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Been writing fan fiction for most of my life. Brony since March 2011.

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First Time For Everything, I Suppose. · 12:30pm Last Friday

For the first time in my six years here, I have blocked a follower.

Two things drive me to write fan fiction.

1. My own imagination and inspiration.
2. Reader feedback on existing chapters.

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Yeah, it's really snuck up on me. I didn't even know if I'm gonna get that day off, I've already requested my wedding day off. Real life has really gotten in the way lately.

You know, Extra Life's Game Day is a week from tomorrow. I found your new profile on the site, as well as your team's profile, and I figured you'd have announced it in a blog post by now.

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Just finished reading the "Mistress Do Well" series! And I loved every second of it! I was wondering if you ever considered making in "alternate, alternate" story centered around it? If you are interested, I have some ideas…

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