• Published 2nd Nov 2011
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Pinknesia: The Darker Descent - Wolokai

Pinkamena is back! And this time, she'll have to go into darker places to save Twilight Sparkle!!!!!

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Chapter 1 - The Quiet Life

-Pinkie Pie-

It was a beautiful thing to come home to, an orange and purple mare, a canary-yellow Pegasus, and the best food I had ever tasted in my lifetime. I knew Fluttershy was already a great cook, but oh MAN was I loving this soup! I was sitting in Fluttershy's cottage, sitting at her dinner table. All of my friends were here, as well as a few extra ponies as well. Big Macintosh was pouring himself some punch from a bowl in the living room, and Applebloom was helping Spike hang up a banner over the doorway to the kitchen. The banner was a lovely shade of pink and purple and had bright blue letters that read "WELCOME HOME PINKIE PIE!!!"

The party thrown for me didn't have to be so fancy, with streamers and balloons and dancing music. That was so odd coming from me, considering I was the party pony. I would have been happy with whatever they planned for me, since the moon kind of did a number on me. My attitude hadn't fully returned yet, my bouncy, happy nature. It only been about...three hours since I was grabbed up in a hug by my dear Scootaloo. The autumn afternoon brought with it a cool wind and peaceful calm, giving us the right temperature to open all the windows and doors of Fluttershy's Cottage. We all ate and talked excitedly, each of them bringing me up to date on what had happened in the past year.

For Rarity, her business at the Boutique was really kicking off, actually being able to extend some of her fashion line to a few chain stores in Canterlot. She ranted about all the glorious new fashions and designer clothes she was working on, and how exhausted she had been. We all knew she was rich by now, but her being as generous as she was, she practically threw all her money away for donations and other causes. I even felt tears in my eyes when she told me she had donated at least ten thousand bits to Hoofington for the homeless I used to "bake" for, providing for them a small sliver of hope in a world where they saw none.

For Applejack, business was prospering as well. She had actually been able to run up a smooth deal with Hoofington after the Emporiums had all been run out of town. She had reduced the high priced markets to cheap, affordable ones. Although it was technically a negative profit she was receiving from Hoofington, she said that the rest of her trading deals more then made up for it.

Rainbow Dash of course was being Rainbow Dash, practicing hard and long every day to get into the Wonderbolts. She was gearing up for another performance at the Best Young Flier competition, hoping to actually perform a rock-hard and solid routine that was "Sure to get her into the Wonderbolts this time!" I giggled, listening to her confident boasting and awesome ranting about her super cool stunts that were, yes, twenty percent cooler then her last ones.

Fluttershy had opened up her doors and home to my baby Scootaloo, who had been spending the last year here with the animal mare. Fluttershy and her had been working hard all year to make sure the renovations and repairs to Sugar Cube Corner worked and were implemented smoothly. They had grown so close over the past year that Scootaloo started to consider Fluttershy an aunt to her. I wasn't jealous of course, I was happy knowing my daughter wasn't depressed and alone during my absence.

After dinner had been finished, Scootaloo helped Fluttershy clear the table while the rest of us went into the living room to party. Ponies danced, talked, and otherwise mingled and for me, I couldn't have been happier! This had to be the most awesome, super-duper, amazing party I had ever been too, and it wasn't even one of mine!!! I spotted Twilight sitting a bit aways from the crowd, watching everyone with a tiny smile on her face. I approached her and threw a hoof around her shoulders, pulling her and smiling wide, exclaiming "HEY TWILIGHT! You having a good time because I'm having a good time and I'd hate for you not to have a good time when I'm having a good time because EVERYPONY deserves to have a good time!" Twilight smiled and rolled her eyes playfully at the my outbursts. I could tell she was happy to have the old Pinkie Pie back. She looked to me with a happy expression and said

"Oh don't worry Pinkie, I'm enjoying myself, I'm just waiting on another guest to arrive." I raised an eyebrow and asked

