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As Maretime Bay celebrates and Equestria enters the beginning of reunification, Queen Haven of Zephyr Heights wonders if she and her daughters are fugitives, or forgiven.

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Was considering doing an audiobook of this for quick content, but then...

Oh! Incomplete!

How long do you plan to make it?

Probably not very long. 2-3 chapters, most likely.

Fun start! :pinkiesmile: Sure to be a nice little story.

Interesting idea for how the royal family of Zephyr Heights might have smoothed things over with the populace.

Neat story idea, and it touches on something I had in my mind about Unicorn Attack!. I'll PM it to you eventually. It's a bit far along compared to where the story is now.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, the crystals are about to build themselves a new brighthouse. (I swear, I have to keep reminding myself that Crystal Brighthouse is a pun on lighthouse, otherwise it'll sound way too much like a Barbie playset type of thing. Which, to be fair, it actually is.)

"This... This is way too much room for just me. This is for all of us, I just know it," Sunny commented, turning around to the three friends who had accompanied her inside. "We can get five beds in here with room to spare!"

Unfortunately, the Crystal Brighthouse doesn't come with separate bedrooms. You mares don't mind having a stallion for a roommate, do you?

It's just as well. Hitch has his own place, adjoining the precinct if the Foal Me Once episode of TYT is any indication? Pity though, separate bedrooms might've prevented half of what went down in Nightmare Roommate.

Sigh beaten to making the audiobook again, but since I've started I might as well do my take on it as well.

Wait, who's making readings of my stuff? I'm flattered, but they're not telling me about it, lol

Oh, My rival audiobook maker, Straight To The Point Studio.
I try not to cover the same ground he does. I did let you know that I did your first chapter first I thought.

Ah, I think he did do one of my other stories.

Nothing left to do but upload the video, and leave the rest to fate.

I figure once the video is posted, Pipp will be keeping an eye on Zephyr Height's news feeds and social media to see how well it goes over. Of course, that too requires a decent signal.

"I will accept any punishment Zephyr Heights sees fit to pass down," Haven began again, "on two conditions. One, I and I alone accept the blame for my family's decisions; Zipp and Pipp played integral roles in restoring flight to pegasi everywhere, and they will be returning here to Maretime Bay shortly to move in with their new friends, and I will take the brunt of your anger to let them do that. Two; the stagehands that helped us carry on this farce are to be rendered blameless; they did what they did on coercion from us along with offers of job security."

When you are making an apology video you shouldn't set conditions to people you're apologizing to. One can only make requests or ask or beg. Demands don't fit with the whole "I wronged you and I'm sorry" thing.

I just viewed it as Haven taking complete and total responsibility for those under her.

"I will accept any punishment Zephyr Heights sees fit to pass down," Haven began again, "on two conditions. One, I and I alone accept the blame for my family's decisions;

That's not the Queen Haven I remember. But maybe that's what I get for watching the censored version.

I'd watch the whole film in this version.


She could have said something along the lines of: "I will accept any punishment Zephyr Heights sees fit to pass down. I only beg you not to blame my daughters or stagehands for their part in deception. They were acting under my orders. The responsibility for that farce lies entirely with me."

Might make those changes when I get home from work.


Earlier, Haven was told she'd have a place in Maretime Bay if things didn't go well in Zephyr Heights. What I took from her setting conditions for her penance was that, if the ponies of Zephyr Heights didn't permit her to take full responsibility for the charade, she would simply go into self-exile with her daughters. But yeah, asking her possibly former subjects not to hold her daughters responsible probably works better.


And done. I'm all for dialogue improvements, thank you!

"It depends on the situation, and ponies are usually really good at figuring out if you're being sincere, or if you're reading something from a script. So while I don't think it should be live, I don't think it should be rehearsed, either. We need to come clean about the years of deception and the genuine good that we believed it would do."

Well, good to know Pipp won't do it live us a good start. :ajsmug:

"We're actually in the process of figuring that out right now. But no matter what Zephyr Heights thinks, I know that I want to stay right here, for now, with you guys."

