• Published 14th Nov 2011
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Pinksomnia: The Darkest Descent - Wolokai

Pinkie Pie is gone, and Scootaloo is on the hunt. How far is she willing to go to bring her home?

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Chapter 2 - The Concern

"I see...and she's out back now?" Rarity asked, sipping her tea and looking at Fluttershy with a wide-eyed expression. Fluttershy nodded, heading over and looking out of the window for a moment before gulping and whispering

"Y...yes." Scootaloo was sitting out back on her haunches under a tree, its dark shadow cast over her. One would think she may be just trying to enjoy the outdoors...but Scootaloo was staring intently towards the house...unmoving. Some of Fluttershy's critters had even walked up, prancing around her, and walking about, but still the mare did not move. Fluttershy turned back to Rarity and sighed "I'm so worried about her...she barely talks...barely moves, eats, sleeps. I just don't know..." Rarity rolled her eyes and sighed, sipping her tea and taking a minute to savor it before saying

"Fluttershy darling, you really do worry yourself too much. Come now, we shall go to the spa and see if we can't get you feeling better. Would Scootaloo like to come? The steam room could do some good for her mood...and her dull coat..." Fluttershy looked towards the ground a moment, thinking before looking up slightly and muttering

"W...well, I guess that would be ok...let me go ask her."

Rarity continued to sip her tea calmly, Fluttershy heading out through the backdoor and over towards Scootaloo. Fluttershy was surprised...and somewhat creeped out again...by seeing Scootaloo laughing and jumping about with a few of the bunnies Fluttershy kept in the yard. They looked like they were playing a game of tag, as Scootaloo tripped and fell with a light thud, the bunnies jumping on her and making the orange mare laugh, shouting

"Ok! Ok I'm it!!! Ha!!!" She looked up as Fluttershy approached and said with glee "Oh hey Fluttershy! What's up?" Fluttershy smiled, happy that Scootaloo was acting like normal at last and said

"Oh, well, Rarity wanted me to go to the spa with her, and she wanted to know if you wanted to come with us." Scootaloo put a hoof to her chin, thinking for a moment before shaking her head

"Nah, I never was really into all that silly froo froo stuff, you go ahead. Thank you for asking though." Fluttershy nodded and looked at her with concern, partially whispering

"Will you be ok? You know, here alone?" Scootaloo nodded, stroking one of the bunnies over it's head and smiling

"Yep! I'm heading into town anyway, got some things I wanted to do." Fluttershy nods and puts a gentle hoof on her back, whispering

"Ok...well...if you need me, I'll be at the spa with Rarity..." Scootaloo didn't reply or even look at her, still smiling and stroking the bunny. Fluttershy blinked and slowly backed away, heading back inside.


The two mares walked through Mane Street, Rarity doing most of the talking and Fluttershy mostly listening. Fluttershy felt better, being outside and away from her house. Not because of Scootaloo though, it was merely due to the fact that with more and more animals to take care of, she rarely found much time to socialize or get out and away from her house. Rarity kept speaking as the spa building came into view "Oh yes and the dresses, oh my the DRESSES! They're coming together so wonderfully, I have Twilight's just about ready to go. Yours I still need a little work on, but not to worry, I'll have all of them done by the week's end!" Fluttershy looked over at her, mane partially hiding her face and saying

"You sound like you've got an awful lot to do...how many dresses do you have to make?" Rarity kept a smile on her face and said in the most nonchalant way possible

"Oh, around thirty or so." Fluttershy's jaw dropped as she stuttered

"T..thirty?! Rarity, how will you ever finish them all? It's already Wednesday!" Rarity simple smiled and shook her head

"Come now Fluttershy you MUST stop worrying! I've handled worse orders before, I'll be just fine" They continued down the street until a country-laced voice cried out

"Howdy y'all!!!" Rarity turned her head to look behind them, smiling as she exclaimed

"Oh Applejack! Good to see you!" Applejack galloped up along side Fluttershy, tipping her hat and greeting

"Well how y'all doing? Ah just got off my shift from the apple cart and ah figured I'd come into town and see what everpony's doin'." Fluttershy smiled and said

"Oh, I'm doing just fine, me and Rarity were just on our way to the spa to talk and relax!" Applejack raised a brow and muttered

"Uh huh..." Rarity caught this and smile mischievously, saying with as much hidden sarcasm as she could

"Oh come now Applejack, surely you're not going to judge! Why don't you come with us...it'll be soooooo...wonderful...to have you along, don't you think Fluttershy?" Fluttershy nodded in earnest as Applejack shook her head and replied with a bit of toughness in her voice

"Oooooh no! I see what you're tryin' to do Rarity, and the answer is no thank you. You know I don't like any of that girly girly froo froo stuff." Fluttershy frowned and her bottom lip quivered, giving Applejack the 'Sad Eyes' treatment and letting out a low whimper. Applejack looked down at her and sighed, rolling her eyes "Oh come on...that ain't even fair...ugh, fine! But only for a little bit...I don't want my face covered in any of that muddy green stuff...yech!" Fluttershy let out her signature 'Squee!' and together, they all three headed towards the spa building.


