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Not much to talk about. My name is Tom and I am 25. Nice to meet you ^^


This fic was featured 21.12.2014

"Life can be found everywhere, as long it will be given a chance to flourish."

While the most ponies inhabit the surface of the world, some of them managed to adapt to the ecosystem beneath the earth. If it was their own choice, or some kind of punishment nobody really knows nor remembers. Seperated from their kin the ponies created their own society, populating the earth beneath the earth. The result was the birth of a nation that remained nameless until the very first Alicorn emerged from this unique society.

Since then their nation has been called Nocturia, and the bloodline of the very first Alicorn ruled over its subjects and the six existing tribes. For all this time they were seperating themselves from other ponies...

Until the day the King under the Mountain woke up from his coma, only to find the legacy of his ancestors being threatened by his own subjects.

My english is not the best. This is why I kindly ask for forgiveness ^^

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 15 )

I can't wait to see were this goes :)

3484071 I will try to not to disappoint you :eeyup:

You sure don't expect me to read it do you ? XD

This got featured, that's quite an achievement. Especially for someone with only 21 followers. Eh, 22 now.

5407895 I am surprised myself ;o But happy at the same time. I am glad that ppl like this story ^^

Just a quick thing; in the title, it should be A, not An. An is only uses when it precedes a vowel, like an elephant, but since An precedes Nocturnial, it should be A Nocturian Tale

Comment posted by Corvus Eclipse deleted Dec 21st, 2014
Comment posted by icecoldbite deleted Dec 21st, 2014

5408156 Hmm thinking about it now I have a minor flash back to my school time XD

Gladly I did write it down in the description that my english is not the best. Or at least not my main language ;o The funny thing is that at the beginning I actually had A instead of An.

5408327 Really? XD. Yeah, sometimes you get things right only to change it back. Honestly though, it was a little nit picky; if it was just in the story it would be fine, but any grammatical mistakes in the title, can stop people from even giving the fic a chance, and it seems like a really cool fic. It's really not too big of a deal. I'm just waiting until it's done, because I already have 10 fics I'm reading at once as they get updated and I don't my brain can't handle any more plot(the writing kind, get your head out of the gutter:rainbowlaugh:).

5408406 You can wait long until it will be ready xd I am a soldier and usually I do not have enough time for myself. Since I have vacations now I was able to write something :D It seems you like it so far which is why I am really glad about it ^^

This is extremely well written I wonder why it doesn’t have more like or views?

Thank you. English is not my main language but I am trying to do my best to write it properly. I am in the army and barely have time for myself XD that is why I was unable to continue the story so far.

No king rules forever.


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