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Oh, look at me... you've got me tearing up again. ◈ Forget about coffee buy me a cup noodle.


Food for thought: if Equestria cut just 2% of its annual friendship budget it could afford to construct a colossal obsidian sphere in Ponyville. On top of the obvious economic benefits, it would be visible throughout all of central-north-ish Equestria and emanate an ominous hum!

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It's only been a month.

It's two in the morning.

Twilight can't sleep.

A tribute to my late dog, Cody.

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This story is a sequel to What If...

Reading What If 1 is not necessary to understand this story. 'Tis the way of the anthology.

So, Twilight got bored again. No, she didn't go outside to touch grass for once. Y-yes, she's... yeah, she's in her study again. She's found a new quill and she swears she's going to use that lifetime supply of ink that Celestia promised her.

Ever wanted to see an author clawing at his remaining shreds of sanity at two in the morning, trying to figure out what the actual heck he's writing?

Well, guess what? This is the story for ya! Enjoy the noises of short-circuiting brain cells. :)
Mind chipping in for some new ones?

Suggestions for chapters are open, but remember to leave space for others! Keep in mind that I decide whether or not to use idea suggestions.

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"I'm so, so sorry, Spike. They're telling the truth. They're all gone. They've... been gone for years now."

Based on a chapter from What If.

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Twilight is told by Celestia that she needs to touch grass.

And she will stop at nothing to fulfill that mission.

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This story is a sequel to Half an hour or bust!

Alfred comes to Equestria.

Lots of things happen to Alfred.

Twilight Sparkle is in tartar sauce.

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Twilight Sparkle has been transformed into a broom! What's more, Celestia is missing! Whatever will Twibroom Sweeple do?


sweep, maybe.

for some reason this is how I'm celebrating seven years on the site.

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Meet Twibert Spackle. She is my favorite OC (Original Character) that you should not steal because I am going to make her my waifu and not your waifu and we will be married and live long and edgy together also she is black and red and blue like a low-power concert light show in the middle of a blackout and she has a very long robe that's big and flowy and stuff.

And then there's Raisebrow Sash. She is rainbow and because she is rainbow she is bullied for being rainbow and not black and white like everypony else and so she is sad and decide that no friends is good,

Plinko Fry is horse plinko masheen?

Fruttercry like heavy metal screemo. It touch her soul.

Abbul Jack is bad evil family lieking mare. She live with her grammar. She not lonely and that bad.

Rarity is Rarity is Rarity

And then, above all else, there is the One Who Trembles the Earth; He Whose Voice Silences Crowds; He Who Slays Gods With Only A Baseball Bat Studded With Nails--

The lights go dim as a shadowy figure emerges from this mist, tipping his fedora with every step. Mares all around swoon as the Legend of Legends Himself steps into view, his eyes obscured by smoke...

Bobert, the 7th element of HARMony, "suffering".

Written for RockstarRaccoon's Crackfic-Storm 2022.

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This story is a sequel to The Dragon of the Ruins

Spike didn't have much to say about his life. Not after a thousand years.

Not after centuries of loneliness.

But maybe, just maybe, these new ponies who've stumbled into his life can change that.

Even if only for another century.

A continuation of The Dragon of the Ruins. Prior reading is NOT necessary, though. :twilightsmile:

Minor spoilers for the G5 movie!

Russian translation by Mordaneus!

Chinese translation by forgivenlove!

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Spike's seen his fair share of the world. It'd truly felt like each passing year had taken with it a little more of Twilight's sanity, until all that was left was a husk of the mare-turned-alicorn.

Twilight, in the end, couldn't comprehend the life of an immortal.

Couldn't fathom the idea of living for thousands of years.

But Spike can.

Because Spike has.

And it's destroying him.

Contains mild spoilers for the state of the world in G5.

Russian translation by Mordaneus!

Chinese translation by forgivenlove!

Read the expanded version of this story!

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