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Ask Sweetie Giraffe anything! || Even more What Ifs!
What would happen if Sweetie Belle became a tyrannical giraffe hellbent on destroying all that was shorter than her?

How 'bout Equestria being ruled by literal potatoes?

Ever wanted to see an author clawing at his remaining shreds of sanity at two in the morning, trying to figure out what the actual heck he's writing?

Well, guess what? This is the story for ya! Enjoy the noises of short-circuiting brain cells. :)

Reached the 1000-chapter hard-limit of Fimfiction!

Suggestions for chapters are open, but remember to leave space for others! Keep in mind that I decide whether or not to use idea suggestions, and if you want a crossover, or are asking something about the show itself, then check this big ol' Twilight-grade list first!

Check out What If's new sister story!

Now with an anti-recommendation from Posh!

Other what if(s):

Chinese translation by OMPG!

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