• Published 9th Dec 2011
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Leap of Faith: Octavia Vs. Rave - Wolokai

Octavia learns the "Underground" side of life from her polar opposite: Vinyl Scratch, A.K.A. DJ-PON3

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Chapter Six - Octavia's Triumph

Octavia sighed "Vinyl I'm just not sure about this...if my boss catches me with my cello I'll be done for!" They were walking down the street towards the club, the chilly air making them both shiver slightly.

Vinyl rolled her eyes and turned her head back towards Octavia, laughing as she said "You ever think that maybe you're overreacting Tavi'? Come on, why don't you live a little?" Octavia rolled her eyes and they moved up the street. As they approached the staircase to the club, Bon Bon looked up from her place on the porch, halting her sweeping for a moment to smile at the two walking together.

She called out, "Hey! It looks like everything went over smoothly after all!"

Octavia nodded, blushing a little as she shouted back, "Now all I have to do is introduce her to my good friend Mr. Vacuum!!!" Vinyl stopped for a moment, a confused expression on her face as she heard that name.

Turning her head towards Octavia, she muttered "You know a guy named Mr. Vacuum?" At this Octavia gave Vinyl a sly smile and giggled, making the white mare suddenly piece two and two together. She rolled her eyes and sighed "Ha ha...very funny..."

They descended the staircase after a quick goodbye wave to Bon Bon, Vinyl pointing her horn towards the door and lighting it up with her magic. Octavia blinked in wonder as she heard at least a hundred clicks ticking away inside the door before eventually swinging open with a loud groan.

She whispered "Vinyl...why do you have so many locks in the door? Don't you think that's a bit....um....overkill?" Vinyl simply laughed, shaking her head as she ushered Octavia inside and shut the door after her. Octavia blinked in surprise at the look of the club, unused and lit up so that she could see perfectly. The walls were all painted black, but the floor was still hard wood. Speakers and wires were strung up in massive metal labyrinth of bars and cages on the ceiling, running along the walls and down to speakers near the ground.

Vinyl whispered to her as she nudged her along towards the back "Surround sound, that way no matter what you hear, it'll be like what I hear through headphones. Music's a funny thing like that, you never EVER want to miss a beat!" Octavia sort of nodded at this, but still her own grasp on the matter. Vinyl led her to an iron door even bigger then the last one, the only difference is this one had no locks. Swinging it open slowly with her magic Octavia took a gentle step inside and gasped so loudly it made her ears hurt. Her gasp echoed off the walls of the gigantic, circular shaped room that held a lone, circular stage in the middle. Vinyl hissed as she stepped inside "Easy! This room's specially modified for acoustics and sound vibration...you have to be careful or you could seriously hurt your ears!"

Octavia shot a glance towards Vinyl and whispered angrily "Well sorry! Maybe a little warning next time?!" Vinyl simply rolled her eyes as she closed the door behind them, turning and pointing over to the small stage in the center.

She whispered quietly "Go set up over there, tune, get ready, do whatever you have to, and don't be alarmed if your cello sounds a lot louder then it should. This room's weird, keep that in mind." Octavia nodded and started to head over to the stage, her cello case bouncing on her back.

She stopped however, turning and whispering loudly "Wait...I thought you were supposed to show me your music, not the other way around!" Vinyl giggled and flicked down her purple shades, waving her away with her hoof.

She pushed her way into some sort of glass booth containing all manners of large and massive electronic equipment and said "Don't worry about it, trust me alright?"

Octavia sighed and shook her head, heading over towards the stage and hopping up onto it. The thud of her hooves hitting the stage echoed around the room, creeping her out slightly as she shifted the cello case off her back. She unbuckled the clasps of her case and as she opened it, smiled widely. Her eyes fell upon her true love, her glistening cello of purest oak, the instrument that brought her to tears, and brought her spirits up from the darkest of places, inspiring her to works and wonders she never thought were possible. She picked up the long, slender bow and ran a gentle hoof over the darkened wood.

She smiled, whispering to her instrument "Good morning old friend...shall we work wonders yet again my darling?" She placed a gentle hoof under the neck of the Cello and hoisted it up into its upright position. She nudged the case out of her way and stood herself up right on her rear hooves, getting a good balance and twirling the bow in her other hoof for a moment, practicing her grip and balancing for her hoof. She heard a snicker from nearby and looked over towards the recording booth, frowning as Vinyl tried not burst out laughing at Octavia's stance. Rolling her eyes she set her bow along the strings of the cello and slid it across gently, bringing a flat, basic tune into the air. She was still shocked, despite Vinyl's warnings, about the volume of her cello without orchestral accompaniment. She reached up, turning one of the knobs at the top of the cello with a soft hoof, dragging her bow across the strings again and bringing a new sound to the room. She did this for at least four minutes, and even went as far as to play a small fragment of a piece she performed at a rehearsal a few weeks ago.

