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"There are places we can go, places we can see...but we'll never go anywhere, until we break Reality"

-Wolokai KuRR


I'm still here. · 7:58am Jun 8th, 2016

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I love your "Don't Go Outside" stories. Many compare them to "28 Days Later," but I like to think of them as like "The Crazies" (that movie in 1978 by George A. Romero and the remake in 2010 by Breck Eisner (the one I'm familiar with.)) Watch them if you haven't already; you'll see the similarities.

Comment posted by firebelrock deleted Apr 29th, 2016

I am not sure if you will ever see this but. In your the ones who too the leap series why did you give rarity and pinkie such a weak story? It's fine if you don't like rarity and pinkie but it's no excuse for a weak story. Those two deserve better treatment

1311988 Hello! Can I have your picture???

I love your Don't Go Outside series. I would love to see some dramatic readings of them on youtube. :pinkiehappy:

People don't know what they are missing. :flutterrage:

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