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Twilight awakens in a green cocoon, to find that the Canterlot Wedding never really happened, and that Chrysalis has taken over Equestria. After awakening the others, Twilight decides they need to find out what happened to Princess Celestia and find the Elements of Harmony. But before too long, the Mane 6 are separated and must find a way to reunite.

[This story is based off of this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-1dyaFyDLk (which I do not own, but was very inspired by) and takes place just as Twilight wakes up.]

[darkshadow051 has done a reading of this story! Find it here.]

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Please let me know of any spelling errors! (Unless it's something like American vs. Canadian. There are select words I spell American, but the rest are usually Canadian. Though sometimes I do get some German thrown in there..) Or any continuity errors! Thanks!:raritywink:
(Also, I can never remember how to make the long dash. Hence the --- a lot. Sorry!)

"There are a select words I spell American"
lulululul sorry, I'll read it later.


STFU:raritycry:. Your quote is inaccurate now bitch.

This is looking interesting.

I saw that video, and man it creeped me out. I'm very interested in reading a story based on it.

For em dash Alt + 0151 should work. Alt + 0150 for en dash.

You're welcome.

Hell of a coincidence that I found this now, since I'm on my phone. I like this a lot already, and I would offer my services as a prereader, but I've already got a story I'm working on. I might still be able to, but I'm not sure right now. Anyway, good job, looking forward to the next chapter.

So boss. It's a very well written first chapter and I am waiting breathlessly for the next one. Also... Sweetie Belle... :unsuresweetie:


Bah! Except considering this is my first time on fimfiction, and I don't intend to read any other work, I had no idea. I just couldn't sleep one night because the idea kept forming in my head. (And creeping me out.)


Thank you!!!


I know :unsuresweetie: teared up a little when I was leaving Sweetie Belle behind:raritydespair:

1274693 ...and that isn't even the only other fic to start with the same premise. Hive Mind I think was the other one I saw?


" (Unless it's something like American vs. Canadian."

You mean American vs British?


Nope, Canadian. There are differences between Canadian and British.

Never heard anyone use it before. :scootangel:


No worries on my part! I approve more people writing more stuff. I hope to read this one, myself. =D

I will say, though, that the cocoon vector image in the video was made by user Atnezau on DeviantArt, and it is not creative commons licensed.

In an odd turn of events, that other fic mentioned by Nostalgia Schmaltz has been frontpaged on EQD, yet it has the screenshot you have chosen here as the header...
It confused me greatly:applejackconfused:...

There's nothing wrong with different authors writing a story on the same idea, but... Well, the timing works against you, as the other story linked appeared on Equestria Daily today, and the post there uses the same image as the one you chose.

I'd suggest finding a different picture, just to make it clearer that you're not intentionally copying the idea.


Oh no, I know that. I remember my favorite author saying that she felt crushed when she realized someone had submitted a novel with the same premise as her. But they always go off in different directions.

Where else to get a super creepy pic of ponies? Hmmm...

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone so far for reading my story and all of the positive feedback! I've never let anyone read any of my stories before :heart:

Anyone interested in making some cover art for me?:duck:

This story has caught my interest...lets see where this goes

Ok! Here's Chapter 2:pinkiehappy:! I was a little eh.. on doing two Twilight chapters in a row, but I had her next phase planned out in more detail than the others.
I don't plan on all chapters being this long!:derpytongue2:

Also still open to anyone who wants to make me some cover art (so it doesn't look like I'm copying this other story that I've never seen)

And I realize this chapter pretty much ends with the same wording as the first one. That's just the way it sounded best in my head, so, ba ha, deal with it.

a bit rushed but good all the same

Hurrah, nice update, now with Princess Luna by their side the Changeling army doesn't stand a chance.

Please do keep up the good work upon such a wonderful story as this one.:twilightsmile:


Thanks for such a nice comment! :raritywink:

Very nice... Keep up the good work!

I noticed two errors:

"Or maybe the hissing was there their way of communication.

Quickly, Twilight hissed back. She couldn't hesitate too long, lest they become suspicious. She hissed back viscously viciously, and kept walking."

Otherwise, good story!


Thanks for the corrections! Typos drive me crazy, especially when they're my own. My spelling has gone downhill lately (just ask BronyMike:pinkiecrazy:), so it's much appreciated!:raritywink:

Here's Chapter 3! Yay Pinkie!:pinkiehappy: Please let me know of any (ridiculous) typos! Not doing my best at proofreading right now, because, well, I should be doing homework instead of writing in general.:raritycry:

Uh is allowing pinkie pie access to grenades smart? I dont think so lol

There will be explosives.

I approve wholeheartedly.

Do I suspect an upgrade form of the Party Cannon in future chapters of this story ? :pinkiehappy:

So apparently the Mane Six were sent to wherever they were most needed...interesting...

As if the party cannon wasn't enough.....now she's got full on explosives

Ok everypony, here's a little bit of late night writing for you! Chapter 4! Just a little chapter, but be prepared for typos errryyywhere!:derpytongue2:

Thanks again for those who continue reading!:raritywink:

YAY, good Derpy's here to save the day. :derpytongue2:

THis adventure's going to be fun and easy now. :rainbowlaugh:

Please do keep up the good work.

These things feed off of the love ponies feel for others, right? That means that they can't lock onto somepony without much a social life; thus Rainbow Dash has been saved by someone Blessed With Suck.

:twilightsmile: I'm enjoying this story a lot. I can't wait to see where the other 4 need to be and what allies they're going to recruit.


You mean other 3 =D We've seen Twilight, Pinkie and Rainbow Dash so far. Next will either be Applejack:ajsmug: or Rarity:duck:.

1303086 Woops, my bad. I meant 3. :twilightblush:

So we're slowly getting an army built up, huh? Looks like Chrysalis has cause for alarm.

A'ight, here's Chapter 5. It's not the best chapter:ajsleepy:, but I had to get Applejack's chapter out of the way first, before I could move onto Rarity or Fluttershy.

Things are a brewin'

Ohh Zecora is safe?

So, whatever they're planning, they'll have to do it from either Zecora's hut or the old palace.

Evil will never win as long as there are good ponies fighting back.

I must say that is a somber update, especially in a tragic light :ajsleepy:

I wonder how they'll tell Applebloom about this ? :applecry:

Nice update and great bonding moments between the two siblings.:eeyup:

I'm guessing Fluttershy will be getting Zecora...just a guess.


Rarity's Chapter! It's more rushed and shorter than I had sort of hoped it would be. I think that's just 'cause I was so excited (!!!!!) to write it because:
A) It's RARITY's Chapter:raritystarry:
B) Something super important happens!:duck:
C) Rarity!:raritywink:

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