This story is a sequel to Forgotten: Sunrise

A new student has come to Sunset Shimmer's fledgling magic school in Bridlewood, and she immediately begins to arouse the headmare's suspicions...

Cover art by: Little Tigress

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It had reminded her a lot of her brother, Sunburst.

I still remember about that theory that Sunburst and sunset are related

"Thank you, Miss Shimmer. I promise I'll keep trying hard," Misty said as she got up, got her saddlebags strapped around her midsection, and turned to exit. For just a moment, Sunset curiously eyed her simplistic butterfly cutie mark as she made her way out of the school.

Unknown to everybody that cutie mark that Misty has is fake

"You did that in just the short time I've been gone?" Sunset asked, looking at a crystal and glass lighthouse that didn't look anything like Sunny's home had when she had left for Bridlewood a couple weeks ago.

I would say the unity Crystal did rebuild her house just like how the tree of Harmony build Twilight home into a castle

Earth ponies never had Active magic

"I mean, just look! Earth pony magic!"

I'm still kind of surprised that Earth ponies has other Earth Magic aside from strength that means my Earth OC Pony has powers cool

:pinkiegasp: Death tag!!!

It had reminded her a lot of her brother, Sunburst.

Yes, I wished that they pushed this as canon because it makes so much sense for the characters to be related to each other. Which is sad that Sunset lost her brother after the whole time of travel but hey maybe Misty is related? Would be funny for Misty to call Sunset “Great Aunty Shimmer” :rainbowlaugh:

First off, this story will be great because we get Sunset and Misty art from time to time. Now, it's going to be interesting for Sunset to learn about Misty since she never lived in Bridle Wood I wonder why Misty is here? Did Opaline send her to spy on Sunset or is she there to improve herself to help Opaline... Also, very surprised you posted the story today and now we get two stories of both having two different characters to star in their G5. It’s like having two versions of Pokémon games! Different Ponies with a different take on the story but with the same villain.

The more Sunset tries to dig into Misty's past, she will find more blanks

Good gravy, I love risky jokes.

Off to an excellent start. Can't wait for the mystery to deepen.

It had reminded her a lot of her brother, Sunburst.

Is it only me that, even though I like for them to be related, I also like the theory of Sunset been an orphan as well?

Exactly. Until now, Earth pony magic was simply much more subtle than unicorn and Pegasus magic (with Pinkie Pie and probably Cheese Sandwich being the notable exceptions, but even THAT magic fell under the umbrella of "Cartoon Physics").
Oddly enough, I could see all of that. As for "spying on Sunset for Opaline" or "trying to increase her usefulness", I would say it could be an equal combination of both at least at first, before Misty's conscience eventually gets the better of her and she ends up befriending Sunset and her friends for real.

REALLY good job on the start of this story. Definitely liked the work that went into the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up. REALLY appreciated Sunset's observations about Misty having the general knowledge but lacking the raw power for much of the material. And Sunny's reveal of the Crystal Brighthouse AND Earth pony magic (at least more obvious Earth pony magic than in times past; as Sunset pointed out, Earth pony magic has, until now, been much more subtle than with the unicorns and Pegasi) as well as the news about Hitch finding that egg. And, yeah, I'm guessing the "Death" tag is probably primarily for flashbacks, with the "Teen" rating being pretty much for safety because this is going to end up touching into more sensitive subject matter than the previous stories in this series as well as possibly a bit more action close to the end. But, yeah, I could DEFINITELY see where Misty could NEED the fluff that this story will MOSTLY still be.

VERY MUCH looking forward to more of this.

I like how you take new additions to G5 in stride, like you could've declared stuff like Misty and Opaline to be non-canon in your universe(s) but you add them in pretty flawlessly.

This is pretty good, I'm giving you six stars for doing a good job. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Wow! Earth pony magic for the first time ever! This is so exciting!" Sunny nearly squee'd.

