• Published 2nd Nov 2011
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Pinknesia: The Darker Descent - Wolokai

Pinkamena is back! And this time, she'll have to go into darker places to save Twilight Sparkle!!!!!

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Chapter 4 - The Appointment

Pinkie Pie walked nervously down the streets of Ponyville, Scootaloo bouncing along beside her. They were heading to Sugar Cube Corner, hoping to get the all clear from the construction crew that it was safe to enter the bottom floor. It was kind of an odd sight, seeing the walking styles of both mares totally switched. Usually it'd be Pinkie bouncing about with glee and Scootaloo walking calmly, but the later plans of the day were taking a harsh toll on the Pink Mare. Today was the day Pinkie Pie would go to Canterlot and see Princess Luna and, much to her surprise and satisfaction, Detective Quill. Scootaloo kept a close eye on Pinkie, and knew that even though her mother sported a good enough smile, it was still as fake at Trixie's boastful ranting.

Scootaloo stopped bouncing for a moment and looked towards Pinkie, muttering "Are you ok Pinkie? It's ok to be nervous about The Corner, it's been awhile since it's actually seen some good hoof-work..." Pinkie Pie blinked for a moment, snapping out of her deep train of thought and looking over at Scootaloo, smiling a little and shaking her head, saying

"Oh no, I'm not as nervous about the shop as I am...my visit to Canterlot." Scootaloo stopped walking, making Pinkie stop as well as Scootaloo muttered

"That's...today? Well I'm sure it'll be ok, I mean come on, I've read about plenty of Ponies who've acted and done things that were unheard of considering their personality and behavior!" Pinkie Pie blinked in surprise, whispering

"Really?" Scootaloo stared at her a minute before chuckling nervously and scratching the back of her mane, muttering

"S...Sure..." Pinkie sighed and shook her head, smiling a little. She put a hoof around Scootaloo and pulled her close, whispering in her ear

"Oh you liar, heh, thanks for trying to make me feel better Scootaloo, I appreciate it." Scootaloo raised an eyebrow and smiled widely, poking Pinkie gently with her hoof and laughing

"Oh? You don't feel better? Who's the liar now! Silly Filly!!!" Pinkie Pie couldn't help but laugh and snort a little, feeling a weight rise off of her heart. She giggled and wiping a tear out of her eye, said

"Alright, you got me, now come on! Let's go see our shop!!!" Scootaloo squealed with delight and TOGETHER, they both bounced along with a happy 'sproing' in their step.

It was another twenty minutes before the mother and daughter found themselves sitting on their haunches, staring up at the half-way ruined Sugar Cube Corner. Scootaloo was eying Pinkie Pie carefully, but couldn't see anything more then a blank stare etched upon the Pink Mare's face. Scootaloo cleared her throat, holding a hoof out to the door, now unboarded and able to be opened. The only difference now was that a "WARNING: CONSTRUCTIONAL HAZARD!" was hung up near the doorknob. Scootaloo sighed and went forward, muttering

"Shall we?" Pinkie nodded slowly as together they pushed opened the door and waltzed in. The first floor was in a semi-good shape, with the wallpaper being redone, half of the floor re-boarded, and the shelves and counters all replaced by granite. Pinkie Pie looked about, smiling a little at the substantial amount of repair that had gone into the place. Scootaloo poked around a bit, peaking into cupboards and checking out the kitchen, shouting back to Pinkie "WHOA! Pinkie they gave us a whole assortment of kitchen supplies! No knives though...guess that makes...sense?" Pinkie Pie sighed, heading over to a far corner of the shop, near the front window and calling out to Scootaloo

"I asked them not to order knives is why!" Scootaloo came back to the front room upon hearing this, scratching her mane and asking

"What? Why, don't we need a knife, you know, for cutting?" Pinkie Pie didn't answer, merely motioning for Scootaloo to come over to her. Scootaloo shrugged and complied, heading over and asking "What's up?" Pinkie sat on her belly and gently pushed against one of the old, rotten floorboards that had yet to be replaced. She whispered as she put pressure on the board, wiggling it a little

"We don't need one...because we already have one...I snuck in here about two to three years into Fluttershy's imprisonment to hide...AH HA! There we go!" Pinkie's hoof at pushed through the board with a loud crack, lifting it back out and stomping on the rest of the board, tearing it up and allowing her to squeeze her face into the crack and pull out a black and red box, about a foot and a half long. She set it gently on the ground between them both as Scootaloo peered closely at it. Pinkie Pie drew and blew a gentle breath, blowing off the dust that had settled on the box.