"Ahh...see, isn't this nice Applejack?" Rarity cooed from her side of the giant tub, a large towel wrapped around her head. Applejack sighed and shook her head, a few rollers in her hair and a towel wrapped around her head as well

"Yeah yeah...real relaxin'..." Fluttershy was content, smiling a little as she gently floated in the water. She wasn't much for arguing and fighting, but as long as it didn't get too serious, she enjoyed the little verbal jousts that Applejack and Rarity often found themselves in. She thought that in some weird way it brought them closer as friends.

"Oh come dear, try to be more optimistic! A good spa treatment would be good for you! After all...we want you looking your best for little Miss Rainbow Dash...don't we?" If Applejack had been eating anything she would surely have choked. She pointed a hoof at Rarity, her cheeks mad with the color red and stuttering

"W...what are you on bout' Rarity? Why would I need to go lookin' all prim and proper for Rainbow? She's mah friend!" Rarity smiled, she had her backed into the corner, perfectly! She cleared her throat, continuing with her well constructed, verbal poking of Applejack and said

"Oh? My mistake, I must have misheard Rainbow the other day while she was posing for me in the Boutique, helping me fit a dress. She was most concerned about how you thought about her, if she looked good, if she smelled good. All that over a kiss that happened just about three hundred and sixty five days ago...hmmm." Applejack blushed a horrific shade of crimson as she muttered to herself

"That damn Rainbow Mare...I'ma wring that pony's neck until her head pops off..." Rarity pointed a hoof at Applejack, shouting triumphantly

"AH HA! Admit it Applejack! Your blush says it all! You're harboring feelings for Rainbow Dash! And they say time may sometimes weaken the bonds of love, ha!" Applejack groaned, pushing her face in her hooves and shouting back

"Alright alright! Get off mah back about it...so I like Rainbow, big deal! I ain't got the time for mares n' colts when I gotta farm to buck!" Rarity flashed a scheming smile as she whispered

"Well...then if you're too busy with trees to buck...maybe we should find you the time to have a little Rainbow Fu-"

"RARITY!" Applejack shouted, cutting her off, her face as red as her apples. Fluttershy looked back and forth with wide eyes, telling herself in her mind that this was getting good. Rarity laughed, waving her hoof up in the air and trying not to snort

"T..that face!!! Ha ha ha ha!!! Oh Applejack darling, you're such a hoot! Come now, you know I'm only teasing. I am serious about finding you time though, can't Big Macintosh help by taking some of your chores for the day?" Fluttershy blushed at the mention of Macintosh's name as Applejack shook her head

"Ain't no way Macintosh would take over my work just so I could go tumbling in the hay with Rainbow" Rarity pointed a hoof at her again in triumph, squealing

"AH HA! GOT YOU! YOU DO WANT A LITTLE RAINBOW ALL TO YOURSELF!" Applejack pointed a hoof back at Rarity and started shouting, the both of them going back and forth with taunts and other sorts of interesting word combinations. Fluttershy sighed, sinking down into the water just below her nose, letting them go at it. One of the spa tenants burst into the room, wide-eyed as she shouted

"What's with all the screaming?! Is somepony hurt?" Applejack and Rarity stopped, Rarity being the first to reply

"Oh no dear, just a friendly joust between friends." The spa attendant smiled a little and nodded, looking over towards Fluttershy and asking

"Miss Fluttershy? I have a message for you." Fluttershy rose up in the water, turning to listen as the attendant spoke "There was a Miss 'Scootaloo' who passed by here about three minutes ago. She said that she would be very late coming home tonight so don't be worried. That's all, enjoy your bath!" The attendant left as Fluttershy sighed, sinking back down into the water as Applejack spoke up

"Things with Scootaloo gettin' pretty hard huh...?" Fluttershy nodded, gently speaking

"I don't understand...well I do and I don't...she's been having all these nightmares...not eating...barely sleeping...I'd like to think it's just because...you know...the day that Pinkie Pie went missing is coming up...but I don't know. She's been acting...weird." Applejack raised an eyebrow, a confused look on her face

"Weird how sugarcube?" Fluttershy kept her face towards the water but her eyes shifted up to meet Applejack's as she whispered

"The 'Catch somepony mopping the floor, leave the room, come back and find the pony drinking a juice box and saying that she hates mopping and would never, EVER be caught doing it' kind of weird..." Rarity blinked in amazement, Applejack simply scratching her chin and muttering

"Weird..." Rarity looked over to Applejack and whispered

"Yes...I have to say it's most peculiar...I'd ask Twilight or Quill if maybe they know something about her behavior...Twilight's got her library of information and Quill is a good therapist...but I don't really want to bother them with the wedding coming up so soon." Applejack nodded, looking towards Fluttershy

"Maybe ah can get Rainbow to have a talk with the poor Mare, ah know Scootaloo looks up to her so, maybe there's ah shot." Fluttershy nodded, tilting her head back and putting her hooves over her eyes, sighing. She kept telling herself it was just the time of year...it was just Pinkie Pie's disappearance...that Scootaloo was just sad. The more she thought however...the more she just couldn't believe that nothing was wrong. Something was going on with Scootaloo, and she was afraid to find out what it could be...

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