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This story is a sequel to I Think I Summoned a Ponk.

This story is comment driven! Have fun!

:trollestia: Oh, you knew this was gonna happen. :trollestia:

Let’s just say that Pinkie’s in my house. Also, I still don’t have much of an idea of where she came from. Nor do I really know about the new girl...pegasus...um...derp.

The official official sequel to the original. Ignore "From One End to Another". That ended up being part of a series of semi-related fics that I still quite regret writing.

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This story is a sequel to Space Horse

Heh. Well, I’m here... in Equestria...

Delmar’s here too, but... well,

Nothing is how I thought it to be.


Cover art created in collaboration between me and my sister, Skittle Sky.

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What would you do if you've never truly lived your life?

How would one tell between a dream and reality?

I'll add tags as I go. Writing this was a completely new experience.

Pre-read by: Undead Equestrian Writer, Dreadnought, DeejayShuffle, lunarderpy1, Dire Hawk, BattleScarredPony, and German Empireball.

Cover art by me using a stock RD cutie mark and a crapton of filters in PDN. (Sorry, no crazy gradients this time!)

Not to be confused with a much, much older story by the same name. The author of that one hasn't been on for a pretty long time, but better safe than sorry. :derpyderp1:

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I don't know why this exists.

I blame myself for this.


There is likely nothing in particular within this mess of loosely-related horse words that would interest you.

Please leave.

Contains VERY HIGH levels of Random Tag abuse.

:pinkiehappy: Thanks for 100 followers! :pinkiehappy:

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Luna has a problem. A money problem, that is. You see, for the past thousand or so years, Celestia's kinda been... *cough* borrowing *cough* from Luna's share of tax money, leaving the younger sister rather broke.

On top of that, she's found herself as quite the gamer, even sporting the name "N1GH7M4R3-M00N" in the virtual worlds of games. Unfortunately, her current allowance is far too little to support her new hobby...

Contains heavy abuse of the random tag, as usual. ^_^

So why not put advertisements in dreams?

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This story is a sequel to Lab Horse

I've overcome thieves, crazy name calling, hordes of children, and a mildly drunk professor. I've messed with hardened criminals for the sake of not being bored. I can shapeshift, levitate, and teleport any object I please, and I'm still a mere filly. I think. (I should probably look up the average lifespan of ponies, but there's probably gonna be huge differences.)

Sooo... yeah, surprisingly intelligent sapient tiny horse shenanigans aside, I'm pretty confident in my current quest to find my home.


This sequel is gonna most likely be shorter than Lab Horse, considering as to how it's essentially a bridge story to fill the gap between Lab Horse and the next story. of which I'm still deciding the name of. :scootangel:

Cover art is a combination of the starfield I created for the original cover art, and a drawing of Gadget that Grim_Grin drew for me.

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Twilight stole a statue. Not just any statue, though, for it was the Sacred Totem of Amazingly Rad Epicness, or S.T.A.R.E. for short.

Also, she doesn't really give a crap about it. So there's that.

Rewritten from the story "Thief" with permission from Evictus. I took it as a personal challenge to see what I could do with a story that has far more dislikes than likes. :derpytongue2:

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Yup. Here's my 75 follower special. 15 OCs created by YOU, stuffed plot-first into the most mind meltingly stupid story you could possibly find from me.

On a side note, I'm afraid of what the 100 follower special may turn out to be later on...

But yeah, you asked for it. :trollestia:


Root (Timber Pony) - AlchemicalRainbow
Alcea (Poison Dragon) - Ponymonfunn
Dark Lightning (Pegasus with multiple personalities) - Undead Equestria Writer
Steele Casemate (Earth Pony) - Wrought-iron
Night blossom (Pegasus Bat-Pony) - The oracle
Yandere Mane (Pegasus) - AppleScoots
Night (Earth Pony) - Ender Knight Reborn
Carrion (Undead Griffon) - AlchemicalRainbow
Mirror Smash (Perpetually unlucky pony of no particular race) - AlchemicalRainbow
Hops Mash (Beer brewer who's a general idiot, easily angered and never rational, impulsive and doesn't listen to reason.) BattleScarredPony
Silversun Stormwing (TL,DR bio: Rule 63 OP Rainbow Dash) - Scorch Valor
Mellow Seed (Yellow coated, blue maned mare with a Prench accent. She is meek, a little ditzy and forgetful, but tends to agree with what someone says, even when what they are saying is ridiculous.) - thechilldude
Blizzard wind (Unicorn with snow white mane and tail, silvery fur, bright blue eyes) - Ender Knight Reborn
Ghast (Unicorn with black fur and a nimbus color mane along with red eyes.) - Final fantasy forever
Derpy's toaster cousin (Self explanatory.) - (I forgot who created this OC. Sorry. :twilightsheepish:)

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Daring Do wanted to look for treasure in the land of Celestine Naustaralis, not Celestia's nostrils!

A comedic(?) trollfic by TheMajorTechie. :trollestia:

This is pretty much my way of ending off 2016.

Warning: Contains the memes of 2016, and heavy abuse of the Random tag.

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This story is a sequel to Spacebound Equestria

Sombra was gone. Defeated. Kaput. He had been utterly wiped from the physical world, barred into the mind of Celestia for as long as the Sun shone.

Only half the battle has been fought, and now, it's raging fiercer than ever.

An alternating perspective story, and honestly, a complete overhaul to my originally planned Spacebound Equestria series.

Cover art by Keriwi1, edited and colored by me.

Constructive criticism is highly welcomed. See something wrong or off? Tell me! :twilightsmile:

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