• Published 1st Nov 2011
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Pinkamena: The Dark Descent - Wolokai

Accused of murder, Pinkie Pie will trot down a dark path of Revenge, Blood, and Salvation.

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One Year Later - The Epilouge

One Year Later…

Scootaloo sighed happily, lying out on a picnic blanket that rested in the warm sun. The whole group had come to this picnic…the Apple Family, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Sweetie Belle, and Fluttershy herself, whose coat was a bright, shining yellow and mane pinker then it ever had been before. Things were quiet, peaceful, and otherwise, perfect. Applejack and Rainbow Dash were hoofwrastling on a nearby stump while Rarity and Twilight talked about different kinds of magic that could be used for fashion and other things of the sort. Scootaloo felt a warmth press against her side and she smiled, nuzzling up against it. A hoof stroked her purple mane as she heard Fluttershy speak softly “I made your favorite type of cupcake, I hope you like it!” Everypony turned to hear the loud “SQUEE!!!” of a poofy-haired Pinkie Pie, who took the cupcake quickly and hugged her friend tightly, smiling and shouting

“OH THANK YOU THANK YOU Fluttershy!!! I love cotton candy flavored cupcakes! You’re the best friend ever!” Everypony smiled at Pinkie Pie’s outburst of happiness. It had been a full year since the day Pinkie Pie was sent to the moon, and when she came back a few days earlier, she spoke not once about the experience…and no one asked her about it. Everyone was fine with this, not wanting to upset Pinkie about it and knowing that either way, Pinkie Pie was punished for what she did and nothing more needed to be said about it. The day passed by quickly, everypony exchanging hugs and cheerful farewells. Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Scootaloo walked together towards Fluttershy’s cottage as the sun began to set. Sugar Cube Corner was still being renovated, new additions and repairs being made. Pinkie Pie didn’t mind, she got to spend all the time she wanted with her best friend and her adopted daughter. She stopped on the top of Fluttershy’s bridge, the one that led to her cottage on the edge of the Everfree forest. She sat on her haunches and smiled warmly at the setting sun. A moment later, Scootaloo sat next to her, pushing and nuzzling against her coat, watching the sun with her. Fluttershy sat as well, on the other side of Pinkie Pie, watching as well with a peaceful look of contentment on her face. They sat there a moment and smiled when Pinkie draped a hoof around their shoulders, pulling them close and whispering

“I love you guys…”

….The End…................................for now.