She leaned her head down gently and softly pushed her nose against the front latch of the box. The latch unhooked, and the top lid was gently lifted upwards, revealing a large, glistening, kitchen knife with a polished, gleaming, wooden handle. Scootaloo's eyes widened in both shock and awe, beholding the perfectly preserved knife that lay before her, resting gently on red velvet. She looked up at Pinkie Pie, a wordless question hanging in the air. Pinkie nodded, not once taking her eyes off the blade and whispering "Yes...it's the very same blade...the one that was a gift to me from Inspector Trottington, the one he gave...and the one he received." Scootaloo stared back down in horror, realizing what all this blade had been used for and squeaking

"But...but...why...HOW...could you keep this!? Pinkie Pie you know that you ki-" Pinkie Pie gently pushed a hoof against her mouth, shushing her and whispering

"I know...but I wanted to create a new, better purpose for this knife..." She looked down at the blade, gently slipping a hoof under it and lifting it from the box, the light of the sun coming through the cracks in the boarded windows casting a yellowish glow on the blade. Pinkie let out a low tune, singing softly and gently, like a lullaby

This is my knife...
See how it's cleeaan...
Never again, will it spill, all the blood
Of the riiiiiich, my lovely kniiiifee!!!

She got up, walking across the room with Scootaloo behind her, listening intently as Pinkie sung to her blade

Look now my dear,
Bloody, no longer.
Never...oh Never
Will I ever kill again with this Blaaaaaade!
No more, my deeeeaar!

Scootaloo smiled as Pinkie did, happy that no more ill-fate could come of this blade ever again, letting Pinkie continue her song

And I've come hooooome an innocent maaaarrrre!
Heeeeere with my dear daughter...
And we'll bake wonders....
Won't we...

Scootaloo nodded as Pinkie Pie looked at her, tearing up a little and smiling with pride and walking closer to Pinkie as she continued

Scootaloo my dear,
Come let me hold you,
Now, here at home,
We are finally here!
My Maaaaaare!
My darling Maaaaaare!

Pinkie Pie gave Scootaloo a loving hug, gently resting the knife in her hooves and whispering to it gently

Rest now my blade...
Soon we'll cut pastries,
Soon you'll drip frosting and flour and sugar my blaaaaaade!
My Shining Blaaaaade!
Oh how you'll Shine!!!!
No, no more Murder!! Nooo!!!

Pinkie started to whisper, Scootaloo pulling away from her hug and nuzzling her, heading back to the kitchen and leaving Pinkie to finish her song.

You shall drip frosting...
You'll soon drip yummy....frosting...

Pinkie saw sunlight gleam across the floor to her right as she looked and beheld the sun shining through one of the unboarded windows. She smiled, oh how she smiled, gently standing on her hind legs as the light cascaded over her and her blade, which she held and pointed towards the window and the sun. She felt warmth and happiness flow through her body as she finally felt the inner peace she had been searching for in the six years she had been tormented. She took in a deep, sunbathed breath of fresh, rich air and let it out in a melting sigh, exclaiming loudly

AT LAST!!! ....My hooves are complete again!!!

-Two Hours Later-

Pinkie Pie had left Scootaloo with Fluttershy, herself riding in a golden chariot requisitioned by Princess Luna for her visit. The cheery, warm peace she had felt only a few hours before had all but evaporated, leaving her now nervous and practically shivering with fear. She had no reason to fear Princess Luna or Detective Quill...so why was she so afraid? Was it because of the answers she might find to questions she wondered would be better left unanswered. She hugged herself a little, chilly from the high altitudes the guards pulling the chariot were bringing her too. She rode in silence for the next twenty minutes until finally she was dropped off at the front gates of the castle.

