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Friendship is Magic right? <3


The two Zeno Samas the kings of everything throughout the multiverse had announced that it was finally time for Beerus the God of Destruction to finally retire so that they can choose a new God of Destruction for Universe 7. Beerus has been called to Lord Zeno Sama's Palace in preparation for his "Honorable Exile". Beerus will be allowed to keep all of his powers but he will be sent to a pocket universe which holds the world of Equestria. Beerus makes a small request that Whis will accompany him and serve the purple cat in his retirement but unfortunately gets his request denied by the Past and Future Zeno deity. Whis needs to stay behind to find and train another candidate for the role of being the next "God of Destruction" of Universe 7. After a few words and goodbyes, Beerus gets sent by Zeno Sama to Equestria and in Canterlot of all places during the preparation for the first Friendship Festival.

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I think Imma drop this link here for future reference. Though the first part I'd immediately check would be the dialogue section as it's the most obvious problem.

Edit: I decided to drop this link in too.

I hope he decides to used his WAAAAAAA attack like when he first fights goku

Its going to turn out really good? Do you remember that scene in the My Little Pony Movie where Tempest leads the attack on Canterlot and where Derpy gets petrified into Obsidian Stone? Im going to do it here but in a much wider and grander scale same as the final ending! :) Im glad that you enjoyed this deviation! :pinkiehappy:

Dodged a bullet there. Pinkie came close to having Beerus destroy Equus with her antics. Here’s hoping she won’t hoard all the pudding.

Nahh she wouldn't do that, Pinkie Pie is alot more mature in this movie as a result of good character development. However something big is gonna go down once Beerus had been bothered with magic orbs that turn everypony into obsidian statues, I think that he would be already ticked off by braggarts once he hears Grubber announce the Storm King.

10253839 Oh yeah... It would be too easy for Beerus to Hakai the Storm King. If Beerus is annoyed by braggarts, wouldn’t he be also annoyed by RD?

Thank you very much for your support and im glad that you enjoyed it! Its a nice combination of purple and purple! Oh and i had to max out the potential of the movie for this deviation since the pacing in the original was a little too fast. Thank you so much again and have a great day!

Get ready for the next chapter where it will be the incoming battle where Lord Beerus meets another adversary and where Tempest Shadow meets her match! Don't miss it!

Twilight and beerus kissing in a tree k i s s i n g


You know Beerus can destroy a universe by punching so there is no possibility that he would need to repeatedly punch Tempest without her dieing, a flick would have been pushing it . Also, there is no possible way that anything in the MLP universe could stop him no matter how much power they have, not even close, so I dont see how they could challenge Beerus not to mention weaken him with a simple bracelet. Your first chapters I could believe but this chapter ruined it for me...its just completely unbelievable and impossible. I'm sorry but I cant handle it when people nurf powerful beings just to have them be relevant in a story. Your a good writer but this is just unbelievable to anyone who has watched Super.

Same here. It is, frankly, impossible to follow the entire movie plot with Beerus present. He is like a brick tossed at the window of logic. The entire fleet would be down the moment he decided to do something about it and no magical gadget would get in the way. It takes the omnipotent Zeno to make him look weak by comparison.

The only scenarios in which Beerus wouldn't end the entire plot right away is if he did nothing at all (which is both impossible and boring) or if he held back. Why would he hold back? Two possible ideas: a) one of his new friends requested that of him for whatever reason; b) Beerus decided to amuse himself the way normal cat does when finding a hopeless victim and play around first.

If it was a combination of those two reasons, the story could go on without forcing actual restrictions on Beerus. And believe me, author: none of us is here to read about (mostly) powerless Beerus. We came here expecting God of Destruction with his powers intact, as you advertised in description. If Beerus is nerfed, then I'm pretty sure at least half of the readers will loose most, if not all enthusiasm.

You can't pluck an OP character from a world and place them into a world in which they'd be even more OP, only to turn around and arbitrarily put said OP character on the level of the natives. It doesn't work, and what you end up with is an OC from the world of your fanfiction who happens to share a name and appearance with a character from another series. This isn't Beerus the Destroyer. This is Beerus the Abyssinian who happens to look and dress like Beerus the Destroyer. That's what you've created.

Thanks for the comment man. I really appreciate that you took the time to read through my My Little Pony Movie Crossover story.

"You know Beerus can destroy a universe by punching so there is no possibility that he would need to repeatedly punch Tempest without her dieing, a flick would have been pushing it ."

