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An artist, a historian, a firearms expert, a soldier, a critice, a writer, and a brony. but through it all, i am merely nothing compared to the creativity of others. be sure to let your's shine.


hey guys/gals · 9:04am Dec 21st, 2017

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. between national guard training, the hurricane relief and the approaching holidays, I've been too busy working to do anything with the blogs. first off id like to apologize, yesterday I posted the chapter of Under Crimson Sails, but accidently copied and pasted the previous chapter so it was a repeat of what was up before. so I fixed it and everyone can continue on it as wanted.

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Thanks for your kind words, and I'm happy to know that even a reader from a while back can still return to enjoy my writing whether its old or new.
Seeing comment like this always inspire me all the more and its always uplifting to know that the words I write aren't just text on documents, if not to the characters in the story then to the readers that read them. So from the bottom of my heart, I will say thank you, for reading, for commenting, and even rereading, (despite my many misspellings lol). And even if you don't write, there is nothing wrong with that. we all have our own way of expressing ourselves, weather it be writing, art, music, gaming or even just the occasional comment. it never fails to help inspire others. :twilightsmile:

Thanks again

I remember reading your story The Cutters a long time ago, forgetting fimfiction, and returning to it as someone new, I now have read your story Tears of a Fallen Star which has caused my stomach to do somersaults and demonstrate the skills of an acrobat. Here I sit at my computer reading the series only to find you have so much that you have given this world through words.

I know this comment is one of hundreds and that it may or may not be read, and honestly...that is irrelevant. I come here merely to say thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for reading these words.

P.S. I don't write (you have no reason to wonder why I would say that)

actually I am, Deviant art is where I began long before posting my stories on FimFiction which is why on Tears of a Fallen Star here, there are a lot of chapters posted at the same time. Plus with images being easier to access in DA, its easier to spread the word of my OC's appearance since I'd rather people know what to imagine when I describe specific items such as Powder Keg's Musket, or The scar on Star Bolt's ear. Descriptions are good for world building but when small details come into play, an image can really help the reader's experience. Plus DA is where I get in contact with my proofreader so the chapters are posted there sooner then here (by like 10 min.).

sometimes it does annoy me that I'm not more well known, but at the same time, when I look at the feedback and see that the likes outweigh the dislikes, that's good enough for me. lol
I suppose I could try to publicize myself more, but then again one of the good things about having little fame is that I can become such good friends with who I do have. seeing the same devoted readers commenting all the time make me more motivated to continue writing and seeing a fresh face from time to time makes it even more so. but there is always the occasional hate comment, or spam I get that tries to irritate me, but luckily the best thing about that is that I can hide comments. lol

I'm glad you enjoy the story so far btw, its a little harder to write since the deck of a ship is a much larger scenery to describe then a simple room, but talking like a pirate is so much fun to do. I often catch myself doing it even after rereading the quotes. lol

I'll go now

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