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This story is a sequel to Forgotten

Sunny Starscout's ongoing search for Equestria's ancient past sends her up to the northern arctic, where it is written that a city protected by love once stood.

Cover art by: Little Tigress

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This is legitimately amazing and I cannot wait to read more!!!
I am SO intrigued!

So, Flurry Heart ended causing the magical apocalypse. Color me surprised.:trixieshiftleft:

You say that like she's not going to have help with said apocalypse.

Whoa this is a pretty interested start here so it looks like Sunny wants to explore the Equestria again to find any ancient items and this time he she is going to the Crystal Empire but they need a vehicle to get through the snow first and it looks like we got a flashback apparently flurry heart now all grown up is worried about something and I wonder what could it be guess we'll find out next time

It could be that she wanted to stop the magic going away - and that she's having prophetic dreams like Celestia does.
That said, I am interested to know what Flurry's special talent is.
Seeing as she was easily able to shatter said heart whose picture now rests on her butt, as well as chunks of the crystal castle (and chunks of her parents' sanity) when she was only a foal, I wonder if has something to do with magical artifacts in general.

Also, nice picture, but I wonder if she still has the proportionally oversized wings she had as a baby.

Oh wow, that is a very pretty Flurry Heart :3

y'all write too fast for realzies :izzydizzy:

Interesting start. The repurposing of the titular "blueprints" was a nice touch, the flashback at the end made for a neat little cliffhanger, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enthralled by those Spike and Luna tags waiting in the wings. Keep up the good work!

Not sure how you came to that conclusion, if I'm being honest. As far as I could tell, the story hasn't said anything about Flurry causing the magic apocalypse; only that she didn't know how to stop it.



Which reminds me: I wonder if/when we'll get G5 emotes. (Hell if I know, TBH.)

please, please, please let the demon daughter still be alive

I am so ready for this ride.

On a related note, I’m hoping that Sprout can tag along with the gang. I mean, who else is going to be able to operate the vehicle? Also seeing some redemption is what FIM is all about.

Also Flurry! Yay!

Looking forward to more.

What happened princess?

I sneezed.


/sigh I dropped the pepper mill and sneezed all the magic away.


Nope! Now are gonna help or what?

Excellent! Excited to see this ride continuing. Off to a great start. :yay:

Ooh!!! Can't wait for more!

Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Time to meet the yaks, too.

I'm so excited to see more!

"Please help me. Show me how I can stop this. Tell me what to do. Please."

It's simple, just wait for uncle Sombrero to show up again, and get him to trade you his time-stop spell for a lifetime supply of crystals.

Excellent work on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Loved the looks at both the present AND the past. In the present, Sunny going to Canterlogic for help in building a vehicle that can handle the elements of the Crystal Empire as well as long distance travel and still carry a healthy amount of supplies makes a lot of sense. And, yeah, have to wonder what had Flurry Heart so darn worried. And, yeah, I get the feeling that she, in her attempts to help deal with whatever had her so worried, she might end up doing at least half by accident what Sombra did on purpose. Of course, it being at least half-accidental AND well-intentioned would probably still qualify her as a Good Counterpart to Sombra. But I digress. I'm also looking forward to seeing how Spike and Luna end up factoring into this.

VERY much looking forward to more of this.

The empire is in danger once again. Ponies! TO THE NORTHLANDS!!

"That, I wouldn't be as hopeful on finding." Toots answered, remembering his trip to the museum, seeing the images of tracks and passenger trains. "Those railroad tracks were made out of wood and iron. They would certainly have to be maintained and replaced every few years. Left abandoned, the wood would certainly rot away after a few decades, and I can only assume that if any of the iron remains, it has almost certainly been overgrown by the surrounding ground."

The raised beds are usually around for a LONG time after

"Uh... The, uh... Sprouticus Maximus? That, that really didn't have any blueprints," Sprout answered nervously, clearly a little perturbed at the memory.

Phyllis' expression became dumbfounded as she turned to Toots.

"Seriously?" She asked her R&D director.

"It was actually kinda freaky how well it all came together," Toots admitted. "We got that thing bolted together and working in two and a half days just on his descriptions."

"Well, clearly, I have some engineers who need raises. Sunny, no worries. We'll get to work on what you need the right way. I can't get you a specific time table just yet, but I'll do so as soon as possible."

If you want more impressive go for napkin sketches, those can be traumatizing.

Ooh a bit of a mystery with that bit at the end with Flurry Heart. I might actually enjoy this more than the first story.

Don't get me wrong, the first story was good, but I kinda felt that it was a little choppy in places, like there was a checklist of places or scenes. Sunny goes into forest, finds Castle of Friendship, Finds throne room, and so forth. the parts that really shined were the Discord wall, meeting Sprout, and a couple of others that in my mind took the time to paint a vivid image in my head.

This one feels like it's going to take time to develop instead of skipping right to the juicy bits. Things might happen in this story, and not all of them will be good.

Man, we pushed for ages to get more G4 emotes. We never even got Starlight... despite the perfect memeface that was her shouting Twi down.

I love this already.

On one hand I imagine this will be another melancholy appreciation of G4 in a light hearted and interesting archeology story like the last.

But I would also love if this is something more grand and will involve bringing back the crystal empire and Flurry heart.

However I would also just love if this turns into a remake of The Mummy with Sombra returning once again from sheer force of will and wild magic.

Wow! I can't wait for more! I was even just about to re-read the first story as well.