I would say it probably happened when the magic started to disappeared when Earth pony started to discover their own Magic

"Hitch has been brainstorming guidelines for the past few days. He's got a lot on his plate too. He found a huge egg on the beach a few days ago!"

Ohh Sparky this is where he comes in technically

Wow this was a pretty good start of a story so far so it looks like Sunset is getting a hang of this of becoming a teacher even though she probably still needs more ponies to help with the magic students but she still tried to keep an eye on Misty because she's having some trouble with her magic but after class Sunset got the call from sunny and told her about her Lighthouse has changed and not only that hitch also found an egg and also confirming that Earth ponies have magic which Sunset was pretty surprised of all this discovery but still a lot of things happening over there I wonder what else could happen guess we'll find out next time

Good start of the story! Poor little Misty! I do just have one quick suggestion though. I recommend editing this line here:

I don't believe there is such a thing as 'gender fluid'.

Because from the way you phrased it, it seems like Sunset is saying there's no such thing as being gender fluid, not that there's no such thing as a gender fluid potion.

...And I meant to put that all in spoilers, but for some reason that's not working when I hit publish. Sorry!

It was worded that way on purpose.

I'm a staunch proponent of risqué humor. My "Letters From a Disgruntled Friendship Student" parody series is filled to the brim with such humor.

Ah, okay. I was just worried you might accidentally offend people

No accidentally about it, most of the time. First dark joke I've made in this five-story series.

If a single joke personally offends them that badly, they can read something else.

Alright then, sorry

No problem. Never hurts to ask!

Okay then. Great first chapter!

This is gonna be good, I can tell! :twilightsmile:

I am looking at this fic with significant interest :O

:pinkiegasp: I do wonder who the unfortunate pony or ponies will be meeting their unfortunate end?

Anyways a very good story to the first chapter and I'm looing forward to how the story will progress, keep up the awesome work!

I use the Death tag as a catch-all trigger warning. Doesn't mean that a character is going to die, but that a character may have died, and if so, the subject of death is discussed at the forefront of one or more chapters.

Gotcha, thank you for explaining why you added the death tag.

Oh! That was quick!

Welcome to the fold, Misty.

Yes! The sequel has begun. Off to a good start, looking forward to more! :pinkiehappy:

It would be neat if Sunset tried having Misty hatch Sparky like how Twilight did with Spike

I can tell you that it was almost certainly an illusion. While potions can be just as powerful as spells, to my knowledge, I don't believe there is such a thing as a 'gender fluid'.

I wonder how many people will be set off by that or take it out of context.

and I personally appreciate it. I hate tragic stories, and sometimes I'm not in the mood for sad stories, and when those things go untagged its unfun

I love how both of your new Forgotten stories include elements from Make Your Mark. The Crystal Brighthouse, Sparky's egg, and Misty. I imagine we'll soon be seeing Earth Pony magic in the Forgotten story with Flurry Heart too, as well as Opaline in this one.

Doesn’t seem that dark to me.

"Looks like just one today, and it is..." Sunset paused, floating the folded piece of paper up and unfolded it. "Is it true there is a potion that can turn a mare into a stallion?" Sunset had to take a moment and chuckle. "I see that stories of Princess Twilight have been starting to circulate around a bit. She apparently won a magic duel by using a spell to turn a mare into a stallion. I can tell you that it was almost certainly an illusion. While potions can be just as powerful as spells, to my knowledge, I don't believe there is such a thing as a 'gender fluid'. With that being said, please enjoy your weekend."

That still makes me laugh whenever I hear about it. :rainbowlaugh:

"You did that in just the short time I've been gone?" Sunset asked, looking at a crystal and glass lighthouse that didn't look anything like Sunny's home had when she had left for Bridlewood a couple weeks ago.