Re: Yes you are right by those standards but these are certain times that Beerus was holding back. Beerus is a God of Destruction that have been training for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years with Whis. Under those cimcumstances he already learned how to regulate the Ki in his body when he is fighting an opponent to give a challenge to an opponent who he deems worthy to fight him or give them a chance if he is willing to do so, Thats why the alien in the flashback where Beerus was fighting lasted longer than it wasn't supposed to (Dragon Ball Super).

It was even stated by Whis that Beerus had not even yet mastered Ultra Instinct but since this story is set just after The Tournament of Power, It would clearly be stated that Beerus had already mastered Ultra Instinct at this point from his teacher and attendant Whis, It is one of the reasons why he had such an emotional moment with Whis, the one who took him in and take care of him just like his own for all his life, in chapter 1 of this crossover fanfic if you read back. Even if Beerus acts on his own whim and reffered to as nothing but Bottled Chaos by the Old Kai.

It has been shown time and time again that he is nonetheless another sapient being with a heart and respect to other beings who he deems worthy enough of it as shown as when "Beerus wished that Champa's earth in Universe 6 would have the same food and culture, the same with Universe 7 with the wish for restoration. Thats a big respect right there! Same as the time when Beerus got emotional when Champa got erased at the tournament of power.

As a former God of Destruction, Beerus has the ability to sense power levels of other beings that come around him, He knows that they are no match for him, being in a entirely different league compared to him but since he doesn't want to be bored, He decided to hold back. In the Dragon Ball Battle of Gods movie, He tapped a ceramic egg and it disintegrated into sand! He could have just tapped someone like Tempest and performed this disintegrating technique and she would just have turned into sand and get blown away by the wind but that would that would just end the story or the movie right away, Just like how people talk about if what would have happened if Discord was given a main role in the My Little Pony movie.

As i was saying, Beerus was holding back all this time in his fight with Tempest thats why she was able to barely survive this conflict just like the Z fighters if you have watched "Dragon Ball Battle of Gods Movie" and the "Dragon Ball Super Beerus Saga". Beerus has been sent to a pocket dimension of Universe 7 which holds the planet Equis for his honorable exile after his services to Lord Zeno as a God of Destruction. He can no longer escape this entrapment to Equis since this is where he is exiled, He is no longer connected to his angel Whis nor to the Supreme Kai for that matter. He could do what he wants according to his will with what he got in his power, If they trained enough maybe there is a slight chance that someone could beat him in battle but after millions and millions of years in rigorous training with Whis, even Discord knows of his power at this point and would cower down at a whim at this time.

If there is no longer the Grand Priest, Whis or even Lord Zeno stop him going on a rampage of just doing destroying everything and anything he wants? Because Beerus had made a promise to Twilight after witnessing his power as a God of Destruction at a bare minimum! It is clearly shown in the story what could have happened if Beerus didn't hold back! He might as well have destroyed the land of Equestria if he so wished as it was stated when they dodged a bullet right there from the last chapters! Pinkie Pie's deflating balloon, Trixie's out of control rocket, Pinkie Pie wanting to see how a destroyer does his job of obliterating a planet, These are destruction levels far more powerful than World War 2's atomic bomb or North Korea's nuclear missiles!

Imagine a blast far stronger than what Kid Buu did in Dragon Ball, taking less time and more effective than what Frieza used to blow up Planet Vegeta. He had so much power that all of the ponies around him thought that he was going to kill Tempest right on the spot on the amount of blood and damage to the body that was sustained even if he was still holding back at that point, Not even using a quarter of his power at at that point which shocked and horrified Twilight to the core thats why she had to confront him of these methods.

Twilight was begging, Pleading for mercy and crying her eyes out, Including Starlight to Beerus not to destroy Equestria at the slightest whim for the sake of the Friendship and respect that he had made with Spike as stated in the 2nd chapter of this story as well as everything that the other ponies did for him just like his interactions with Applejack and the other mares like the popstar idol Songbird Serenade when he first arrived in Canterlot despite of his stay not being a perfect one as he wants to. You can compare the level of respect that Beerus and Spike has for each other because of their friendship are like Post Time Skip Roronoa Zoro and Dracule Mihawk in One Piece when he the master swordsman decided to teach Zoro about Haki.

