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How would they have ended? · 2:45am Sep 13th, 2013

Sister_mike is throwing in the towel. I'm done with this. Is it due to recent, negative, unasked for, douche-baggery that I have once again encountered on this site? Maybe. Is it because I simply don't have the time and energy any more to put into completing these stories? More probable than the former.

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Thanks! That's very sweet of you:twilightsmile:

For what it's worth, your blog post (from Sept 13) struck a chord. I know what you mean about negative feedback. Writing is so personal; you put your heart and soul into something (even if you don't really mean to), and then you put it out there for people to read. And what happens? They step on it, and run it over, and set it on fire. Not everyone does this, but enough do to make you wonder if it's worth the trouble.

This community seems a lot harder on fanfic writers than others I've been involved in. You would think that MLP would be the one place where harmony and friendship would be paramount, and where people would just have fun with all this and try to support each other. You know? I mean, it's not like we're charging people for these stories. Each one is a gift.

Anyway, I'm glad you came back and kept writing. I hope you're able to tune out the negativity and just have fun with it. As Norman said at the end of ParaNorman, just because there are bad people doesn't mean there aren't any good ones. Those Likes are coming from somewhere.

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:


Aww, thank you! Also glad to hear that you liked Skyfall so much!

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