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After the fall of Mann co. the mercs were fired and scattered around the world, trying to rebuild their lives. However, one of them had the information that had always sparked Gray Mann's interest: the blueprints of Radigan Conagher. Now, the Engineer and his daughter try their last attempt to escape the clutches of Gray Mann: the trans-dimensional teleporter.
But will they be able to accommodate in this new world so different, yet so similar to their own?

Team Fortress 2 belongs to Valve and My little pony belongs to Hasbro.

Special thanks to Pree Spunky for helping me with the story.

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Your first story eh? I wish you luck young padawan.

4515448 Yeah, I know, I could use some help.

4515450 Thanks :twilightsmile: I'll try not to disappoint the readers.

4515450 Wasn't half bad actually. Just double check your grammar and spelling then you are all set.

just make sure that when you do a scene change or switch to a different of view that you make an indication that there is an actual transition. For example, this portion of the story,

The scream was cut short however, as the machine exploded with horrifying force, instantly vaporizing the house and everything that was in it.
Twilight was agitated....

can be rewritten into,

The scream was cut short however, as the machine exploded with horrifying force, instantly vaporizing the house and everything that was in it.


Twilight was agitated....

that way you can also use the divider to note time transition/POV transition, like so.

The scream was cut short however, as the machine exploded with horrifying force, instantly vaporizing the house and everything that was in it.

Twilight was agitated....

shure as hell made my First story (which was a tf2 crossover) look like a phile of crap

first story? good luck man, i really hope this gets featured.

4515614 Yes, please, I really need some help. I'll notify you when the next chapter is ready, ok?

I love it! keep up the good work!

would just like to be the one who tells you this,...

This story has been featured,...good job bro.

I like the fact that for probably the first section your keeping the names secretive but still hinting at them. It shows a good concept for a prologue! I'm excited!!!!:yay:

interesting....i like the idea and it seems promising. as other people said though needs some work on grammar.

Just for the record, the Engineer's official name is Dell Conagher.
Also which team is this Engi from?

Red Team
Since in the comics, we only seen the REDS getting fired.

Interesting... Very promising.

Well, if we base ourselves on The Respawn Theory (http://respawn.timdenee.com/) and the fact that on Mann Vs. Machine we can only play as RED, we can theorize that they all ended up on Reliable Excavation Demolition!

Dell kicks ALL the ass.

Not bad for your first story. And you chose a concept that people like, well done.

Awww this is soo nice LOVE IT!!!

Comment posted by xluferx deleted Jul 18th, 2014

That was pretty good for one's fist story. can't wait to see more!

4519885 Well, TFC team is dead now.

4520099 if you wanted them later,...

respawn is still a valid argument,

Oh, get some formatting for separating change of view. You kinda just switch randomly.

Otherwise, great.

I like it. Hope to see you continue this.

There are not enough tf2 crossovers out there. Great work!

Nice story so far. :twilightsmile:

Oh dear...that Sentry is gonna be a problem me thinks...:derpyderp1:

I'm liking this so far. You seem to have the engineer down pretty well. I'm excited to see where this goes!


I'm always such a sucker for TF2 crossovers. :pinkiecrazy:

So let's see where this goes.

By the way, if Irene knew they were going to a different world, why would she expect there to be a GPS signal? Did she expect that world would have satellite technology as well? :duck:

4530759 Yes, and also because she wasn't sure that they were actually in a different world.


The only problem with having just the Engi in this story is that we don't get
"Spah sappin' mah sentry!"

4537657 But we still can get "Nope!" :derpytongue2:

Not everyone can do a good crossover between a world with magic and peace and a world with blood, smokes and sandvichs. But you have done it, not just done it, but done it well!

4565004 Thanks :twilightsmile: chapter 2 is almost done by the way.

you sir are a artist! :twilightsmile:

may gaben bless you with a burning team captain. :rainbowkiss:


I just came from fanfiction.net and I must say that your story has the potential to be just as great as Waking Nightmares. That being said, if your update rate is as slow as the aforementioned holy grail of all tf2 crossovers, then the pyro will come after you(a plague on this site for its lack of tf2 emoticons) (yes I am aware there are pony substitutes but your precious ponys cannot compare to the spy's glare)

Bread, anypony?
Also, I just realized this story is really accurate. It's running on Valve Time!

4570267 no, I was thinking more along his "and now he's here to f*** US!! One

4571646 I've done nothing but teleport bread for three days.

4578493 This is a worthy excuse. I forgive you.

4515749 Sorry, I tried to send you the next chapter but it says that this account does not exist. :ajsleepy:

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