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"The road ahead is not easy, but neither is it impossible to travel. Run, Twilight Sparkle. Run."- Wolokai KuRR


(Rainbow Vs. Wild ---> Octavia Vs. Rave ---> Shyness Vs. Kindness ---> Twilight Vs. The Great and Powerful
---> Generosity Vs. Laughter.)

Rarity and Pinkie Pie are too busy for love, everypony knows that! Rarity has her dress business, and Pinkie has her parties. But what happens when the two mares are offered a chance to throw one of the biggest and most important party's ever: Big Macintosh and Fluttershy's WEDDING!

Can Rarity handle the hyper behavior and randomness of the ecstatic Pink Party Pony she's sure to encounter, long enough to design and plan the perfect day for her timid friend? Can she handle the stress of such a massive task with such little time? Will she be able to get through to Pinkie Pie to make her understand that this isn't just 'some party?"

For Rarity, yes, it's no problem! She'll be able to do this, no sweat!

There's just one problem...something's happened to Pinkie Pie. Nopony knows what, and nopony knows why. Well, nopony except the Cake's, and they've been sworn by the formidable power of the Pinkie Promise not to tell!!!

The task falls upon Rarity to save Pinkie Pie from her depressing behavior, and to discover the truth of what has happened to the poor mare, and perhaps discover a few things about herself that she never would have thought existed!

To take a chance, to save a pony, to plan the most bad-ass party in Equestrian History,
and to take a Leap of Faith!!!

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(Rainbow Vs. Wild ---> Octavia Vs. Rave ---> Shyness Vs. Kindness ---> Twilight Vs. The Great and Powerful.)

Twilight couldn't be happier for her friends. Rainbow Dash and Applejack have gotten together after their mishap in the Everfree Forest. Big Macintosh and Fluttershy have finally hit it off. And even her new friend Octavia has even found love with Vinyl Scratch! The only exclusions are Pinkie and Rarity, who are too preoccupied with parties or dresses to even care!

But...what about her? What about Twilight...who feels as if she's missing out?

There's little she can do about it for right now though, as Princess Luna herself has requested she help deal with a problem in Manehatten. Somepony has been causing serious trouble in the city that never sleeps, and Twilight isn't going to believe who's behind it all!

Can she let go of the past, look past the facade, and see a pony who's hurt, broken, and afraid?

Can she save a mare who everypony has deemed a 'Phony', a 'Failure', and a 'Dead End of Life'?

Will she hear the cries of help from a mare she thought she knew...and take a Leap of Faith?

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(Rainbow Vs. Wild ---> Octavia Vs. Rave ---> Shyness Vs. Kindness)

(Also, check out another side fic done by me! ---> http://www.fimfiction.net/story/4278/What-Happened-in-September...)

It's good to be Big Macintosh. A powerful, sexy, and formidable bouncer who guards the entrance to the club "Vinyl's Cage Corral", and also the work horse of Sweet Apple Acres. He's good looking, and has many mares swooning at the mere mentioning of his name.

But...what if he doesn't even notice them? He's too busy to bother with love, and even if he could, the mares around Ponyville just aren't for him.

With Applebuck Season over, Vinyl's club closing down for Hearth's Warming Break, and no work to be done, Macintosh finds himself bored out of his mind...until he sees her.

A canary-yellow Pegasus with a lovely pink mane and the softest, most adorable eyes he's ever seen. He wants to talk to her...but what he discovers is that he's too shy to even try! To make matters worse...two of his cousins are in town to visit and notice this as well.

What follows is the hilarious adventure of two Apple Relatives helping a third to 'Buck up or shaddup!', get his act together and, you guessed it...take a Leap of Faith.

(This one's a bit shorter then the others, so I'm going to try to keep it the same quality but increase the speed. I really want to get to Twi-Vs-TrX!)

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(The Votes are in! Here you go, the next installment of Leap of Faith!!!)(Note: Any songs I reference are properties of their respective owners and I do not in ANY way, own any of the musical content used in this fiction)

The Second Leap of Faith.