"Oh? Who is it?" Twilight merely turned her head towards the door and smiled a bit wider then I thought she could and squeaked

"Him!!!" I looked to where she was looking and couldn't help but smile myself. Detective W. Quill, the colt who had come to this place a year ago to Investigate and hear the Tale of Pinkie Pie, my tale. I hadn't gotten a chance to know him, but already I felt like we were good friends. I poked Twilight playfully with my elbow and whispered

"Oh ho...Twilight I think you got a nerdy crush for the nerd!" Twilight merely blushed and waved a hoof at me, shushing me playfully. I was just teasing her, but in truth it was actually kind of happy that Twilight had a wittle crush, it meant she may have a chance to get out of the library yet. I whispered slyly to her "Why don't you go talk to him...unless...of course, you have trouble talking to big, smart, sexy stallion's like Quill?" Twilight blushed a horrid shade of red and I merely giggled, listening to her squeaking response

"Oh...but what would I say?? Oh my goodness, I read up on appropriate conversation starters but...oh!!!" She buried her face in her hooves and ran for the kitchen, squeeing "I need water!" I laughed and approached Quill myself, hoping to give him a warm welcome. He spotted me as I waltzed through the small crowd of dancing ponies and he gave me a graceful bow, speaking in his rough, but cool voice

"Ms. Pinkie Pie, a pleasure to see you back here on Earth. I take it you are enjoying the festivities of the evening?" I nodded and smiled, saying

"Oh yes, it's been the most wonderful awesome party ever!!!" Quill nodded and asked, looking around

"Um, Ms. Pie, have you seen Ms. Sparkle around? I wanted to talk to her about the book she recommended to me and I must say, it was a fascinating read indeed!" I giggled, pointing a hoof towards the kitchen and saying

"Oh yeah, she's in the kitchen blushing her face off because I called you Big Sexy, be gentle with her, she's nerdy!" At this the detective blushed himself a deep shade of red which had me snorting a little with laughter. I put a hoof on his shoulder and smiled "Easy big boy, you don't want to fall to pieces when you have a heart-melted mare to impress, and please, call me Pinkie or Pinkie Pie...I haven't been called Ms. Pie since...you know...Trottington..." Quill smiled at the first part of my statement and quickly went wide eyed when I told him about my preference of name. He said quickly

"Oh goodness Pinkie I didn't mean to offend, I'm terribly sorry!" I shook my head and smiled

"No biggie, now go on, she's just in there" I said, pointing towards the kitchen. He bowed his head in thanks and began to make his way towards the kitchen, turning and saying to me

"Oh, and Pinkie? There's a picnic I'm hosting later on in the day, you and all your friends are invited of course." I nodded, smiling widely and exclaiming

"Of course! You'll definitely see me there! ALRIGHT EVERYPONY, LETS, GET, TO, PARTYING!!!!"

The Party went on, The party had ended, and we had all attended the picnic. I believe I've told you this part of the tale...ah yes, I remember. I was sitting with Scootaloo, nuzzling up against her and Fluttershy had given me that super awesome special cotton candy flavored cupcake! Twilight and Quill were sitting on a far hill, watching butterflies float by and looked like they were talking about something interesting...although too me I could never find books that interesting. The day was coming closer to an end, Luna's moon...my prison...preparing to float above the horizon. Scootaloo, Fluttershy and I crossed the bridge to her cottage about ten to twenty minutes later after we had all said our goodbyes to our friends. We sat there, on the bridge, watching Celestia's sun lowering behind the horizon. I held my best friend and my daughter close to me, smiling and whispering

"I love you guys..."

I had no idea however...what the future would hold for me...the pain I would feel, the anguish I would endure, and the blackness that would come to terrorize me.I knew I needed to see Luna...but I had no idea that by doing so I was taking the first step on a journey even deadlier then my first...a path of evil...a road of despair...a Darker Descent.