He had ALL THE REASON TO HOLD BACK including his Friendship with Spike, His friendly and somehow flirty interactions with ponies like the popstar Songbird Serenade and as well as his growing infatuation with Princess Twilight as they get to know each other on a more personal level. He would still make a decision whether he should destroy Equestria or not if the ponies had not intervened just like the situation in movie Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods when he was conflicted of destroying earth or not in the first place because of all the delicious earth food he just had. That was the reason why he held back because of the trust and respect the ponies gave him on a personal level.

"Also, there is no possible way that anything in the MLP universe could stop him no matter how much power they have, not even close, so I dont see how they could challenge Beerus not to mention weaken him with a simple bracelet."

Re: Ki or simply energy (エネルギー enerugī ), is the life force energy used by Dragon Ball Z Characters.

As we have just read, At that point in the story when Twilight and Beerus was walking back, The God of Destruction Beerus caught in Energy Weakening Bracelets on his legs when the Storm Guards got lucky by chaining him up to a pillar. These are Energy Weakening Bracelets. With the technology that they have to develop Anti Magic Armor of the Storm Guards that they developed back home, Of course they are going to develop something much more efficient with the scientists that are working for them. The Storm King might be an idiot but not the troops and the staff that are working for him like Tempest Shadow and Grubber. That is the reason why the ponies have have the ability to harnessed magic like Starlight and Trixie have to strategize and buck all of them down.

Unlike the Anti Magic Metals used on the armor of the Storm Guards, These Energy Weakening Bracelets are designed to drain the Energy and Life Force of every being its attached down. Its not a matter of nullifying magic or any other energy attacks but to drain them out, Similar to a human feeling of getting weaker and weaker every second and every minute that passes. How would a human feel if their blood as well as other bodily fluids are just being dried out inside of them from within?

That is what Beerus condition in that current situation was, As strong and powerful he was as a God of Destruction, He still has to rely on Ki, an Energy Life from within him that is being sucked and drained off by the Magical Runes on those Energy Weakening Bracelets just like how Sea Prism Stone which is Oda's Kryptonite in One Piece works but these Energy Weakening Bracelets work different because of their dark magic infused within them. Tirek might suck out the magic from within the ponies around him to weaken them but they would still not die and leave a base of consciousness within them to still breathe and live.

The effects these Energy Weakening Bracelets have the same effect of sucking the life out of people and every creature just like a succubus but from the inside and on a more horrific scale on what the body would feel if all of the moisture and blood from every organ including the heart just gets dried from the inside to the core, That was the reason why Beerus was begging Starlight and Trixie to set him free from those Energy Weakening Bracelets as soon as possible. Lets just hope that the other ponies that got caught would not be succumb to this kind of horrific torture.

Now another asset that the technology of the Storm King has developed is these Energy Enhancers. These are a counterpart and a healing solution to the effects of the Energy Weakening Bracelets. The Energy Enhancer Gumballs grant the user full restoration of their health as well as a sudden increase in Strength, Speed and Magic but at the cost of the body organs breaking down and causing internal injuries to the user if they try to eat too much of it.

Cracking down a dozen or more of these Energy Enhancers all at once could make Tempest Shadow into a true behemoth of a fighter just like Chopper's Rumble Balls in One Piece but at the cost of Sanity and intense strain it has in the body at the cost of death just like Goku's Kaioken in Dragon Ball. You could say that its a metaphor for Drugs and Steroids but thats the asset i thought of to flesh out the story and make it more interesting so that the pacing of the story would not go too fast like people say in the original. Tempest Shadow has already spent a long time, years, YEARS OF training in the Storm King's Army and she has already developed her body to work like a weapon thats she could go toe to toe with the Princesses and Twilight just like Starlight Glimmer in the Season 5 Premiere and the Season 5 Finale of the show. She is gonna keep training and training just like how Uncle Iroh while locked up in prison in the "Avatar the last Airbender".

With her new training of conditioner her body to take on much harder damage and with the help from the Energy Enhancers she has stocked up in the Storm King's Airship, The Final Fight would not go down like this, The scale of the battle will be alot bigger and it will be much much worse.

Again thank you very much for the comment man, I really appreciate it. I love responding to comments like this and explaining the my deviation fanfic of the My Little Pony movie haha. :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy:

Energy...weakening...bracelets...? Created...by...the Storm King...? Who has...zero...knowledge...of the use...of life energy...as a weapon or even a booster...?*

Regardless of the fact that what they are is a fairly standard vitality drain (pretty common in magitek), the fact that you call them Energy weakening bracelets, and that they can drain Beerus enough to actually affect him (which by the way where is the stolen vitality going?) makes them pure contrivance.