Huh, wasn't expecting this to happen until in the Flurry Heart version as I thought the SS & FH ones were two separate stories and 2 different universes. And not in the same timeline too. :unsuresweetie:

Sunset watched closely and quietly as Sunny set her phone against a fence post and stepped off into the grass. She looked back and made sure she could see herself in the camera, and then returned her attention to the grass in front of her. The earth mare took a deep breath, raised her hoof, and the very tip of it began to glow green. She placed her glowing hoof on the ground, and the grass around it began to glow, moments before a sunflower sprouted up from the ground, grew rapidly, and in a matter of seconds, was taller than Sunny, and was in full bloom by the time the mare took a breath and took a step back. She looked up at her work, before trotting back to her phone and picked it up.

Nor was I expecting that either. :pinkiegasp:

"Hitch has been brainstorming guidelines for the past few days. He's got a lot on his plate too. He found a huge egg on the beach a few days ago!"

So does that mean while Sunset is in bridlewood, Flurry Heart is doing stuff in maretime bay. I'm trying to put the pieces together as I'm curious now if both stories are in the same timeline and not separate au's, if anyone understand what I'm saying... :applejackunsure:

"Well, I've been keeping my eye out for any naturally talented unicorns who can assist with teaching classes, like Izzy. But Misty has caught my eye because, well, I don't want to sound rude, and I really don't want to sound like a snobby supremacist, but it's because she can barely do anything. The unicorns who didn't get selected for my first set of classes, I handed out Class I books to all of them, I'm talking about the baseline stuff, the simplest of the simple stuff. Misty is having trouble even with that. I want to help her find what area of magic she's good at, but in the meantime, is it really fair to have her in my first set of classes when more able unicorns are stuck waiting?" Sunset asked.

It questions me a lot why Misty not once in mym chapter 2 or her 2 appearances in tyt she hasn't used her magic. Which makes me wonder why. 🤔

This is not the same timeline. Flurry and Sunset are separate versions of the story

I see, thx for the clarification. It was getting me confused when the new bright house, earth pony magic and Hitch's dragon egg was mentioned.

I'm just getting my stories caught up with current canon as best I can.

Yay, more best pone!

In that case, would that also eventually include the moped scooter that Izzy uses as her "unicycling cart"? As you might recall from the first episode of Make Your Mark Chapter 2, Izzy was going to Bridlewood when she discovered that old vehicle abandoned on the side of the road, which she then decides to fix up and rebuild for the purpose of making it easier to haul all of her junk around so she could bring her crafting and repair skills to anyone in town.
For this story, I think it would be nice if Izzy and Sunset both discovered that old moped scooter and then worked together to fix and rebuild it. Not only would it give Sunset an opportunity to make use of some things she might have learned about vehicles in the human world, but it would also make the journey between Bridlewood and Maretime Bay much quicker (though one thing I've always questioned is where Izzy managed to get any fuel to power that thing, so perhaps you might figure out how to explain that).

A great idea, I'll absolutely consider it!

Hope to see more of your chapters and remember: Writing our way through the doorway of experience and understanding.


If a single joke personally offends them that badly, they can read something else.

AAWWW, how terrible. Someone not bending over backwards to not offend losers. Don't flush before you give them swirlies

11386098 It isn't but there's ALWAYS that one religious type, to ruin everyone's living a peaceful life

"Opaline? I'm in."

Oh dear I kind of figured that would happen

Well it looks like Sunset is about to head out and taking a break so she went to a bar where Alphabittle open a new bar and it looks like he's doing pretty well and sunset ask him where the address where Misty supposed to live and he told her where it is and when she was done she went over there but apparently nobody's not home or they're asleep but Sunset has a strange feeling about this girl which unfortunately her suspicious was correct because Misty is giving out information to Opaline it looks like Misty is spying on Sunset I wonder how this will go guess we'll find out next time

So I’m betting there’s going to be a bigger difference between the Flurry and Sunset stories which that would be the Flurry will have the opportunity to have the show events from both TYT and MYM happening within her story so she can be part of it while Sunset is more an alternate take like say it’s the 3rd option for Opaline trying to gain her magic back by sending Misty to get Sunset instead of Sparky?

So far things are building up which is really cool to see. Can’t wait for more Sunset.

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