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An artist, a historian, a firearms expert, a soldier, a critice, a writer, and a brony. but through it all, i am merely nothing compared to the creativity of others. be sure to let your's shine.



On the open seas there is a pirate known throughout the world as Captain Iron Hoof, who's reputation claims, that all ships seen by his spyglass are never heard from again. One such ship belonged to the noble Sail family of Horseshoe Bay which resulted in the death of the head of the estate. As a result, Crimson Bartholomew Sail, son to the head of the family, stole a vessel of his own and set sail as a pirate in hopes of finding and killing Captain Hoof. But with no leads or survivors to help, his goal seem near impossible to complete until one day when Captain Iron Hoof makes a fatal mistake and leaves a survivor. Now twenty years later, this pirate and his crew seek the aid of a deceptive mare and set sail to hunt down and kill the most feared pirate in the sea. What adventures await these less then honorable ponies... only time can tell.

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 7 )

I always loved pony pirates

I hope you enjoy this one then :twilightsmile:

This story should have more views than it does, great job. I assume the end is near though?

Sadly i'm working on the last chapter now (and Epilogue) but like the rest it will tie into the rest of my stories nicely. I'm glade you're enjoying this one though and thanks for your kind words. I would like more readers, but I know my writing isn't everybody's cup of tea.

Sad ending with a happy reunion. Great story, I enjoyed every chapter.

Thx im glad you liked it.
As usual this story will intertwin with my others so the story of Zeil and their escape from the Storm Kingdom will be in the next story i'm about to start, (love's Lost Decade)

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