The guards had been informed of her arrival, and was permitted inside, the golden gates opening widely and allowing her passage in. She walked in slowly, looking around at the familiar Grand Hall she had been two twice before, once at the Grand Galloping Gala and again when she was honored for helping defeat Discord. A colt was standing at the bottom of the stairs, wearing a brown suit of sorts and golden spectacles upon his face. He approached Pinkie and bowed with great respect, speaking in a clear and professional voice

"Ms. Pinkie Pie of Ponyville I presume? Come, this way, the Princess and her guest are waiting for you in the royal library." Pinkie nodded and following, staring in awe at all the wonderful, velvety tapestries and stained glass that adorned the walls and ceiling. They traveled up two staircases and down two halls lined statues of famous ponies. At last they came to two GIGANTIC double doors of solid oak, artistically carved with a wide open book in its surface. The doors opened on their own, as if sensing the presence of the Pink Mare, and the colt performed a farewell bow, leaving her there.

Pinkie took a deep breath and walked in once the doors had opened wide enough to let her in. What she found on the other side was mind-numbingly amazing and jaw-dropping. Shelves, at least eight times as high as Twilight's house, were lined up and spread about EVERYWHERE in the largest room she had ever seen. It had to be bigger than the throne room, there was NO WAY that it wasn't! Pinkie walked down the main row of the library, a red carpet muffling her hoofsteps. As she rounded one corner of a shelf she heard a liquid voice call out to her from a little ways off

"Pinkie Pie, over here dear!" Turning her head, she saw Princess Luna sitting at a circular table with Detective Quill, books scattered all about the table.

Pinkie hurried on over, giving the formal bow of respect to Luna who simply rolled her eyes playfully and motioned to the empty chair set up for her. Pinkie slipped into the seat, sitting on her haunches and smiling, giving a gleeful

"Good afternoon Princess Luna! And hey-howdy to you too Quilly!" Quill raised an eyebrow, chuckling at his nickname as Luna smiled, putting her hoofs up on the table and talking with a pleasant tone

"Good afternoon yourself Pinkie Pie, how's your afternoon going so far?" Pinkie smiled, thinking and going over her day in her head and letting out a content sigh, replying

"Oh it was wonderful, I got to go with Scootaloo to the park for awhile and then we went to Sugar Cube Corner...the repairs are coming along nicely. Should be just another week until we can move back in and it's back to treat making and cupcake decorating!" They all laughed a little before Luna cleared her throat and looked towards Pinkie, a concerned look in her eye. Pinkie caught this and nodded, saying "Alright...well like I said before Princess Luna, I want to know if there's something...wrong with me. Like, mentally, since I found it a little unnerving that I performed such...evil things without a care in the world...and about my madness on the moon. I had completely lost my marbles up there, and I was wondering if maybe...something came back with me, or something happened to my mind while I was there..." Luna nodded as Pinkie asked her questions, waiting politely for her to finish before she spoke herself

"I know what you mean my dear...and I must say it was ever so hard for me to send you there...to the moon. I should never have sent you there in the first place...but Tia' and I were both in agreement. As for the Insanity...I too had felt it while amongst the stars. Raging...unending madness and nothing but an empty echo of blackness and Insanity to accompany it. Believe me dear Pinkie Pie I know exactly what you mean. You're probably thinking what happened to me has also happened to you, whereas I was banished as Nightmare Moon and I RETURNED as Nightmare Moon. Unfortunately this isn't so, in your case, you did not leave with darkness and you certainly did not come back with it. I'm not sure there is anything even ailing you, BUT, fear not. Me and Quill here have been doing extensive research into magical possibilities and sources that MAY have influenced your dark acts. You can thank your dear friend Twilight Sparkle for the idea." Pinkie smiled at this and nodded, waving a hoof about in the air and giggling

"Oh, that smarty pants mare. She's so sweet and kind, I only wish she'd get out of the house more often...but anyway, about your theories, did any of them stick?"

