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i love mlp


working on a fight club/ EQG series · 12:47am Oct 7th, 2021

i'll be starting a EQG fight club series, each story will be a one shot fight between random EQG characters in a underground fight club scene. i am open to suggestions for different fighters to face each other

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Heya, thanks for adding Ante Solem: Ultimum Prandium to your libraries. :pinkiesmile:

The project "ANTE SOLEM" as a whole is a spiritual successor to "Ein Sof Zealotry" and "Ultimum Prandium" is the first part in a series of prologue anthology stories that will lead into a larger main story, I just need to set up some lore and background for it first. It may take some time to get to that point, as I have to plan, write, and organize the series while I'm working on my primary project "Queen of Crimson Crows" (If you're interested, consider checking that out if you haven't already), in addition to my day job and personal life.

With that said, I'm trying to make a active effort post content at least once a week, though there may be some times where I slip in that schedule, especially now with a measure of uncertainty at work. Regardless, have a fantastic day. :moustache:

thanks for the watch!

Thanks for checking out It Happened One April Foal's Day!


Oh man, I hope I'm doing it justice and that you're in a better place now. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 133 - 137 of 137
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