*That's my 'do you realize how stupid this sounds' spacing.

Wait! You didn't even like the part about Diamond Tiara and SilverSpoon making a cameo? I thought that would make alot of readers laugh. When Diamond Tiara groans and says " I knew i shouldn't have gotten out of bed today" Oh and i have to write the part where Beerus briefly gets captured because how would Starlight Glimmer and Trixie get to join the Mane 6 on their Adventure in the next chapter? I this version, I was thinking of making Starlight and Trixie join the Mane 6 and have some major roles in the story.

I don't know what Diamond and Silver's cameo has to do with the comment you replied to, but it isn't funny. It's completely detached from the greater narrative and there's nothing to it that even suggests it was meant to be funny. Rather it feels like an attempt to add to the reaction to events taking place by giving a character a line.

If that had been your intent I'd say 'good for you', but if comedy was your aim there then you completely missed the mark. I just feel sorry for Diamond, and feel nothing for Silver because that was just a perspective cutaway and she isn't a part of it. So yeah, I feel for Diamond, and I'd feel bad for laughing.

Hi Willight Robinbine! Did you enjoy my deviation of the My Little Pony Movie? :pinkiehappy: What does E Rating Mean? I haven't noticed that. I put the tags Gore, Violence and Death because the Storm King dies at the end . Also i plan to make the fight scene in the final confrontation to be like a One Piece Fight or like the one in "Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods" or "Dragon Ball Super: Beerus Saga" to be as detailed and action packed as possible where Tempest puts up more of a fight and Beerus sees her as new worthy adversary like the time he dreamt of Goku as the Super Saiyan God before he met him.

Oh by the way, About that scene. I like doing little cover stories in my Deviation of "My Little Pony: Movie". I kinda got inspired when Eichiro Oda has these little cover stories aside from the main story arcs of the One Piece Manga. She was still a baby at the timeline of this movie but she could be smarter than we think :pinkiehappy: Its kinda fun to see her interactions with Discord since he was only a cameo at the end of the movie, and its also nice to see what was happening in other parts of Equestria at this hour aside from Canterlot. :twilightsmile: Thank you very much for reading my story. I really appreciate it, It what makes writing fun :pinkiehappy:

Well it is My Little Pony: Movie which is Rated E but that included a death scene, same as with Disney movies like Tarzan, The Lion King, Bambi, The Princess and the Frog etc. Also when i was writing this, there is a limited number of tags you can put in there thats why i wasnt able to put the crossover tag in there, And also because other Dragon Ball characters like Goku, Vegeta, Picolo, Krillin, Tien etc are not on this fic so this is more like a Beerus Crossover than a full on Dragon Ball Crossover.


Profanity, blood, and violence with the level of detail you've used is beyond what we allow for an Everyone rating. Further information can be found here.

I have noticed that there have been some dislikes to my fanfic over the last 24 hours. It would be nice if you could tell me in the comments why did you put the downvote. I'm sure you just didn't dislike it without any reason right?I I appreciate the comments and critism. Thank you.

But, wouldn't Beerus be able to one-shot every My Little Pony character?

Well Yes considering his power level but I don't want him to be like Saitama, I would write the final fight in this fanfic to be levels of Dragon Ball Z or One Piece thats why i am writing Tempest as a pony who could actually put up a fight with Beerus with lots of action.

Separate the dialogs in different paragraphs, it will be easier to understand who's talking.

I said the same thing in my head when I watch the movie.

This is the part I hated in the movie. Not just because I think Twilight would never commit theft, but also because the rest of the crew uses this as an excuse to start a discussion even though they weren't taking the fall of Equestria seriously since the beginning.

Anyway, good chapter. Now it's easier to comprehend who's talking, but there are some minor grammatical errors here and there.

Thanks man, English is not my first language since i'm from the Philippines but i try to make this really good for the enjoyment of everyone. I would be editing out some grammar details though.

I was just shocked at the argument scene in the movie where Twilight shouts at Pinkie :pinkiesad2: I was just like Daaamnnnn..

