After the completion of the Friendship Games, Sunset hopes to complete a long overdue assignment before Twilight departs for Equestria.

Better late than never.

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It's a cute fic, but I would've enjoyed it more if you weren't trying to shoehorn the lyrics from 'My past is not today' in it.

6487143 I wouldn't consider it shoehorned in, but each to their own.

Fuckin' beautiful man.

Very nice. There were a couple of barely noticeable errors, but one thing stood out to me:

Of course after that, they were the only four friends I had.

Don't you mean five?

The dialogue is sometimes a little dry but apart from that I enjoyed this one.

Gotta agree with the lyrics thing, it was actually a little bit cringy (ey? idk), to me. Otherwise it was a cute little story that I'm glad to have read.

Bravo my friend, bravo! I will consider this an unoffical bonus scene of Friendship Games, and I can only hope that if we get more Equestria Girls in the future, they don't forget about Sunset Shimmer's past life.

Lovely fic; very cute and sweet natured. I enjoyed both Sunset's letter excepting responsibility and Celestia's response, offering forgiveness. I do think it could have benefited from one more draft to smooth over some of the rougher sections in Sunset's letter. You should also remove and rewrite the song lyrics; those were very jarring. They felt out of place and wrong. That said, I enjoyed it thoroughly and have upvoted.

6487819 After reading it through several more times, I went ahead and removed some of them.

6488101 Maybe she was secretly not so fond of one of them. :)

Okay, something like this has GOTTA happen in Equestria Girls 4!

...Yes, guys, it's confirmed. :twilightsmile:

Wow this was actually a heartwarming great story Miles. A look into the povs of sunset and celestia.

6488402 I agree. Or maybe, if the DHX staff is talented enough, make it into a full length episode for Season 6.

6487157 It's really easy to use those words by accident.

You should try a Celestia is Sunset Shimmer's adopted mom fiction.

You look like you would do well with that particular blade.


I was here to protect this school and its students

That was a nice story:twilightsmile:

Oh no Sunset!!! You're... TARDY!

I'm not sure if the "My Past is Not Today" lyrics make the letter better or worse. On the one hoof, they're very familiar and each one is jarring. On the other, it's putting Sunset's words in her own mouth, and that's exactly the way it should be.

6504668 I took some of them out, because they were a bit jarring. On the first draft, half the song was in there.

6504733 Yeah, that would have been too much. I love the concept you're working with here and it's well written.

6623126 This is a oneshot. There is no moar.


"Looking back, the plan was laughable. I mean, even if I got through the portal, would my army of teenagers automatically know how to use their wings and horns against trained royal guards? "

And she can keep brainwashing and sending in more expendable grunts en mass, and she can just brainwash and transform more ponies on the other side, I imagine the teenage were just a distraction for her to then brainwash and transform more ponies on the pony side of the mirror.

That was really nice. The picture at the end sums it up perfectly. :pinkiehappy:

7005003 *sniffs and a tear starts to fall*I know.:applecry::fluttershysad::pinkiesad2::raritycry::unsuresweetie:

FWIW, at the end of Rainbow Rocks, I would have squealed in joy if Sunset had finished her very first Friendship Report with: "Your faithful student, Sunset Shimmer"

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Your image after Sunset's letter is broken. (Not the one with her and Tia, the other one.)

That as so good! Really enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading! There's more in this storyline if you're so inclined.

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