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"The road ahead is not easy, but neither is it impossible to travel. Run, Twilight Sparkle. Run."- Wolokai KuRR


(Rainbow Vs. Wild ---> Octavia Vs. Rave ---> Shyness Vs. Kindness ---> Twilight Vs. The Great and Powerful.)

Twilight couldn't be happier for her friends. Rainbow Dash and Applejack have gotten together after their mishap in the Everfree Forest. Big Macintosh and Fluttershy have finally hit it off. And even her new friend Octavia has even found love with Vinyl Scratch! The only exclusions are Pinkie and Rarity, who are too preoccupied with parties or dresses to even care!

But...what about her? What about Twilight...who feels as if she's missing out?

There's little she can do about it for right now though, as Princess Luna herself has requested she help deal with a problem in Manehatten. Somepony has been causing serious trouble in the city that never sleeps, and Twilight isn't going to believe who's behind it all!

Can she let go of the past, look past the facade, and see a pony who's hurt, broken, and afraid?

Can she save a mare who everypony has deemed a 'Phony', a 'Failure', and a 'Dead End of Life'?

Will she hear the cries of help from a mare she thought she knew...and take a Leap of Faith?

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91350 OOGA BOOGA :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:
And on another note. I love your fanfics so much Wolokai :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Now, when you say Tragedy... The Dark, Sad, and Tragedy tags have me a little hesitant about this

well take a look on the picture - a closer one.


Well, I saw that, I don't have much problem with the dark and sad tags as much as I'm hesitant about the tragedy tag. I suppose I can't exactly know the reason for it, and I did enjoy Octavia vs. Scratch, so I know I like his stories.

Heart felt and well written. Insta track.

Stories like these make you one of my favorite authors Wolokai. Your stories intertwine, making your version of the MLP universe more constant, instead of other authors who write randomly. Even though they may still write good stories, they lack the continuity of stories from authors like you.

Oh damn my phone decided to shift views so I hit 1 instead of 5 stars :fluttercry:

Uh oh, that Tragedy tag...hmm, what's brewin' in that noggin of yours Wolokai?

Woot this one is finally out :D. Been looking forward to this one since the vote at the end of the first Leap of Faith. Off to a great start as always, poor Twilight being alone :(. *Enter Trixie*

Have a good one. :D

i have a question. do i need to read the previous leap of faiths to understand this story or is it separate or is it just like a continuous story?


Don't worry, to average it out for you I'll hit 5 in your place :raritywink: It'll make it 3.5 or something but that's better than 1 :D


It's just about a continuous story, the next to last one is different and the very last is different...ish. We have yet to see.

i'm not gonna read it till there r at least 3 or 4 chapters.

srry bout double post i have touch pad for mouse and i rest my wrist on it usually.

Ya know what? screw it. The very first Leap of Faith, Rainbow vs. Wild had a Tragedy tag, and though I haven't read it, things seem to have turned out okay in that one, so I'll go with it. Twixie is one of my favorite tags, so yay~


Well the first leap of faith DID have tragedy, BUT a happy ending. So you are correct in saying everything turned out ok. Now all that's left is to see if things end the same way in this one! :pinkiecrazy: mwahahaha......

the first one wasn't too much of a tragedy, but i think i'm smelling twilight as rapidash :pinkiecrazy: (we need a rapidash emote)

well I've never been to much into Twixie, but this is interesting!

Glad to see someone put that tear jerking video to good use :trixieshiftright:, nice work :twilightsmile:

That's the exact video I thought about when I was reading this. It sounded almost too familiar, but I'm glad to see my suspicions were confirmed. Interesting story only gets more interesting!:yay:

Okay, for a moment I was afraid the pills were for suicidal purposes. Turns out they're just to keep out depressed hallucinations.... which isn't that much better, now that I think about it :twilightoops: I always imagined Trixie's life post-ursa incident as tragic, but not this tragic.

Which means I'll have to give you 5 stars solely for well handled darkness :pinkiehappy:

congratz on bannering wolokai :D

Trixie seemed a bit melodramatic, but it's not so much so that I can't relate. This was a darn good story.

this makes me feel bad for her....for once....

Fan of your stories Wolokai and this one doesn't look like it'll disappoint. The fact that it's Twixie is even better.:pinkiehappy:

No no no not tommorow Twilight that wouldnt leave much space for plot development

>>Murrays Bagels (guest) ooh you got told:pinkiegasp:

^ lol

Baa, I feel like I'm getting teased. I want to see Twilight and Trixi meeting up :3

Another great chapter :D really enjoying this one and the slower pace that it's taking, gives more time to get into the story and prepare for the drama that is sure to come later when Trixi sees Twilight again, that's going to be fun. That tragedy tag is still kind of bugging me since I have a feel of what your capable of Wolokai with tragedy based on what you've written thus far. At the same time it's firing me up cause it's sure to be epic :D.

Have a good one. :D

he goes all day beatin' the ever livin' bejesus

I laughed so hard I had to stop reading for a moment. Great chapter, I eagerly anticipate more :pinkiehappy:

No wonder I was reminded of that Trixie flash animation when reading this chapter.

well that part in the classroom woulda be perfect for cheerilee x twilight :D

I'm thinking its going to be Trixie x Twilight


o rly? It's not like I wrote the would-could-should thing.

Next Chapter:
Trixie gets the fucking shit beat out of her ass - and loses reputation. Again. Thanks to Twilight. Again.

Oh dang that has to hurt..."THUD." I'm surprised how quick this updates, but I'm sure that you pre-wrote this or something and are updating it day by day. Smart :pinkiehappy:. MORE!


Nope, I write this all by hoof in real time :yay: there's no pre-write.

haha lets see what comes after THAT :)


For all of your stories? How is that even possible?


Well then that might some of the misc errors...I WENT THERE!

But seriously, that takes skill, I'm willing to let them slide if you're that talented :D


Whenever I write, there is no stopping me :pinkiehappy: . I can crank out one of these chapters an an hour, tops.

97416 That is not a good thing. Don't you think quality should come over quantity.


Of course, why would I reduce quality? Just because I say I have the capacity to do something doesn't mean I'd do it. With as many people as I have following me now, quality for them is more important to me now then ever.

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