Are you writing Tempest as a character who can keep up with Beerus in a fight? Or are you writing Beerus as a character who can't mop the floor with Tempest? There's a BIG difference, and if Tempest doesn't have feats in your story that back up your statement, then you're doing exactly what you were accused of doing before and nerfing Beerus. I haven't read any more since chapter 6, but I was looking through the comments to see if anything changed. Why did a moderator have to get involved for you to understand that the story couldn't stay rated Everyone, by the way? Happened to notice that, it was really weird. Also, what's happened with that miracle weapon from the Storm King's army that can somehow pierce Beerus' body to somehow drain away his life essence, and somehow do it fast enough to somehow weaken Beerus enough that he somehow doesn't thwart the initial invasion? Is it still a thing? Or was it a one and done contrivance? I honestly wouldn't know which is worse, because what a contrivance.

"B..But i want to fight her!!" Lord Beerus said in protest but Twilight was having none of it as she drags off the purple feline."No more fighting till i deem its necessary! You got that Mister?!" "Yes Princess Twilight.." Beerus says in a defeated manner blushing bright red seeing as Twilight was doing that thing again when she puts her face too close in his face every time they would argue and have a disagreement. Beerus then levitates into the air beside Twilight, Still keeping that promise of refusing to fight back until a shot was fired at Twilight or the rest of his friends.

Just...I just looked at this chapter...just looked...WHAT IS THIS?! Why is Beerus in this story if not to do what he does best and Magic Eraser things?! Because that isn't why he's here! So what is?!

promise of refusing to fight back until a shot was fired at Twilight or the rest of his friends.

This part specifically really bothers me! Not until a shot is fired?! That kind of logic is what gets people killed! You know what Twilight 'Understands They Aren't In Equestria Anymore' Sparkle would do? She'd let Beerus be the kind of friend he's trying to be! The kind of friend who looks out for his friends in hostile situations that he can eliminate by eliminating those hostile situations!

Mmm...okay, deep breaths...

Look, I'm gonna lay it out for you, okay? Just because it's another character telling Beerus to do nothing, doesn't change the fact that Beerus is just along for the ride. That isn't the kind of story you promised. You promised a Beerus with all his powers intact. That isn't what this is, because he hasn't done anything. The crux of the issue is this: There's an expectation when Beerus is part of a story. There's a grander expectation when Beerus is in a story, with an explicit statement that all his powers will be intact. His level of power is one of his powers. The established Ponyverse, that is; everything that has been explored to a point of understanding within the MLP G4 canon, contains nothing that would allow for an author to follow through with a promise of a full power Beerus.

Yes, believe it or not, but your promise that all of his powers would remain intact carried with it the unspoken promise of a full power Beerus moment. Because for what other reason would you make such a statement? Your story amounts to inserting a character from another series into a sequence of events that are part of the established Ponyverse, and then insisting that everything follow canon. The addition of characters that weren't there in canon doesn't make it not follow canon if those characters serve no function other than window dressing. What do Starlight, Trixie, and Beerus add to the story? From where I'm standing, a line or two each per conservation scene.

An energy weakening bracelet on Beerus?

Are you fucking high author?!

This is the best honorary exile that i have ever experienced! Well as long as nothing happens here that annoys me, "Maybe i won't have to do any destroying just this once... Maybe just this once... This ONCE... No one... Pony or whatever creature would pissed me off.." Beerus thought laughing to himself while taking a look at his scenery, hoping that this would be the best day of his life.

Murphy: Y'all about to have a real bad day, partner.

Comment posted by Aaron-Nova deleted Aug 18th, 2020

This is really good, a lot of fanfictions end at one chapter or are cancelled. Keep up the good work.

Lord Beerus the God of Destruction from Universe 7 of the outer dimension walks forward to meet this self proclaimed Storm King who refused to show up along with his minions the hedgehog and this dark purple unicorn mare with the broken horn who thinks she can scare and intimidate any of the ponies here which was supposed to be his job as a former destroyer. As he faces this supposedly weapon of a pony, there was a flashback unbeknownst to him was being played by Pinkie Pie in the projector which got everypony's attention including the princesses.

... You don't have to drop titles in narration we the readers know who he is at this point. Just put Beerus or Lord Beerus.

Edit: Why is beerus acting like storm king?

Oh boy, and just an fwi I doubt beerus, would say majesties, to someone lower than him.

God the goodbye between Beerus and Whis made me tear up. The music really helped with the tone.

i was going to read this story then i saw the first chapter then i checked two chapters then i said hell no then i read the comments about this story and im like

Energy weakening bracelet? Against a diety capable of one-shotting a universe? Most importantly, you not going back and getting rid of that part and replacing it with Beerus just slaughtering them all, like it should have been all along? No. Just...no.

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