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An artist, a historian, a firearms expert, a soldier, a critice, a writer, and a brony. but through it all, i am merely nothing compared to the creativity of others. be sure to let your's shine.


Sorry for the delay · 3:34am Aug 31st, 2021

Hey Guys sorry for being a little late with the current chapter, unfortunately I got Covid and was down for about 2 weeks so its been a mess and a half. luckily my strain in non-lethal so I'm fine currently, but with my difficulty breathing and loss of taste and smell, things have been very tiresome.

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thanks im glade you like my writing, i always love seeing two different stories intertwine so i myself like to do the same with my writing, it gives me a chance to bring back characters enjoy and gives readers a chance to hope they see characters or instances where their favorite characters return.

i am reading The Price of Harmony right now and i can say i am vary impressed.
i also see that all or most of the story's that Priceless911 has are all tied together.
now to me this shows a true dedication and a real skill in writing. i will defiantly be going back and starting from the first story at some point in time.

on occasion I look through them and fix errors as I find them, but I cant say I always find them all.

I have a question concerning “Never Meant to Be”.

Would you consider giving the story a look back for minor errors, such as grammatical problems? I remember reading the story and really enjoying it, there were just so many minors that needed to be fixed.

it wasn't so much the Pirates of the Caribbean that was my inspiration, a lot of it was a cross of multiple things, such as One Peace, Assassins creed (Black Flag, & Rogue) and a select songs by Flogging Molly. After seeing a bit of the pirate culture and enjoying a weird little joke session we did in a Minecraft chat room (Talking like a pirate) I decided that I wouldn't mind writing a story set on the high seas with my own pirate crew.
Plus, Captain Sail has been an extra in many of my stories, as the occasional, ferry captain or off shore sailor. so I though it was high time I gave this rugged old sea dog a back story, and what better story then that of an ex pirate.

  • Viewing 51 - 55 of 55
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