realize the mistakes my computer’s spell check does not work that well I’ll try to keep an eye on that. Thank you.

I wonder what Celestia and Luna will have to say about Sunset being hurt. Also does Sunset have parents in your fic?

yes, but she doesn't have the greatest relationship with them.

Great story so far! But remember, Everytime a new person talks, the quotes are seperated!

Wonder when the next chapter will be out?

trixie helping with beating up sunset is out of character for her neither human nor pony trixie ever resort to violence

also starlight feels forced to be there

over all decent story so far if a bit rough hope it updates soon

wonder when we'll see a new chapter???

I'm sorry it's taking so long i have a lot of things do for school. I'm working on the next one but right now school is my main priority.

Worth the 9 month wait even if it was short

YEEEEEEESSSSSS update I thought this story was dead glad to see I was wrong

God I feel so bad for loving these types of stories but i can just relate so much from it😔. Well not the bullying and violent part just the depression parts.anywho please continue this i would love how to see this turn out🙏

Looking forward to reading more of this!

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