This story is a sequel to Forgotten: The Frozen North

After rescuing Princess Flurry Heart from a frigid limbo with the help of the Crystal Heart, Sunny wonders where to go from here with the first alicorn Equestria has seen in centuries.

Cover Art: 'G5 Flurry' by mira.veike@derpibooru.org

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The Crystal Heart had kept the princess in limbo in an incredibly weakened state. But weakened was still alive, and they had managed to get her down to the Scouticus and kept her warm and hydrated enough to survive the trip south where qualified physicians could evaluate her condition. The magical artifact had done wonders of some kind or another; save for being just a tad malnourished and chilled, they had given Princess Flurry Heart a clean bill of health and insisted on keeping her for observation for the next few days.

It's just like how the pillars and the shadow of pony got themselves trapped in limbo

Whoa I was not expecting this story but hey this is actually a pretty interesting take on so anyway it looks like Sunny decided to stay at Zephyr Heights until flurry heart was feeling a little bit better which in a couple of days she is so she went to the hospital to get her discharge from the place and something tells me flurry heart is going to have to adjust this new world but sunny and her friends will help her out to get through this I wonder what's going to happen next I guess we'll find out next time

seems like a good start so far

is this a full-on alternate timeline or is Sunset Shimmer still trapped in the mirror?

Full-on alternative. No plans on bringing Sunset into this one.

So will Sunset appear in this?

I kind of feel the true canon is that both appear with the forks being what ifs


That is fine. Really you got two what ifs of classic characters coming back only one won't be able to come back. Ideas... Flurry is likely going to feel 'lonely' in this new world because her family, friends, and Crystal Ponies are gone. Though I do believe they are likely out there somewhere... over the rainbow :scootangel: :rainbowlaugh:

I can see she coping with learning about this new world and will trying to figure out things maybe she takes the teacher role for all 3 tribes to help them learn magic like how Sunset is doing for the unicorns? You could bring Sombra come too since there is the story by Bookhorse called "Legends Never Die" which is a good series if you want to take notes.

You could... have her search for her people like for example, now in the fandom the Snow Ponies were created if you heard about that which they live way and I mean way north in the world and there is a cool lore about them being once Crystal and Earth Ponies before turning into Snow Ponies over time. If you need studying for Snow Ponies here is a good blog about them Snowpony lore dump - Fimfiction

Also, she is very likely able to tell a lot of stories... Oh I wonder... you haven't done anything with the evil trio yet right?

If I think of anything I will suggest it.

Ah, an alternate branch, like Starlight did with the map table. Very cool. So we've got one story with a pony coming from Twilight's castle and another coming from the Crystal Empire; good luck balancing the two! :twilightoops:

Sunrise is quickly approaching its conclusion, though.

Plus I needed to post the start of a 68th story so I can start work on a 69th... Story...


so I can start work on a 69th... Story...

:trollestia: :raritywink:

Thank God, I was really hoping this timeline would be explored. Flurry Heart just has so much room for development!


so I can start work on a 69th... Story...


great start and chapter


"Much that once was is lost... for none now live who remember it."

"Time demands his due."

Maybe consider leaving Equestria?

I'm sure flurry would want to find the yaks since they were neighbours, but having grown up with thorax I think she'd want to know about the changelings, perhaps try to re start twilight's school of friendship?

Eeee, new branch!!

I have a suggestion: Flurry getting to talk with the mane group (and Sprout) about her parents and what she, Luna, and Spike did. Also, is Spike still around? He's a dragon, after all...if so, reuniting them would be very fun to see

Nope, he went along with Luna during the ritual. Flurry Heart is the only one who survived that.

Dangit. It's been a while, I forgot...well, still, it would have been nice to see them reunite

Oooh here we go this the story I am really interested in. I like to believe Flurry Heart would take her time understanding the new world she is in, be able to teach and tell of the past and the things what can be done to avoid it again.

I feel like she would be a good character for Zipp to be able to cast her crown aside. Allowing the reign of the alicorns to take power once again. Equestria was only right when a truly immortal alicorn was on the throne. A fantastic example, Princess Celestia who for 1000 years kept Equestria for the most part peaceful. Sure there were problems but the kingdom also didn't vaporize itself.
Flurry Heart has learned from Celestia, Luna, Cadance and Twilight along with Spike and everyone else. If there is anypony better to lead Equestria into a truly bright future. I don't know if there is another that can fill those shoes. not like the Daughter of the heart and Niece of Friendship.

YES!!! This! We definitely need to know what happened to Thorax and the changelings :pinkiegasp: hopefully Thorax is still alive

My only request is that zephir is not Canterlot

Comment posted by Zetari deleted Aug 12th, 2022

Hey there. Thanks very much for getting this story started (with the story of your other branch just a few chapters away from being finished). Definitely liked the work that went into the reflections, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Really appreciated the mention of how they were able to get Flurry Heart to a hospital.

I can think of a couple of possible ideas, but only a couple.

1. Obviously, after Flurry Heart has gotten a bit more of her strength back, she can help Sunny learn a bit more about her own "training wheels alicorn" abilities.

2. While Flurry is finding out how much the world has changed over the centuries, she can meet a few of the descendants of the Crystal Ponies that left the Crystal Empire before it (and she) disappeared.

