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Come back! I have to tell you the plot of a fic I'll never write so we all can be disappointed with me later.

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  • 10 weeks
    *Insert some dramatic af header here*

    Hey guys, I've been inactive for a while and I'll probably continue to be inactive for a while yet, I'm not feeling too great and I don't want to get into details but I don't know how long I'll be on a sort of hiatus. Partly it's because I've lost most of my motivation to write and I haven't even started on new chapters of my fics. I know I'll complete them eventually but damn, it's probably gonna be in 2029 or something lol.

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  • 21 weeks
    The end?

    Aaaalright now I'm gonna say this, I'm not leaving for good, but I simply don't have the motivation to do much of anything right now.

    And if you've clicked to read the entire blog due to my dramatic frickin' title, I'm going to go more in depth as to why I'm pausing as an author on FimFiction. When I first started posting Warhorse I had no clue it would do so well, and I thank everyone for giving their support/criticisms on it!

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  • 24 weeks
    Yet another inactivity announcement.

    Hello everyone, this is yet another announcement that I'm going to be inactive for an indeterminate amount of time.

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  • 27 weeks
    Possibly going on hiatus.

    Alriiiight my friends, I'm going to get to the point pretty quick today! Woohoo!
    I'm very burnt out and suffering from writer's block so I'm likely going to be taking a hiatus from my larger projects or maybe just any project in general, there's a decent chance that I'll put out smaller fics every so often but I'm going through some stuff and I'm just not feeling all that well in general right now.

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  • 29 weeks
    Going to be inactive for a bit.

    Ight, I've been sick for a few days now but it's getting worse and I suspect I may have pneumonia, I'm not a medical professional so I can't self diagnose but I've been feeling incredibly unwell.

    Now I'm telling you guys this because I won't be posting any chapters or publishing any fanfics for maybe a week or two, it may be longer depending on how things play out. I might hop online every so often to chat or whatever, but yeah, Hypnotwist got very sicky and is feeling icky.

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That'll be cool

Oh totally, I guess next time I do a Twilight fic that's something like it I'll make sure to throw the other princesses in there for the lols.

No problem it was funny I loved it. I actually expecting Twilight to get Luna or her teacher involved it would have been funny to see there faces.

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