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Deciding to pay her old friend, Princess Twilight, a visit, Sunset Shimmer returns to find Equestria no longer the “friendly” kingdom she remembered.

Looking for answers, she joins a rag tag team of young ponies, who hope to make Equestria the kingdom it once was.

Contains spoilers from MLP: A New Generation.

Cover art by EmeraldBlast63.

Chapters (14)
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As an introductory piece for this project, just moments before the release of the new 'Gen 5' movie set to air later this month, I feel that this is a strong introduction to what is yet to come. A story that provides an opportunity for a Gen 4 character, specifically 'Sunset Shimmer', to have an opportunity to enter into a world where everything she knows is gone, she is literally propelled into the future of Equestria itself, and now must uncover the answers to a mystery as to why everything has changed for better... or for worse. Now this concept is not 'entirely' new as a few FanFics have featured other Gen 4 characters sent to this future, but this is not just the Sunset Shimmer we know. This is a Sunset from 'years' after the events of the 'Equestria Girls' spinoff, a girl who is slightly passed her prime, trying to determine what to do with her life, and thought a visit to her old teacher and best friend, Twilight Sparkle, would be a nice venture.

What little she knows, faithful readers, is that this chapter is only the beginning (And not a rather good impression by the looks of it).

Perhaps it's a good thing that Sunset Shimmer left that all Earth Pony town rather 'peacefully' as opposed to instances where a pony like her is driven away by force. But now we reach the point where she is introduced to a character whom many declare is a fan favorite of a new addition to the franchise that barely hopped off the ground (Though the countries getting the early releases are extremely lucky to be first witnesses). Based on what little there is to know of Miss Moonbow, she definitely contrasts Sunset Shimmer's personality greatly yet Sunset is more than willing to share the company of a rather enthusiastic unicorn (Considering Sunset is a stranger in a stranger Equestria and needs 'some' pony as a guide to help her along).

But what's this? Sunset Shimmer discovers a shocking secret surrounding what is going on in this New Equestria? This certainly begs the question as to what more Sunset has to learn during her time in this 'New' Equestria.

I’m liking this, it’s an interesting take on how Equestria years can goes by faster than in EQG Universe. I’m hoping to see how would Sunny interact with Sunset. I’m looking forward to read the next chapters.

Living in the human world for so long, she forgets all the benefits to being a unicorn. Focusing her magic, Sunset’s horn glows a fiery red sparkling aura. The magic within allows her to turn the doorknob counterclockwise. Once the small task is done, Sunset opens the door and steps in to find herself in what appears to be…

you forget that in G5 There no Magic, mean no Glowing Horn stuff
or maybe Sunset is a special Case

To be fair, she was originally from an Equestria that still had magic. Plus, her abilities were higher than those of most other unicorns her age in her Equestria. and there have been one or two blink-and-you-will-miss-it hints that imply that 1. the magic might return and 2. there is still at least some magic left, but the ponies of this Equestria lost their ability to access it.

All I can say is, thus far, this story is looking intriguing. Indeed, I COULD see Sunset reflecting on things like that before deciding to drop in for a visit. Unfortunately, she failed to take into account that, as many years as it's been in her adopted world, it's been centuries in her native world.

Still going to enjoy seeing Sunset react to the modern ponies and maybe inspiring the next generation of friends.

Hey there. Thanks immensely on the exchange and characterizations in this second chapter. Yeah, I can definitely see Sunset being confused by the mystery of what made Equestria change for the worse. Also enjoyed seeing Sunset's first meeting with Izzy, including Sunset's sympathy toward her and Izzy's wonder of Sunset still having magic (which would make Sunset, at least for now, the most powerful pony in THIS Equestria).

VERY certainly looking forward to more of this.

Yeah. That might be interesting at that. Especially with 1. the potential of Sunny geeking out about meeting an old friend of Twilight's, 2. Sunset levitating that can of beans into a pot and cooking it for herself, Sunny and Izzy and 3. Sunset commenting on how she is glad that there is at least one pony here that still follows the teachings of her old friend - among other things.

Yep, I can see that Sunset will act as Sunny and her friends’ mentor.

Interesting premise. I can see Sunset being the new Starswirl. Sunset the Maned, perhaps? Magic's certainly to make a humongous difference.

Curious to see how this will continue, I hope there'll be more soon! :twilightsmile:

I like this story already and for Sunset to head to the future of Equestria and finds out the magic is gone and the ponies are divided again, I can't wait for more, and quick question to the arthor, are you going to the continue it when the movie comes out of Netflix on September 24, because you started out well, and just wondering are you waiting for the movie to come out for you to continue because I can understand that, just wanting to know.

