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Been writing fan fiction for most of my life. Brony since March 2011.


Thank You For Reading, For Commenting, For Everything · 3:07pm Last Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

I'm thankful for my friends, both online and local. The past month and a half has been really something to deal with, and I've been internalizing quite a bit of it. It's good to have all of you to unload some of that through conversation.

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Finally, an easy-to-understand guide. · 2:20pm November 22nd

The FDA recommends an instant-read meat thermometer in order to ascertain the correct internal homosexuality level of your horses before serving. Remember, a slow burn on low heat will gay him up more thoroughly!

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Two Weeks · 4:30pm November 19th

Well, it's been two weeks since my soon-to-be ex ran off to Vegas to be with a married woman.

On the plus side, the apartment has never been cleaner.

I've been taking things one day at a time, and I have friends and family telling me that I'm ultimately better off.

Still not doing anymore Gallbarlus stories. I may do another Gallbar one where Ocellus never got involved.

Also have to update the Appledash fic too.

And it feels like I've hit a stride again on Letters.

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I Might Have A Problem · 10:08pm November 12th

Walking down to my mom's place to cook dinner, wearing my Sunset Shimmer hoodie, listening to a Sunset Shimmer song on my phone, and while I'm waiting for the water to boil, here I sit writing a Sunset Shimmer story.

Shut up, I can quit anytime I want.

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To my fellow American co-readers and co-authors. · 5:53pm November 3rd

I really don't care who you voted for or why.

Just stay safe in the coming days and weeks.

That's all I ask.

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That Time Of Year Again · 9:32pm October 30th

Slowly taking mom through the Equestria Girls films, and it is unfortunately reminding me of the point I keep returning to over the past year:

Sunset Shimmer got the shortest stick of the entire cast of the 4th gen of MLP, because the suits at Hasbro pulled the plug before her story could come to any kind of definitive conclusion, and I am very annoyed at that.

Such a disservice to the character.

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I've never been a gun owner before. · 6:39pm October 27th

I've been in the market for a revolver for a little while now. Yesterday I made the mistake of asking to hold a S&W Model 610 6.5 barrel.

It fits my ridiculous hands perfectly, and looks and feels like something you'd save for the end of a Resident Evil game

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I Will Be Continuing This Story! · 2:12am October 25th

Just wanted to give hopeful readers some good news.

After months of hiatus, I have finally gotten the creative motivation to continue this short Appledash tale.

Once I'm finished with Fizzlepop's Past (final chapters in-progress) then I'll be diving back into The Farmer and The Wonderbolt.

I'm glad I can finally continue this story, as I don't like leaving stories unfinished.

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A New Animaniacs 2020 Trailer Is Out · 2:45pm October 22nd

I can't wait for those people that bitch about the political jokes.

Because, you know, there totally wasn't a Bill Clinton joke in the theme song over twenty years ago.


Theme song.


The Road Forward · 9:08pm October 20th

I've been thinking about what I want to work on next after I wrap up Fizzlepop's Past.

But I can say I am most likely done with Gallbarlus (Gallus x Sandbar x Ocellus).

I know quite a few of you enjoyed those stories, but I am understandably no longer comfortable with polyamory, and even if I felt I could push that story/relationship farther, I would want to be absolutely sure that no personal venom seeps into my work.

Right now, I cannot guarantee that.

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