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It has been quite some time since the day My Little Pony: A New Generation first premiered on Netflix in 2021, and Generation 5 of My Little Pony has had it quite rough with the fandom at large. For years, fans have felt content to dismiss it as nothing more than a cheap, nostalgic cash grab designed only to cater to its predecessor’s popularity. These people have gone on record claiming that this new incarnation of the franchise has nothing to say and nothing to offer to audiences, all while claiming that it has ruined the My Little Pony brand forever. In the minds of the majority, this generation may as well not exist, and anyone who likes it is not a true fan. This sort of toxicity has effectively killed the once great community as we once knew it, as mindless hate videos get all the attention from impressionable viewers, whereas the genuine engagement that used to make us who we are get left to the wayside. While G5 continues to churn out great stories and fantastic arcs, many people who wanting to get into it nowadays are sadly left in the dark to its true quality as all they hear is negativity from people who have no trouble lying to them about why they think it’s terrible in order to get cheap clicks and views. We’re sick of it, and we want it to stop. We no longer want to see such animosity towards a show about talking cartoon ponies parading around a fandom that was built upon the foundations of love, friendship, acceptance, and positivity. We shouldn’t be divided by fear and distrust, the exact thing that G5 was warning us about from the very beginning.

And so, we decided to do something about that. The Official Generation Five Site is a dedicated group committed to restoring the fandom of old, one step at a time. We believe that G5 is a worthy successor to G4, and that it deserves far more attention than it is currently getting. We are very confident in its ability to tell heartfelt and beautiful stories that resonate with people, and we are so tired of those that do not see what we do, and feel the need to put down those who rightfully speak out against the hate. To us, Gen 5 is not a simple, sloppy, uninspired cashgrab that nobody likes. It’s a beautiful and heartfelt story with relatable themes and identifiable characters that are relatable to everyday life. We all remember the good times, back when it was once fun to discuss pony content, back when there was a positive vibe in the air about MLP. We remember when this fandom was plentiful, changed the lives of so many fans, and inspired many talented people to chase their dreams of being creators. Well starting with this group, I want to eventually return us to those times. It will take a lot time, but we are up to the task. We want to hopefully inspire a new wave of content creators hopping on the pony train, watching G5, and discussing it. We fell in love with this generation to begin with because of the impact it had on our lives, and how it reignited our passion for ponies. So we want our group to reflect our commitment, and our ability to lead by example through discussing G5 when nobody else wants to.

We want this group to be the #1 place that people turn to for anything Generation 5. We want to be the shining beacon of hope in a fandom clouded by darkness. We want to build a community of not only dedicated fans, but passionate writers as well. We want this group to also become a hub for people to discuss their G5 fics and get the community’s support in doing so. We encourage you to show your fan content with us in order to get feedback and engagement, which in turn helps us grow in our fields and bring awareness to our cause. We want to encourage on-topic, healthy, and civil discussions about any G5 topic, whether it be episodes, overall story, lore, predictions, and theories. These things are what make us who we are as fans, and we deserve to talk about what we want. We believe that fans should come together and embrace the redeeming qualities of G5 instead of outright rejecting it. We want to cultivate a community of people that supports one another no matter what life may throw at us. We want to hopefully jumpstart a new, more positive MLP community not to replace the old fandom, but to remind the old fandom why they fell in love with My Little Pony to begin with, as I feel like we’ve lost sight of that. But there is nothing broken that we cannot fix together, and we believe that this fandom can be saved by those of us brave enough to take the first step. After all, it was because of us that G4 became the well-known phenomenon it is today. Who’s to say that we can’t inspire a second wave of passion once again?

So if you are interested in changing the world and making a difference, or if you’re just interested in discussing some juicy pony content with fellow like-minded people, then hop onboard because the G5 train is only getting started! While alone, we cannot do much, together, we can achieve anything!

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Follow site rules.

Post stories only about G5 and/or those that involve crossovers with G4. (old G5 stories are acceptable)!

Put stories in the proper folders.

Certainly no spoilers (only if doing it in a thread and hiding it with this)!

After promoting something of yours, wait at least 48 hours before repeating it or doing a similar promotion. This is to ensure that all threads have their time of day to be seen by the masses and our forums don't get cluttered by spam.

Be respectful to each other and no fighting! Threads will be locked if they devolve into an all-out flame war and the offending party given a warning. This is a fun group meant to discuss talking pastel-colored ponies, so let's keep it that way. We're all friends here at the end of the day, and we're united in a common passion for this generation. Don't let silly minor differences divide you.

Engaging in the spread of misinformation in an attempt to deceive others about a piece of G5 media is not allowed. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean you should try and force it on others through dubious means.

Keep discussions relevant and on-topic. You will be given a warning if you derail a thread in order to rant about something you don’t like and it will be locked. People want to discuss topics they like with others in peace, so if you have a personal grievance, make your own thread about it or talk to one of the admins. Failure to follow this rule after two previous violations will result in a ban.

Last, but not least have fun more than ever because G5 is rolling!

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And the entire world was gayed!

why didn't no one chare this ?

The group collection is pretty substantial. But with over 500 stories there really needs to be some reorganization. Like separate them into genre's. With no folder having over 100 stories.

We finally got a G5 series tag WHOOP

Huzzah! The Gen 5 group is back!

Well, the original or... let's say theoritical idea in the fandom's mind was that G5 will be about an alternative universe timeline where things are a bit swapped, Twilight is earth pony, Pinkie is a pegasus and Fluttershy is a unicorn, but Rarity and Dash wouldn't be changed.

Step 1: Join a cool group
Step 2: Realize that people forget you in seconds.
step 3:leave the group and go sit in a corner till a friend calls you.
step 4: The loneliness is consuming me... make it stop.
Step 5:You evolve to make people uncomfortable by existing in a 100 meter radius of them.
step 6:become friends with the darkness.

26/9/2021: "The friendship incident"

Here at our group of course you can :)
In other more famous groups I also promoted this one just to get some people who are interested

can i promote my stuff here

and should i

leaks, eh?

where can i find these leaks

Not much, having online lessons, checking G5 leaks and arts :)

Hey there :D Nice to meet you

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