Flurry might have used the last of the Heart's magic to put The Crystal Empire into stasis of some kind. Would give Flurry am chance to be ya know a character, and give a even more significant look into the past. Though that would lead us to ask was Flurry hundreds of years old when she did it, so it wouldn't exactly be like walking into era of the Elements, but the era right before magic faded. Still Sunny would get a ever more intimate view as to what the Elements where like, and Flurry's recalling how things where when she was a child would help reunification along with "Look everyone! We where so united a Pony like her was born, a every kind pony!"

This is gonna be great!

Interesting chapter, but I would have expected something with tracks, for the grip and all. Or at least the ability to give it that option.

So.....repurposing his mecha into something actually useful...kind of like what they're doing to him.

Fantastic! Can't wait to see how this develops

A thousand years changes a lot. The north might have more beasties hidden in the snow than it did a thousand years ago


Note that Sprout seem to be far better as a member of Canterlogics than as deputy.

This would tend to fit better with the original ending: Phyllis telling him point blank that he wasn't a good sheriff and finding him a new job.

Faved & skimmed this fine work, gotta say i love it & will read it again to tell you my feelings about this more.

Awww, Sprout's being includedddd!

Is it weird I suddenly feel like he and Sunny would make a good/interesting couple?

You know what? I really like dorky, excitable Sprout. He's cute :twilightsmile:

if it gets under -20 C°, I would recommend keeping the engine running at all times. I cannot promise it would start under colder conditions, not to mention being out in that kind of weather without every inch of your body covered up.

They're obviously not from Canada. -20 isn't that bad unless the wind is blowing


I think she's actually talking about the return of Wendigoes. The raging storm and blizzard outside very much allude to such, and neatly answers the question that kept running through my mind while reading the first story post Discord's final message: What happened to make Twilight decide on sealing herself and all the world's magic away just to take the Wendigoes with her?

Because obviously she didn't wake up one day and decide to just upend the pony civilization, perhaps all of the civilizations of the world and disable a fundamental force of their planet on a whim.

It's not a theoretical return of Wendigoes that would prompt Twilight to such a world-shattering decision. It would have to be a very real, very in-progress return of Wendigoes that they lacked any other immediate means of combating. Something must have happened that rendered Wendigoes immune/resistant to the Elements/Crystal Heart/Alicorns, even Discord, this time around ... like the spirit of Harmony said, while the good side evolved, so did the forces trying to tear them apart.

Well, clearly Wendigoes had found a way around the forces that beat them back the last time and were in the process of returning. And given they almost wiped out ponykind (and post that, probably the whole world had they kept going) the last time, and lacking any other obvious means to combat them/lacking the time to devise them if the land was already starting to freeze over ... I could see pulling the magic plug on the world being Twilight's last resort.

The real question is ... with the magic now returning, could the Wendigoes resurface as well?

As someone who live near the equator, what temperature is considered to be 'bad' then? :derpyderp1:

Wow they finally got the vehicle the one from the movie but a little more upgraded so it can go through the snow nice and it looks like Sprouts is coming along with sunny and the others still I wonder if the Crystal Empire will appear I guess we'll find out next time

REALLY good job on this latest chapter. Definitely loved the dialogues, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Certainly appreciated Zipp and Sunny discussing the things they've been doing to keep busy before their ride was ready as well as the description of the modifications made to the mecha to make it better equipped to handle long distance travel and extremely cold weather.

Well, Izzy is definitely coming along (as her name is on the tags and she is definitely good enough at levitation to at least handle the weight of a tram car [which, in addition to possible tire changes, could also come in handy in the very real event of the gang encountering wild animals]). Zipp and Pipp probably are, as they are royalty and, thus, the best trained of the group in diplomacy given their likelihood of finding actual living beings on their trip. As for Hitch, it's about fifty/fifty as we don't know yet if he'll stay behind to protect the town. Of course, given his almost supernatural knack with animals, he could probably charm a few dozen critters into keeping an eye on the town for him and helping out as needed in the event he DOES decide to come along.

At any rate. Definitely looking forward to more of this. Especially the possible/probable extra peeks considering whatever problem Flurry was/is facing.

When i read the storie i thought of the snow cruiser arctic explorer the us built
That thing
Would be neat to see something like it work.
The reason it failed basicaly boiled down to press and pushing a product that wasent tested

I mean, I've worked outside in -40 before. That was hell and people in Northern Canada put up with worse, somehow.

If I'm outside for more than half an hour at -35 I'll layer up and cover most of my face... and still probably end up with frozen facial hair. But I've stood in walk in freezers at -20 in essentially pants and a t-shirt to do inventory. -20 is essentially just throw on a winter jacket and deal with it. -25 means I might throw on a pair of longjohns (basically thermal underwear) and a hoodie. -30 is when I start layering up but will often not bother with a thermal hood (like a balaclava) or facemask. -35 I'll throw those on, more layers of everything and keep a few hand warmers in my pocket in case I need then. -40 well, all of the last and then try to find whatever shelter I can. -40 is the temperature where it doesn't matter how much I wear, I still get cold... especially if there's any wind. In the extreme cold wind is your worst enemy, avoid it at all costs.

Well, I wasn't thinking she was going to the Frozen North in a heavily modified Arctic APC! Now this has me wondering if there's a radio in that thing, or at least a data port for their smart phones. Somepony has gotta have a road trip playlist built up for this expedition.

No, they're going to go see what's left of Canada.

... Her last words were "sorry" weren't they?

I wonder what they'll find?

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