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This story is a sequel to The Dragon of the Ruins

Spike didn't have much to say about his life. Not after a thousand years.

Not after centuries of loneliness.

But maybe, just maybe, these new ponies who've stumbled into his life can change that.

Even if only for another century.

A continuation of The Dragon of the Ruins. Prior reading is NOT necessary, though. :twilightsmile:

Minor spoilers for the G5 movie!

Russian translation by Mordaneus!

Chinese translation by forgivenlove!

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I shall say, I always enjoy this concept immensely. The idea of the bad parts of immortality. I watch with great interest upon your take.

Hmmm, docile timberwolves, wonder if Hitch's animal magnetism would work on one ??

Wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

Huh. I'm not used to reading more serious stuff from you. Doin' a pretty good job, mate. I'll keep an eye on it.

That all emotionnal and stuff. I really dig this, and I hope there'll be more of this.
And I'd too like to see what would happen with our new sheriff and a Timberwolf !

You've seriously pinned down the feeling of progressive time for this story. Keep up with it if you can as this is by far the best G5 story I've read where they investigate Equestria's past.

Awww, can't wait for more!

oh this is gonna be great.

Please let him have a moment where he sees the whole 'brain melting' bit with rarity and reacts accordingly.

11012593 What bad parts? I'm finding immortality quite awesome. :trixieshiftright:

New Pones, "So, Spike, what happened to everything?"

Spike sighed, "Twilight messed up a spell... again..." :twilightoops::facehoof:

In keeping with the trend, this will almost certainly be the canon backstory! :trollestia:

Watching everyone you know and love die around you, slowly falling out of touch with civilization, having to watch once pristine woodland cut down for farmland and industrial complexes, being literally the only person to remember a specific song after long enough. Knowing that the second you die, all that history is lost, forever.


To be fair, how bad any of that is, if it's bad at all, is completely debatable.

11014036 You're a kid, aren't you?

Dude, a hundred years ago, what you just described was what most people experienced by the age of 45. And most were dead from something shortly afterward. Over-wrought poets lamented favored forests being destroyed long before you were born.

Your lack of perspective is showing. Those who've lived over 100 realize the fleeting things are merely repeated parts of human cycles, for they've lived long enough to see them from start to finish, to restarting all over again.

The entirety of human history is literally at your fingertips for the first period ever in human history. And still, so few can even see beyond the boundary of their own limited eyesight. You grasp at and bemoan the fate of transient dust, while I watch the slow waltz of galaxies.

Since Fluttershy is obviously gone, that begs the all important question:
What happened to Discord after that?

My personal headcanon is that he's returned to his pocket universe, and hasn't come out again since.

11014210 Another possibility is that in his grief decided to take the magic with him so that he could try to bring her back. Obviously that failed and then he went into self imposed exile.

Maybe. In a different story I wrote that also takes place in a future Equestria, I wrote that he was in fact successful in bringing her back, but at the cost of his own life, resulting in Fluttershy being the one exiling herself for that same reason.

No. What I am is a man who has had to watch his best friend die while he was 14, and bury her. Pardon me if that effected how I see things.

Careful, your Id is showing, Mr. Superior.
To deny that there are negative parts to immortality is to fall prey to them. You aren't immortal, not yet at least, and even if you were, telling off someone who isn't for not having your Oh-so-glorious perspective is the height of childishness. Perhaps before you project that onto others, you should first think about why it offends you so that others care about that "transient dust" that you leave behind, hmm?

If, by some twist of uncanny fate, you really do believe you're immortal, may I suppose something?
Your immortality doesn't make you a better learner, and people millions of years old can be less intelligent, empathic, and emotionally stable than a four year old child. Maybe you ought to have a good long look at yourself before stepping on the emotions of others for bieng "less valid" than your own, and while you 'watch' the galaxies go by - and you're free to do so, you impotent codger - we'll be investing in transience. experience loss, happiness, and life.

Of course I want to be immortal. But I *dread* the idea of ever becoming immortal like you deludedly believe you are.

So above us all you are; that it would be a lie to call you alive.

Aight, let's remain civil down here in the comments, alright?

much as i hate g5, this is a neat concept
generational clash is always neat

11014394 And my brother watched dozens of kids he knew in a cancer ward die, while he also had cancer.

That's the world. The pacifist hippie commune fantasy the elite like to push to keep the masses obedient and dependent upon their crumbs is the Great Lie that leaves so many too weak to withstand reality. That is why the world shut down over one of the mildest global pandemics in history. Humans today would have been OBLITERATED by another Spanish Flu, the world would be in utter ruin if touched by another Black Death. You cannot handle hardships that our ancestors HAD to bear, entirely on their own.

I recall one line from Q after the first encounter with the Borg that fits the situation quite succinctly, "If you can't take a little bloody nose, maybe you ought to go back home, and crawl under your bed. It's not safe out here! It's wondrous...with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross; but it's not for the timid.”

Only those who can banish both fear and despair belong among the stars.

At what point did I say “boohoo I can’t handle my current situation”? I simply pointed out the bad parts of immortality, in response to YOUR comment. In response you have been acting with outright hostility, with no real reason.

Due to the request of the author, I shall stop replying.

are you in any way surprised
this is alondro you're talking to

So Fluttershy is a draconequus now? Interesting.

I do hope Princess Luna is still around too.

Well now, this is an interesting turn of events.

Well, that's a twist I didn't expect.

firstly, if you think about it Discord indirectly killed Twilight
secondly, what a twist
finally, man am i glad you brought some of my favorite characters into the story

I'm glad you liked the twist! There might be more down the road, but even I don't know yet, 'cause I haven't written them! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Regardless, thanks for reading! Fluttershy and Discord will most likely be recurring characters from here on. :raritywink:

i love how you've completely sidestepped my first point

Sorry. I meant that the Spike with a moustache was just shorthand for the fact that I was glad you enjoyed how the chapter turned out. Apologies if I didn't clarify that was my intention.

i meant this when i said "first point"

firstly, if you think about it Discord indirectly killed Twilight

Ohhhh. I thought the entire time that you were talking about the moustache'd Spike. Yeah, in a sense, because the pocket universe slowed time on a couple orders of magnitude, he is indeed partly responsible for her death, albeit unintentionally. Nice catch. 👍

wonder how he(and flutershy)'ll react to that lovely dramabomb

That'll be something that's revealed across upcoming chapters as they release. As it stands, neither of them are fully aware of what's happened in the world, and Spike so far is the first that they've heard from regarding Twilight.

For now though, the next chapter will continue the ongoing theme of revealing just how the march of time has affected things. Discussion about Twilight will be happening as well, along with finally meeting up with Zipp and Pipp again.

This is very enjoyable.
Keep it up!

Gool old Discord's still here ! And still up to at least a few antics. Anything for Fluttershy, always. Nice to see five centuries didn't changed that.

... but now I'm curious what a Draconequus can and will do.

Fluttercord lives on!

"Oh, there's a second one now?" Hitch's voice grumbled.

HEY!:flutterrage: No bad mouthing Flutters

I can’t wait to see how flutershy reacts when she see’s hitch being good with animals

11016728 Agreed, if you think her Stare was bad, imagine it when fueled by Chaos Magic.

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