Luna scratched the underside of her chin with a hoof, letting out a low "Hrmmm...." before looking towards Pinkie, nodding

"Well there is ONE road we can trot down first, and that is a Mental Scrying, which will allow me to delve deep into your sub-consciousness using magic and see if anything odd pops up. I must warn you though that this is a delicate and careful art of magic, even Celestia barely refers to such ancient arcane powers. Are you comfortable with me doing this Pinkie? I swear I know what I'm doing, I've had a thousand years to practice and fine tune some old styles of magic." Pinkie nodded, getting comfortable in the chair and sighing

"Whatever it takes Princess Luna, I want to be my bouncy, happy self again...I've been too depressed for too long." Luna nodded and licked her lips in concentration, lowering her head and pointing her horn at Pinkie Pie, speaking loudly and in a commanding tone

"Very well, you have confirmed to me your wishes for Mental Scrying, and take note Detective White Quill here is a witness to this statement. You must NOT move, for ANY reason Pinkie Pie, and must keep a clear and calm mind. Do you understand?" Pinkie Pie nodded, closing her eyes and saying back in the same tone of voice

"I, Pinkamena Diane Pie, understand these instructions...and I am ready..." Luna took a deep breath, her horn glowing a dark blue color as magic swirled up and around her horn. Luna whispered

"Here goes everything..." and shut here eyes tight in concentration, the leylines of magic connecting and working into the specified pattern she needed the spell to turn into. After two minutes of concentration, her spell was ready and she leaned forward carefully, the tip of her horn gently touching Pinkie's forehead.


It was as if Luna's mind and Pinkie's melted into one. No longer was the princess sitting in the Royal Archives, but instead, on a dark, blackened plain of grass, the color of the ground a murderous red and the sky an even bloodier shade of it. She looked around, seeing nothing but rollings hills for a moment and feeling nothing but a gentle breeze waft ever so softly over her. She heard a tiny whispering behind her and turned her head, eyes widening at the sight she saw before her. A castle, MASSIVE in size, was laid out before her, as tall as Canterlot and at least three times as big. Dark spires stuck out at menacing angles and clouds of black venom hung over the estate. Claps of thunder roared out over the nightmarish stones that made up the hulking bastion of evil.

Princess Luna knew this place, and because of this, she gasped with terror. Her pupils contracted rapidly as she beheld this beacon of malevolence. Tears brimmed her eyes as she started to weep, her own mind screaming over and over "Why...Why!!!! WHY!?!?" WHY DID IT...WHY!?" It was too much, it was just too much! She reared her head up as the wind picked up harshly, nearly throwing Luna up in the air. She screamed


In an instant Luna felt herself fall and hit solid wood, letting out a loud "OOF!" as she heard Pinkie Pie gasp from across the table. Quill, to her left, shouted

"Well good heavens it's about time!!! I was beginning to get worried!" Luna had kept her eyes shut tight and her hooves over them as well as she sobbed, tears streaking down her cheeks. A firm hoof gently pressed against Luna's back and eventually pulled her close, her head resting against a warm and powerful body. Celestia's voice rang out in crystal clarity as she cooed to her sister

"Dear Luna...hush now...dear Luna all is well, open your eyes dear sister. I have come as you called...hush your tears dear." Luna raised her head and sniffed loudly, hugging Celestia and shivering a little as her sister hugged her back. Pinkie Pie was wide-eyed throughout the whole scene, looking at Quill and half shouting

"What the hay? What just happened? I blacked out...or did I fall asleep....either way what happened?!" Quill blinked in surprise, stuttering

"I...I don't know, you two have been sitting there for hours! It's already night out!" Pinkie Pie looked towards the nearest window and shouted

"WHAT?! How the, it only felt like a second!!!" Indeed the sky outside was darkened and splattered with stars. Celestia rubbed Luna's back gently, turning her head to Pinkie Pie and sighing

"It is alright, I've already sent a message to your friends about where you were, they know where you are so you need not worry. However...I am curious as to what is going on here...and why my sister is going to pieces in my hooves..." At this Luna looked up, sniffling

"Oh Tia...it was...it was the place...THAT place!!! I was using the Mental Scrying spell and I came across it in Pinkie's mind!!!" Hearing this, Celestia's eyes widened and she turned to Pinkie, heaving her sister upon her back and whispering rapidly.