Octavia is known across Canterlot as a "High-class, prestigious pony of good taste and fair charm". Unfortunately for Octavia, despite hours upon hours of practice, she believes she is still ill-prepared to deal with one of the greatest and most respected performances in all of Equestrian History! The stress begins to mount, and her life begins to unravel in her own hooves, with no signs of escape and no release from the pressure of it all!

That is...until she convinced herself to go to a "Bar" named "Vinyl's Cage Coral". It is here she will meet the legendary DJ-PON3, the one and only Vinyl Scratch herself. When their eyes meet, Octavia can only see the word "Ruffian", where as Vinyl will see the word "Opportunity".

Can Vinyl Scratch, through whatever means necessary, convince Octavia to enjoy the fun and wild side of life? To put down her cello for just one second so she can hear another kind of music? The music of freedom...of life...of faith?

Just how far will Vinyl go...to help Octavia take a Leap of Faith?

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The Following takes place after Pinknesia: The Darker Descent.

Canterlot has been saved...The Entity defeated...and the lives of many restored. Celestia raises the sun...Luna raises the moon, and for once in six years in an age of blood and misery...Canterlot and Ponyville knows a peace that hasn't been seen for years and years. Quill and Twilight are set to be married, and Applejack is still trying to find the courage to tell Rainbow how she really feels.

But what about dear Scootaloo...a mare, grown now, in her own right? What does she...a year after succumbing and returning from death, have to say about Pinkie Pie, her mother who is believed to be dead? No body, no proof, no forgiveness. Under her smile, under her eyes, under her coat...a darkness emanates. Anger...and Despair, rocking her to her very soul. She is hell bent on finding Pinkie Pie, and NOTHING will stand in her way. What lengths will she go to, to find the mother she loves, and bring her home? Nopony knows...come now, watch...and listen...as we witness The Darkest Descent of them all...of a mare named Scootaloo.

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The following is a continuation and sequel of Pinkamena: The Dark Descent

It's been a few days since Pinkie Pie, the Party Pony of Ponyville returned from being banished to the moon after killing Inspector Trottington. Upon a review of her own actions and mentality during her "baking", Pinkie Pie seeks the professional help of Luna and a close Therapist Pony friend of hers in hopes to find the answers as to why she was so comfortable and unbothered by what she did. What they discover...is unimaginable. A dark entity is living inside Pinkie Pie, and although it has never controlled her, it had influenced her dark actions after being awoken from the sorrowful emotions of the Pink Mare. When a spell to rid this entity misfires, the entity succeeds in escaping from its pink prison, and escapes from Canterlot, fleeing to Ponyville. It's reasoning and purpose unknown, it finds and corrupts the first pony it comes in contact with...Twilight Sparkle.

Returning to the scene is our friend Detective W. Quill, curious as to the origins of The Entity and what its intentions are. Along for the ride comes Scootaloo and Fluttershy, hoping to aid the detective in his case.

With Twilight "Ponynapped", Canterlot in a state of shadowy chaos, and The Entity threatening all of Equestria...

...one Pink Mare, armed with a lantern, matches, and her own sanity...must travel to a place of nightmares, and begin A Darker Descent.

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For the small town of Ponyville, the eve of Nightmare Night will forever be seen and viewed as a tragedy and murderous event. Pinkie-Pie, the Party Pony of Ponyville, has been accused of murder by a Health Inspector working for a rival chain of bakery and sweet shops in Equestria. Even with a powerful defense, Pinkie-Pie was charged with one count of Murder, but fled Ponyville soon after, her friend Fluttershy honorably taking the fall for her escape and herself being imprisoned for being an Accomplice. Five years later, a Detective Pony, Mr.W.Quill, will learn and discover the mystery of Pinkie Pie's Dark Descent, and the grim, bloody trail that was left in its wake. How the story ends...only through hearing the tale will the Detective discover it. He is willing to unravel the truth behind a plot of sinister evil...and will learn what a Pink Mare had to do, to save herself, and a town under siege

This is the tale of a baker, who had everything...and a colt of Power took her friend away, destroyed her happiness, and accused her of a most atrocious crime...and in her sorrow...a new mare was born. Never Forget...NEVER...Forgive.

Stay Tuned for a sequel!!!

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