Yes. I’m waiting for the new movie to come out.

That way, my reaction can be genuine and I can incorporate it into Sunset as I watch along the movie.

Awesome. Thank you for letting me know, and it's almost time for that as well, just 7 more days until it comes out and we will be seeing both movies and your stories in a great way, and I'm wondering how Sunset will reacts when she finds out she's in the future, and here's a tip, from the trailers and scenes that I saw on youtube, I've dumbed it down to a theory that the new mane 5 are descadents of the mane 6 from g4, because Sunny acts like Twilight, Izzy acts like Pinkie Pie, Hitch is acting in somewhat like Fluttershy since he is sometimes nervous while aslo caring for others, that includes animals as well where ever he goes, and a little bit of Applejack since he is protective, Pipp is acting like somewhat like Rarity with her way of seeing anything pretty and being famous like her live stream, and Zipp acts more like Rainbow Dash due to her personialities and how she saw Izzy and Sunny when she said "This day just got more interesing" and her way on wanting show off her flying skills.

I like the story so far keep up the Good work

You got my last comments interesting to used of the new mane 5 being the descendants of the g4 mane 6, right? If you have comment me back

"Up high! Down low! Hitch it to a post! Flip it sunny side up and on a piece of toast!"

Some things are just universal!

Sorry sunset would be long dead for this idea. The time difference is not that big between the worlds for this to work

Great job on this chapter and making sure sunset keeps a low profile on MareTime Bay and gonna give the signal to Izzy, awesome job on this chapter and man sunny just keeps the hopes of reuniting the ponies of three tribes, that is so twilighting reference there and even sunset sees it. But awesome job on this chapter, keep up the great work

Why not?
Try to look from different prospective.
Sunset Shimmer live in different Dimension with different time flow. Just look at the princess Celesta and Luna. They are around 1000 years old or more and their counterparts who are humans with normal life span yet still alive, have similar but not the same roles in life. If that gap between the princesses and principles are possible why not the possibility of sunset returns to equestria at this time period?

Living in the human world for so long, she forgets all the benefits to being a unicorn. Focusing her magic, Sunset’s horn glows a fiery red sparkling aura. The magic within allows her to turn the doorknob counterclockwise. Once the small task is done, Sunset opens the door and steps in to find herself in what appears to be…

Wait a minute so Sunset have her magic still well I guess because she still got some magic inside of her ever since it leaked out from Equestria to our world but still interesting that she still has a magic

“Come to think of it, I have not seen any other unicorn or Pegasus since I came to this place,” She ponders. “Or… any other creatures for that matter. No griffins, no hippogriffs, no dragons, not even… kirins. What’s going on here? Where am I? I have to get to Canterlot and find Twilight. She’ll know what to do.”

That's also another question I've always wondered about that's when I watch the movie I wonder what happened to the other creatures are they also in hiding as well

This is pretty interesting having Sunset Shimmer to be in the mix of the My Little Pony new generation I can get behind that one and I always forgot there was some theories about like how Equestria move faster time then our world so things are going to be a little different when she comes in and now she needs to find princess Twilight Sparkle I wonder if she knows that she's not around that's going to be sad

Well then her trip did not start really good so far the Earth Ponies were pretty hostile on Sunset so basically she went to the forest and it looks like she made a unicorn name Izzy and this is during the time when she was walking to get some the city where is she going to meet sunny soon and something tells me Sunset is going to have a lot to take in when she told her everything what happened in the past few years

"Uh-huh!" Izzy nodded, reaching into her mane and pulled out an old piece of paper. "I've been wanting to go there when I was a little filly. I found this letter that says I've got friends there!"

Oh yeah when Sunny wrote the letter when she was a kid she always sent out the letter out there to see if anybody will see it and it did and it was izzy 😊

"What is it with me and critters?" Hitch asked. "I'm like a magnet to them." Turning to the critters, Hitch bent down and asked, "Guys, come on. Give Hitch a little space." In response, the critters only took a step back, much to Hitch's chagrin.

There's a theory that he can be at the descendants of Fluttershy because all the animals actually liking him

So it looks like Sunset and Izzy finally made it to Maretime Bay it looks like Sunset is checking out the city and this is where she meets or saw sunny talking with hitch about going in there about the protest and it looks like Izzy is going in there as well and we all know what's going to happen next but I wonder how this will work with sunset there I guess we'll find out next time

You are correct. It's very heavily implied there are some differences between the time flow of Equestria and the human world.
As a result, while a few years might have passed for Sunset, it might have been a century or more for Equestria.