"Pinkie Pie, follow me, you too Quill, hurry. Time is of the essence!" Celestia began to hurry out of the library, Quill and Pinkie hot on her hooves. Quill spoke loudly and rapidly, trying his best to keep up with the galloping princess

"Your majesty what has happened!? What has dear Luna seen?"

This question was unanswered throughout their entire run, finally ending up in hall Pinkie Pie recognized as the Hall of Harmony in Canterlot Tower, the passageway that held at the end, the vault containing the Legendary Elements of Harmony. She looked at the familiar panes of glass she had seen and commented on, telling her friends last time they were here 'We're famous!'. There was no excitement here however, as Celestia gently laid Luna down on the ground near the vault and gave her a comforting nuzzle, standing back up at full height and using her horn to unlock the vault. The patterns of light spread out amongst the door, the same six circles of stone lighting up and spreading apart the doors. Celestia waited a moment for the light that had burst forth from the vault to subside, stepping inside and moving around the glistening chest that held the Elements of Harmony. Pinkie Pie, curious, stole a close look inside the vault and gasped. There were books, old statues, relics, everything that was near and very, VERY dear to Canterlot and its foundation. Celestia quickly exited as quickly as she entered, hovering a now opened, dusty old book in front of her. The vault door shut behind her and locked tight as Celestia flipped through pages quickly, looking quickly for a specific chapter.

At long last Celestia stopped one one page, reading it's contents VERY carefully. After several, quiet, long minutes, Celestia bookmarked the page with a string attached to the cover and sighed, closing it. She bowed her head and shivered a little, speaking in a very low, very sad tone

"It is as I feared...it seems Pinkie Pie is being haunted by something known only as..."

-Twilight Sparkle-

"The Entity...A malevolent force so evil...so chaotic...that even The Master of Disharmony, Discord himself, was unable to master it's unlimited magical potential. A force of no origin, and knowing of no other purpose except death and destruction, The Entity was trapped in the deepest part of the moon by Starswirl the Bearded, who alone unlocked the mysterious ways to bring down The Entity's dark barrier of Blood and pierce its malevolent flesh of Death. It is said here that The Entity lived amongst all those who partook in unhealthy, chaotic emotions. Depression...greed...jealously...hatred...all of these the most common of cases. Legends say that if a Pony or another creature feels one of these emotions in such an intense, overwhelming magnitude, that The Entity can thrive in power and possibly...begin a reign of terror that it has repeated in various stages of Equestrian History since the Rise of Celestia. However, the only saving grace is that not everypony can succumb to The Entity, and can only be cursed by it's ravenous darkness if it is...passed on. Passed on? What the hay does THAT mean? How do you pass on such a dark force willingly? ...How would Pinkie be able to receive it anyway, WHY would she accept it? This makes no sense..."

Twilight was sitting on her bed, Spike nearby munching on a delicious emerald and sighing, looking over at Twilight and shaking his head, muttering

"Sounds like another Mare's Tale to me, just a bunch of mumbo jumbo." Twilight gave him a look and sighed

"Right, because the last, what, three or four times I've heard that, it wasn't true at all was it? Nightmare Moon, the Sonic Rainboom, the Curses Zecora "supposedly" cast upon us." Spike sighed and threw up his claws in defeat

"Alright alright...I give, what else does it say about the Entity thing?" Twilight shook her head and looked down at the book.

"Nothing...it just says 'For more information, please see Canterlot Archives Scribes for appropriate reference material'. Odd...it's definitely worth a letter to the Princess...or maybe I can wait for Quill to come back from Canterlot and I can tell him about The Entity...yeah, I'll do that!!!" Spike rolled his eyes and started to go downstairs, muttering

"Bleh, too much girly girly crushy stuff, I'm going to get some more gems, Later Twilight Lovekle." Twilight narrowed her eyes and shouted after him

"At least I'm not in love with something not even of my own species and who's like eight or ten years older then me! Creep!!!!" She narrowed her eyes even more when she heard the most 'un-adult' response from Spike, and sighed as she laid her head down on the pages. This Entity didn't sound good at all...she didn't like where all the possibilities were going, and if there was one thing Twilight Sparkle knew...it was that if there is a possibility for bad things to happen...they will.