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When Cerberus left his post at the gates of Tartarus, Tirek wasn't the only ancient enemy of Celestia and Luna to escape. Of the many monsters that poured out, among them was the first foe that Celestia and Luna ever fought as newly-crowned princesses.

Now free from his constraints and with a thirst for vengeance against the 'false goddesses', the Frumentarii Cassius is once more released upon Equestria to sow havoc in the name of Mars. He will have his revenge, even if that means a new legion will have to be forged.

A Legion in the skies. The Storm Legion.

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The synopsis confuses me... What are the Fruementarii Cassius, and what do they have to do with Mars?

If you've played Fallout New Vegas, then the Frumentarii are the military branch of Caesar's Legion responsible for espionage, sabotage and intelligence gathering. Pretty much like spies and scouts.

Mars is the god that they worship. The God of War from Roman mythology.

So far this seems interesting I like to see where this goes

Please tell me frumentarii Cassius is an actual npc, and not the name for this worlds courier? Like, I really don’t see how anyone can side with the legion except for 100% run

Please tell me that your talking about an actual frumentarii Cassius, and not this worlds courier? I really hate the legion, but I love seeing the courier be his bad ass self...

Thanks for raising that up. I might as well tell it now because the story will not talk about the protagonist's origins until way into the story. An important thing to note here is Cassius is NOT the courier. He is a tribal who came from one of the earliest tribes conquered by Caesar's Legion and henceforth was indoctrinated into the Legion at a very young age. The rest is spoilers, so be warned.

Second, the tribe he comes from is completely made up and is not part of the Fallout canon. In total there are 87 tribes that make up the Legion, with at least 7 tribes completely exterminated. Since we only know the names of 8 tribes integrated and 2 tribes rendered extinct, I figured I could create my own tribe. It will have established lore and the such and will not be too far-fetched.

Finally, Cassius's knowledge of what happened in the Wasteland does not include the action of the Courier. He did participate in the First Battle of Hoover Dam as a saboteur behind NCR lines for the Legion, being a Frumentarii and all. In fact, the last thing he did before his death and resurrection in Equestria, was partaking in the terrorist attack on Camp Searchlight.

alright then, i was just really, hoping it wasn't the courier, and i'm glad it's not, i did read the spoilered parts, and all of those seem like they'll be fun bridges to cross

Отличная история!

I must admit, I found the premise quite intriguing. The idea is original, and besides, New Vegas is my favourite Fallout. I look foward to see where the plot goes.
Just keep in mind that we won't go quietly. The Legion can count on that.

What happened to the other chapters?

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