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Let's go and swim with the flow! It's time to rise!

The moment we were waiting for: official leaks and character designs from HASBRO. I suppose that at the end of this year the second MLP movie will come out which will plant the seeds of the new generation. Until now it wasn't necessary to make a folder for this group becouse it wasn't time yet, but it is now :D

The Official Generation Five Site will host as many stories as it can, certainly. I'm going to search and find stories that fit here, however you can also help with doing so. I hope our followers will have a great time here, we can chat under this post or we can post threads in witch we can theorize etc.

G5 is on the way and I think I'm not the only one who is excited about the news. What do you expect from the upcoming movie? Do you have any theories, or opinions that you want to share with us?

Feel free to share or promote this group just so we'll get enough attention!

We have some nice artworks aready, personally can't wait for more :D

We have some new leak images, take a look!

Pipp Petals

Zipp Storm

And this one just for fun

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Here at our group of course you can :)
In other more famous groups I also promoted this one just to get some people who are interested

can i promote my stuff here

and should i

leaks, eh?

where can i find these leaks

Not much, having online lessons, checking G5 leaks and arts :)

Hey there :D Nice to meet you

ayo whatup

member #122

Thankfully Sunny, Izzy and Hitch will be the leads instead of the tribe swapped Mane Six.

You cannot because the error was the image itself I made it gone

I don't see any errors but ok

As you can tell the arts are just a few days old, today one of the images signed as a red error sign so I cut it out and put a separator line to its place but yeah it still looks cool. I'm looking forward who will join next

This group is to beautiful.... Along side with the art work as you enter the page who ever the artist are there amazing

Well, maybe there is room for multiple G5 groups. Friendship!

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