Ten year gap at best and since Sunset is not an alicorn the sisters do not apply

For Sunset, it might have only been ten years. But for Equestria, it was a century or more. The time gap probably ended up growing wider after Sunset lost contact with Twilight.

It doesn't matter that Sunset is not an alicorn. What matters is that the human world and Equestria don't operate on the same timescale, and that would lead to Sunset ending up here should she end up using the portal again.

No only at best 3 years passed for Sunset, 10 for Equestria

Explain to me how Equestria's relations with other countries could fall apart in only ten years and how the ponies could develop smartphones, TV screens, and other forms of technology in the same timeframe.

Yes but that’s was before twilight sparkle modified the mirror. add to that many things have happened that could Create Further imbalances sunset shimmer bring magic to magic less dimension ,midnight sparkle opening rifts in the time space continuum , the portal in the human dimension break and leaking magic, as for sunset shimmer I seem to recall that she gain wings at two different occasions first at the end of a song “my past is not today” second against midnight sparkle she absorbed magic form her friends. similar to twilight sparkle who got blasted with the elements of harmony Who in return was infused with the magic of her friends 2 Pegasus 2 earth ponies and 1 unicorn Both case’s are almost the same. Maybe she is Alicorn in unicorn body who knows?
At the end of the day this is a fan/fimction story let’s see where’s it go and enjoy the possibilities sunset will add to the story

We could even be following Narnia logic (1 Earth year = 1000 Narnia years)

This the problem with this stories premise. Hell it's a problem with G5 in total

It's not said exactly how long G5 takes place after G4. But since Twilight and her friends are considered to be ancient history, we could assume that G5 is a really long time after G4. Possibly even a THOUSAND years afterwards...

In this time, the lessons that Twilight and her friends learned were forgotten, and the ponies ended up becoming divided and forced the other creatures of the world out for one reason or another...

For the first time I'm going to agree with you.
About G5 of course. Not this story.

not gonna lie I am VERY curious about this story. BUT I am gonna wait for a few more chapters to be out before reading XD

Sunset still having her magic is probably the result of her being in the human world. Because she was there and not in Equestria when its magic vanished, Sunset was never affected by the incident.

Haven't seen the movie, curious about how this will go with magic. And an adult :rainbowlaugh:

Awesome job there, and man sunset became friends with sunny, and their names are the sun in the beginning, and man has sunset bonded with her and keeps her hopes up of twilight and her friends history, she know because she was there, and now things are about to get more interesting now that sunset is now expose as a unicorn and with Izzy showing up with two unicorns in maretime bay, and I bet sunset will reveal sunny about her being from ancient equestria and maybe see sunny house with all of the stuff from G4 that she collected over the years and feel the memories of her old home while looking at the decorations. Great job, keep up the great work.

yet Equestria lasted for THOUSANDS of years and a bit without any alicorn leaders. so again tryign to say thousands of years of unity, which is reneforced every hearts warming is gone. That is a really hard sell and I don't think they can pull it off.

I will point out. this concept would have better not as a post Twilight but Preequestria

"Oh, I love it," Phyllis giddied as she continued. "That's right. So let's tart the show!"

I think you forgot to put the s in there

“Hey! My friend Pinkie Pie called!" Sunset shouted. "She wants her balloons back!” Sunset and the audience all watched as the stallion was carried, helpless up into the air, and out of an open window, screaming, until he was out of sight. “Welp. He’s gone with the wind…” Sunset commented.

Lol that's what I said when I first saw that one on the trailer and that poor guy I feel bad for him

"What has become of Equestria?" Sunset asked. "How did it ever get to this? Where did it all go wrong?"

That's the question I really want to know what actually happened and what it all started?

Well just like in the movie Sunset basically witness the whole thing about how the technology have evolved either in a good way or bad way the only sad part for her is how much things changed when three tribes are not together but then this pony named Sunny try to tell everybody they should not live in fear to extend their friendship to everybody of course it didn't work out because they still not listening to her Sunset try to cheer her up which that's pretty nice of her but then izzy showed up which Sunset told her not to but unfortunately her hat was gone and basically showing off her horn which that's not good I wonder how this will work out guess we'll find out next time

Sweet so you’re adding sunset to the mix of the new generation and sort of cool and she’s going to have a rude awakening when she goes back to Equestria is change in the bad way and probably you can add a tag of pipp and zipp there now

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