What If...

by TheMajorTechie

the Mane 6 were in Game-of-Thorns and needed glasses?

"Applejack?" Twilight asked a nearby tree, "Can you pass me my glasses?"

The tree said nothing as it loomed over the figure of Twilight, who was currently reading a slab of concrete.

"Howdy!" Applejack suddenly called as she dropped from the sky, "Ah was just buckin' some apples! They sure are light these days, don'tcha think?"

The problem was, Applejack was talking to the dirt, and Twilight was still talking to both the slab of concrete and the tree.

"Hey everypony!" Pinkie squealed as she burst from a nearby rosebush, "Wanna take this baby for a ride?" She asked, purring awkwardly as she softly stroked the rosebush.

"Sure!" Rainbow replied in return, landing face-first beside the rosebush, "How fast does this thing go?"

Pinkie stared closely at a bright crimson rose in front of her face, before looking back up, and replying "I'm not sure, but I bet I can pull off a rainboom with it!"

Rainbow shrugged, and hopped --painfully-- into the so-called 'car'.

As Pinkie fumbled with a leaf to start the nonexistent engine of the bush, Rarity sped past both of them in her own rosebush. Followed by Applejack and Twilight in the top of an apple tree.

"So you wanna race?" Rainbow snarked as she felt the branches slapping against her face, "Wait up then! Pinkie's trying to start the engine!"

Foregoing all common sense (and logic), the mares proceeded to race about Ponyville, while Fluttershy sat in her home, reading about various ways to exorcise rabbits as she wore the only pair of working reading glasses.