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No problem. I heard about this group from Lord Blundergosh and I joined because I also have some forgotten stories among my followed. I already added them.

Thank you for joining my group.:raritystarry:

If you have any stories that you wish to add that are not your, own please place them in the Lost, but not forgotten folder. And maybe pay a visit to the hello new group form :twilightsmile:


Every character from the first story stays in the same role. With one exception: Flash Sentry takes over from Shining Armor as Green Arrow.
As for the newbies:

Supergirl - Luster Dawn
Brainiac - The Storm King
Grodd - Tempest Shadow
Blue Beetle - Apple Bloom
Firestorm - Sweetie Bell
Swamp Thing - Zecora
Black Canary - Daring Do
Captain Cold - Flim or Flam
Deadshot - Bon Bon
Cheetah - Gilda
Poison Ivy - Ember
Scarecrow Pharynx
Atrocitus - The Nightmare
Doctor Fate - Starswirl
Reverse Flash - Zephyr Breeze

Oh neat, so you have an entire cast thought out! I ought I could help out but if you have your cast ready, that's great!

This might be asking a bit much, but can you reveal what your cast is for the sequel? You don't have to if you feel like it'Lloyd be spoilers.

  • Viewing 20 - 24 of 24
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