A sign that Zipp has accepted the magic of friendship. :twilightsmile:

"Look!" Hitch said, pointing back towards the hills. The pegasi and two earth ponies immediately began to gallop down the coastal street towards the damaged lighthouse, as the rainbows overhead continued to ebb and pulse brighter...

Huh! :rainbowhuh:

"That's not something you see every day," Hitch commented.

Yep. :pinkiegasp:

"We're fine. We have no idea what happened, Sunny" the head mover replied, a gray earth pony. "Those crystals that were floating in the sky suddenly moved towards where the top of the lighthouse used to be, then that beam shot out into the sky. We got most of your stuff out, pretty much the only things we missed was furniture and appliances, things we hadn't unhooked and unplugged yet."

Sounds kinda similar to how Twilight's castle was created. :applejackunsure:

Each of them were a little worried that they'd be headed back towards home before they'd even have a clue if this apology video would have any kind of effect. It had been decided that no matter what happened, all three of them would head back to Zephyr Heights so Zipp and Pipp could pack up some personal items, since they would effectively be moving to Maretime Bay for the foreseeable future. If this was positively received, there might be some kind of sendoff parade for them.

Which there was. :ajsmug: And Pipp packing to much like Rarity would. :ajbemused:

"I will accept any punishment Zephyr Heights sees fit to pass down," Haven began again. "I only beg you not to blame my daughters or stagehands for their part in deception. They were acting under my orders. The responsibility for that farce lies entirely with me."

Glad to know she's accepting her mistake. :duck:

Seeing as how they just recorded and uploaded a video that reminded everypony of 'what happened back there', Zipp didn't look quite as confident as she did when she had first said them. All three of them were undoubtedly nervous, and they knew why; because no matter what they said, how they said it, and how unrehearsed it was, the pegasi of Zephyr Heights still had every single right to be livid at them.

Yeah, so, all we can do is wait now. :fluttershysad:

Pipp took another deep breath, and the group continued on their way up the path. As they closed in on the final turn before the gates, they definitely heard chatter you would expect from a large crowd, and sure enough, when they rounded the bend to the main gates, there was hordes of pegasi in the streets, and dozens upon dozens of eyes immediately laid upon the royal family and their two escorts.

Oh boy! :twilightoops:

They weren't shouting. Well, not exactly. They were cheering. And the pounding hooves wasn't a galloping stampede, but cheering. Smiles slowly grew on the three royal faces as habit slowly returned to their minds, and they began to wave as they stood just inside the gateway of Zephyr Heights. They stood on ceremony like that for a few moments until they were approached by a pair of ponies that they were all too familiar with; Dazzle and Skye, ZBS's most popular reporters, along with a camerapony.

Well, looks like they have nothing to worry about. :yay:

The streets of Zephyr Heights cheered again, and a good amount of the ponies were clearly prepared with streamers and confetti poppers, some even taking to the sky before releasing them, and Haven winced as she saw a couple collisions as the airborne celebrators weren't watching where they were going. The pairs faltered before clumsily coming back down ot the ground.

This is definitely gonna take some training first. 😓

Nice explanation for where the replacement jewel came from. All's well that ends well, I suppose.

Not much I can say that other reviewers haven't already said better in the previous chapters, but I LOVE the work that went into the exchanges, characterizations and general wrap-up throughout the short story in all the right places, especially with the references to "Sisters Take Flight". And, yes, this IS a great explanation for where Haven got the replacement gem for her crown (as well as a good build-up for Haven and Alphabittle becoming better friends).

I mean...I'm a bit sore that Queen Haven was justly detained for fraud, but not Queen Novo for doing much worse. Or Discord for that matter. Maybe there was a vicious revolution between shows due to all the injustice seen throughout G4 and THAT is why Twilight and Celestia's regime failed.

She held her people at the bottom of the sea instead of simply either ignoring the Storm King (who never proved at any point to ever be a threat) or place the Storm King under arrest. Then Novo punished for daughter for doing what she herself should've done in the first place. Also Novo was prejudice against non-aquatic beings.
Also it really was only remotely wrong that Twilight tried to take the pearl, Novo sure wasn't going to use it.

Glad to have finally sat down and read this. It was a charming follow-up to the events of the movie, and one that felt in-character for everyone involved. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for reading! Very glad you enjoyed.

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