3. There could be some stuff with Flurry trying to teach the unicorns, Pegasi and Earth Ponies about their returned magic (as she DOES have the combined abilities of all three tribes) - including the Earth Ponies finding out they have both plant magic AND super-strength (as well as "animal communication" in Hitch's case) - so some modified Elements of the "Make Your Mark" special.

and 4. Yeah, I kind of like the idea mentioned in another review of Flurry Heart getting curious about the non-pony species (especially after Sparky hatches) and not only go on a quest to find the other species, but also restart her aunt Twilight's friendship school. Though, that would be for the final few chapters of this branch.

Anyway, really looking forward to more of this (as well as the final few chapters of Sunset's branch in this series).

Too late, for this headcanon. That was established in the first chapter of the first story.

What the dog... ahem, changeling doin?
Also... good to see you mate!

Nice sonic reference. Tails is my favorite... love that little nerd...

As for story ideas, I'd say you should focus more on Pipp and Zipp this story. I think squeeze a lot out of that premise, like how does Flurry feel about the fact that the current royal family has built itself on top of a lie, maybe Zipp could tell her about her own worries with being queen on day, Pipp trying to get her to adjust to the modern world, etc.

Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh what am I saying, of course you don't.

Cloud District? Wind District? Sky District?
*rolls eyes*

At least there's no pony named Nazeem.

You realize that canterlot is on a Mountain chain and thus the roads can actually lead to more than one city in the Mountains, heck even they contradict their own Canon because of the old train station which May actually be the canterlot one which also May be outside canterlot for what we know and they just built zephir around it, it's not like modern cities don't do it, there are lots of examples that state this as an option maybe even zephir is the university part of canterlot with it's own station and stuff

This story began immediately after the movie, so I was going off of very roughly put together headcanon.

I know Canterlot is now a separate derilict city in the comics, but in this story's canon, the pegasi took Canterlot from the unicorns after Cloudsdale fell from the sky.

She had been an honored guest of Queen Haven for three days now, and she was most excited about this morning, because if everything went well, this was the end of Zephyr Heights General's observation period for perhaps their most precious and certainly most unexpected find up in the frozen remnants of the Crystal Empire; Flurry Heart, the Crystal Princess, daughter of Prince Shining Armor and Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.

Cadance is better imo. :ajbemused:

Getting up and stepping into the rather luxurious rain shower, the was clean and ready for the day, and the sun was barely starting to come up at 7:15 am.

you mean she not the? :applejackconfused:

Putting her mane into her signature braid and strapping on her saddlebags, she left the room and pocketed the key card, which Queen Haven insisted she keep, and to come by anytime she liked. Every guard she passed came to attention and saluted her as she made her way to the exit. On one hoof, she understood why they did it, and appreciated that she was getting recognition for reuniting the three pony kinds of Equestria, on the other hoof she understood why Zipp wanted little to nothing to do with it. Sometimes it was just... Too much.

That's what Sunny should get more often for what she do. :twilightsmile:

Sunny's destination, Zephyr Heights General Hospital, was also in the downtown Wind District. Admissions had thankfully gone down, after spiking considerably after Reunification Day, with the city's population, now with the ability to fly for the first time in generations, suffering from multiple flying-related accidents, mainly collisions with buildings, and midair collisions with other pegasi.

There's something that'll be a problem for a while. :unsuresweetie:

Thankfully, after Queen Haven and the city council worked tirelessly to come up with rules and regulations for airborne traffic flow, and almost immediately, injuries and hospital admissions declined.

That's good. :yay:

"I figured you'd want to hit up one of the restaurants in Zephyr Heights for breakfast. This city takes pride in a lot of things, but hospital food is still hospital food," Sunny replied, then glanced over to the attendant. "No offense."

I know the feeling, I've been in the hospital twice and both times the food wasn't that great. :fluttershbad:

B-but...are there no cute pictures of Flurry Heart at the end of each chapter? :fluttercry:

Not nearly many pictures of adult Flurry as there are of Sunset.

Then have to filter out anthro, then have to filter out NSFW, etc.

Sunny is also an alicorn and don't forget the Alicorn in Make Your Mark you got it wrong the third alicorn Equestria has seen in centuries

I don't count Sunny's powers as a permanent Alicorn, and this series does not take Make Your Mark into account. I'm not writing about the alicorn villain until we find out more about her (provided the Make Your Mark episodes don't continue to suck like the special did).

Okay I understand that that but Sunset should be an Alicorn or at least on par with Sunny being able to manifest her own wings due to the Daydream Shimmer incident (I'm pretty sure this is a continuation of forgotten Sunrise right?)

The whole reason I'm even thinking of this idea is because Sunset had at one point in Equestria girls manifested fiery wings of her own and Twilight was shown to be able to have Midnight's wings temporarily even after being cleansed of Midnight. so it is possible that Sunset gained a similar ability and just has not yet realized it yet


This is a continuation of the alternate ending of Frozen North, where Flurry survives.

Sunset will not be encountered in this story.


provided the Make Your Mark episodes don't continue to suck like the special did

That special was just a bunch of stuff happening and that was it.

bring da alicorn queen bitch in

you could make queen haven think flurry is threatening her position


That would be a good plot since an alicorn is always seen and believed to be set as a rulers over ponies so with Flurry and Sunny who can turn into an alicorn at anytime, it could change things that would make the queen be concerned of losing her and daughters rulership of the Pegasus.

Um. When is the sequel?

This is the sequel, just trying to get some other stories wrapped up before I concentrate on this one.

I can’t wait for this to continue now that Sunrise is done. I think by the time this story is finished you’ll have enough ideas for the Misty story in the future!

flurry not understanding technology my beloved <3

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