Octavia looked over to the booth, satisfied and giving Vinyl a curt nod. Seeing this, Vinyl closed a small pamphlet on her desk and picked it up in her mouth, heading out of the booth and trotting over towards the stage. Looking over to her right, she levitated a large, metal pedestal towards her and set it on the stage, dropping the pamphlet on top of it. Octavia blinked in confusion as she read the top of the small booklet, reading the words 's Triumph. Just as she was about to open her mouth, the pamphlet flapped open from Vinyl's magic and displayed sheet music that Octavia instantly focused her eyes on and began reading it rapidly. She immediately frowned and whispered to Vinyl "Um...Vinyl...these notes...the rhythm and just their placement...its'..."

Vinyl put a gentle hoof to her mouth and whispered "I know, trust me. This is what you do, ok? Each line is a segment, and it stops at a double bar line, which means 'stop', right?" Octavia nodded and she went on "Alright then, when I tell you to, play a line to its double bar line and stop, and wait until I tell you to start the next line, got it?" Octavia had a nervous look on her face but nodded all the same, making Vinyl smile and whisper "Great!" before trotting back to the booth. Octavia looked down at the sheet music again, going over the first line in her head and stroking the bow through the air, away from the strings and moving her hoof up and down the neck. She played it over in practice a few more times and looked up towards Vinyl, giving her a wave with her bow hoof. Vinyl ran about the booth, flicking on switches, turning dials, and pushing small tabs up and down a large panel of buttons that took up half the booth. She slipped her headphones on and turned a dial delicately on the side, tapping it and nodding. She looked towards Octavia and held a hoof up in the air, signaling her to get ready. Octavia readied herself, getting a comfortable position and setting her bow and neck hooves in their appropriate places.

Double checking her equipment with an affirmative nod, Vinyl lowered her hoof sharply and pointed it at Octavia, signaling her to start. Immediately she flicked her eyes down and began playing the first line. A short melody of rising and lowering volume and intensity, nothing too hard. She stopped at the double bar line and looked up, watching as Vinyl bobbed her head slightly and smiled, holding her hoof up and dropping it again. Octavia set onto the next set of lines...and the next...and the next. The process repeating over and over again, Octavia content that she was getting cello practice in and Vinyl...getting something out of this. Octavia was still pondering as to what Vinyl was doing, and why she was making her do this, and as she hit the final double bar line, Vinyl looked ecstatic. Vinyl poked her out of the booth and whispered loudly enough for the sound to carry over to Octavia "Give me a second!" Octavia nodded and sighed, gently placing her Cello on the folding stand she kept in her case and resting her bow against it. She dropped to her hooves and groaned, sitting back on her haunches and rubbing her rear hooves. No matter how many times she assumed this stance, it still hurt her back hooves if she stayed that way for too long.

After several long minutes, Vinyl came out of the booth, a gigantic smile on her face and levitating what looked like a T.V. remote. She hopped up on stage and sat behind Octavia, pushing her back against hers and whispering "You ready?"

Octavia turned her head and whispered nervously "For what?" Vinyl brought her shades up and set them on top of her head, dropping the remote next to Octavia's hoof.

She whispered, "For your Triumph!" putting her hooves behind her head and relaxing, getting comfortable against Octavia. Octavia nervously looked down towards the remote, knowing she needed to press the big 'PLAY' button. She gingerly lifted her hoof and pressed it, a low hum echoing out from the speakers lined up around the room. At first, silence wafted through the room, but a few seconds later, Octavia's cello blasted through the speakers.

Octavia sat in stunned silence as she listened, heard her cello music overlapping itself and forming an intense, dramatic piece of desperation and splendor. The piece continued on, Vinyl bobbing her head to the subtle beats of the music and smiling as she felt Octavia shiver against her. In truth, Octavia felt tears building up in her eyes as she heard self play, as if she were three or four mares and not one. When the music finally ended, she was about ready to bawl her eyes out.

She turned and whispered with a cracking voice "T...that's m..me?" Vinyl got up and repositioned herself to sit next to Octavia, draping her arm over her shoulder and nodding.

She smiled and whispered "You never listen to yourself play?" Octavia shook her head, sniffing as Vinyl gave her a comforting pat on her back and said "Beautiful, isn't it? What things you're capable of that you didn't were possible. It's called Audio Editing. I can take music and overlap it, change it, warp it, give it an entirely different tune. Artists can go as far as the finishing of the painting Octavia, but I....I can change the paint even when it's dried." Octavia couldn't hold it any longer, hearing Vinyl's beautiful words about music and letting out a choked sob, crying and dipping her head. Vinyl pulled her into a hug and gently rocked her back and forth. When the waterworks were done, Vinyl held Octavia back and whispered "Hey, I got a meeting soon with Shake, but if you want, you can come by sometime after lunch. I got something else I want to show you, alright?" Octavia sniffed and nodded, getting up and packing up her cello. Once she slid the large case on her back, the two of them headed towards the entrance of the club. Opening the door for her, Vinyl gave her a soft pat on the back and watched her go. Just before Octavia made it to the top of the stairs, she heard Vinyl shout up to her "Hey! Wait! You forgot this!" Octavia blinked in confusion as she saw the pamphlet float up to her, the door closing right after it slipped through. She held up a hoof and stared down at it, blinking in confusion before she gasped loudly.

Tears once again filled Octavia's eyes as she saw that Vinyl had written in a word at the top of the sheet, completing the title that now read

Octavia's Triumph