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A group for those who enjoyed taking The Leap of Faith and reading my series. Join if you're a fan or if you'd like to submit a request for a story. Who knows, I may just write it! I'm also going to be looking around and highlighting a few author's and stories that I loved that I think you all would enjoy as well.

So come on in and join the fun! We've got a leap to take!

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btw im not really danisnotonfire, just a fan.

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mlpfim: rainbowshy :fluttershysad::heart::rainbowlaugh:
danisnotonfire: dantesers danisnotonfire:heart:maltersers; deliaisnotonfire danisnotonfire:heart: delia smith (dan makes it so easy for you to like them)

?............ its sooo silent............

I love your stories so much that you have inspired me so I thank you:scootangel:

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