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I'm filing this under "Personal Greatest Gaming Achievements Ever". · 4:53am Yesterday

I seriously hope this video looks as impressive as it felt.

Pointers for those unfamiliar with Freedom Planet 2:
- The player-character Lilac has a boost ability. She is invulnerable for the duration of the boost. You can cancel the boost early for damage-over-time at the point of cancellation, but you are immediately vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

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I don't currently have any more entries in the Forgotten series planned.

What will be your next Forgotten Story after you finish Forgotten: The Mists of Bridlewood?

Comment posted by justheretoreadstories deleted Dec 18th, 2023

OOOOOHH! How did I miss that? I just watched Sonic Prime season 2 last week.

Miles Prower, Tails' legal name, is a portmanteau of miles per hour.

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